Gordon and Angela - Part One

my pussy and one in mouth even though the alleyway floor was killing my knees. The guy fucking my pussy came first so I took his friend out of my mouth and turned round to let him know it was his turn. The other lads were now all stroking their pants and I could see their hard bulges, their cocks desperate to get out of the confines of their

Worshipping Willy – 2

be at our exhibit booth by 10:00! I’ll never make it!’ ‘Okay,’ I said, ‘you jump in the shower and I’ll call the front desk for a cab.’ When she came out of the shower I helped her dry off. Of course, that only caused further delay as my hands were somehow drawn to her breasts and wandered as with a will of their own to caress her smooth vagina.

A Trampoline Fuck With My Hot Cousin Erica

time. When I looked back up at her, she was staring at my chest. When she noticed that I had caught her, she looked embarrassed and looked away. I didnt know you had abs Kevin she stammered. I smiled, saying Everyone does But most guys have a layer of man boobs over them She said. We both laughed at that. Can I feel them? She asked. I raised an

Her Head Held High...

her smiling to her gently. "I love you, sweet Angel" he spoke to her in such kind words that they did make her shiver inside and she returned the words, "And I love you, Master" This relationship would have seemed strange to their neighbors, but to them this was the way of life, the way things were suppose to be. It was then that he sat down

Parade Night

ourselves into a corner."I liked it when you slapped my ass back there," she said, taking a sip. "You should do more of that.""Don't you worry, puppy. I'll leave you marked."She cooed. "It makes me wet.""Everything makes you wet. You're a slut. A dirty little girl who wants to fuck men as old as your father. A whore who needs cock. You disgust

Down in the Valley

against a post of the ramshackle shed they were standing in. It was three sided with the front being open to the elements. ‘I have come to give you a spanking,’ he said. ‘Don’t be an idiot,’ Cassie replied. She began looking in some old crates on the far side of the shed, pretending to ignore Nick’s presence. ‘I’m far past the age of spanking,’

Good girl for daddy part 1

an orgasm approached "Yes, just like that, don't stop, don't stop. Please daddy, fuck I'm gonna cum for you."I knew the elevator was almost to the top so before she could finish I quickly pulled my fingers away causing a disappointed sigh before bringing my had up so she could watch me lick and suck her juices off. "God I've missed that flavor" I

Make Me Your Slave

at his tie. His movements were slow and even boarded on clumsy, but soon he stood completely stark naked before the beautiful woman. She circled him like a shark and smiled. She seemed to enjoy the view and this made Andy's cock start to rise. "You will call me Mistress from now on." She commanded. "Yes Mistress." Andy loved that she wanted to be

Never Mess With An Aroused Woman

Suzie as she again reached down between her legs for Chris’s now hard rod. Her fingers encircled it and played with his tip. She gently teased his opening, which sent shock waves thru the professor’s body. Vanessa wiped pre-cum from the tip and offered it to Suzie, who licked the finger with lust. Vanessa’s lust was at a high point. She couldn’t

Shania, Pt. 2

my Uncle Eric, are you?” “I’m not,” I admitted. “You’re just Eric. You’re the guy who lives in 2B, the quiet one, the nice one.” “I’d like to think so.” “I buried my husband today and you were there to help me get through it.” “Yes.” “If I hadn’t buried him I would have divorced him.” “You told me that,” I admitted. “He was a selfish, hateful

I love my fat slut wife

made her being 17 very believable. And she just gets better with age. Medium brown skin, big juicy 44d tits, large dark brown nipples that are always hard, big round plump ass, wide hips, thick thighs, full red lips, dark bedroom eyes, long curly brown hair. Strongly resembles a latina version of a mid-80s Chaka Khan. She does it all. Anal, group

A Dream

back before they start talking.” You drive us to the party store, we pick up the beer, and head back to the party. I start faking sleepy around 9, just as the sun starts going down. “Well Brian, you’d better get me home, all this beer and fresh air is making me tired, plus I have to let the dog out.” We say our goodbyes and hugs and I beat you to

NCLA Days - An Evening with Ashley

second thought was, “is there more?” Ashley then confided in me that she had a taste for young sex. Not real real young, but at least in their teens. Under the guise of using them as babysitters Ashley had a regular group of the neighborhood teens than she engaged in sex with. Most of them were boys, ages 16 and 17, but she also had one 15


see most of her left breast. As she went to take a bite of pizza, some sauce dripped onto her breast. Instead of using a napkin, as everyone assumed she would, she took her breast into her hand and lowered her head to her tit and sucked on her tit till it was clean. Knowing that everyone had seen this she did not place her breast back in her

8. Other People’s Hearts Ch. 12

out of relief as she breathed. Full, soft breasts complemented the gentle curve of her waist. He returned his eyes to her face and was momentarily struck by the look of uncertainty in her eyes. Her brow furrowed and she bit on her lower lip. He caressed her perfect cheek. ‘Lindsay, you are so beautiful baby,’ he whispered to her. ‘So incredibly

Pushed Too Hard

approval, I told them all to go fuck themselves. Oh, not in those words, certainly, and in any event they never heard me, not paying attention as they weren’t, but I walked downtown to the local USAF recruiter and signed up. I harbored a hope they would look at my French background and ship me off to DLI. Didn’t happen, but something else

The Proper Man for the Job

Well, I was twenty when we met and he got the right girl. Now, before you think I’m some kind of slutty whore, I’m not. It happens that the first time I had sex, unlike a lot of girl’s first times, mine was wonderful. Even better than wonderful. I was sixteen, he was twenty, yes, four years difference but he knew what he was doing and was kind

We built a sex room

she never felt in the bedroom. Jim’s cock was as hard as he ever felt it. Both Jennifer and Jim knew it was time for him to cum. He unhooked her and they moved to the bed. She lay on her back, still wearing her ankle and wrist restraint bands, as he slipped his cock into her wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around him, put her hands on his back,

At Her Own Pace – Chapter 3

she thought to herself. Back into the closet she went to find the right outfit for diner out. She found it! It was the summer dress she was wearing the day the guy at the restaurant couldn’t hold his jaw up as she walked by. She slipped the dress over her head and pulled it into place. Looking in the mirror she noticed her dark panties could be

I do my best to solve my sister’s ugly problem

Ithink he might have used my anus too. I couldn’t thinkstraight.”I just shook my head.“When he pulled out, I rolled over and there was thegirl, the birthday girl, and her big brother. He hadhis stiff penis in his hand, and he came over andstuck it in my mouth.”‘Shit,” I said, “no wonder you’ve got a problem withboys.”She nodded and brushed away a

Zoë’s Induction

match Henry’s deep thrusts.Henry could sense it wouldn’t be long now, he looked across to Winston, he was taking long even plunges, not wanting to get over excited, knowing just as to where he wanted to blow his load. Zoë’s face was like that of an angel to him, her petite breasts firm two">young nipples standing proudly increasing his desire for her;

A guy and his...? 28 Deception

of the council stood all bowing to Jake at the same time. This drew a gasp from all of Jakes Jinns but the loudest was from Akeesha. The whole council never, EVER all bowed at once, not to a single person and especially not to a human! "Please forgive us, you are granted permission of course, especially now. You have fulfilled another three parts

I Came On A Midnight Clear

the afterglow. It was getting later than we thought, we could here people in the yard as they exited her house next to us. Not wanting to move but realizing we had to I backed away from her. My softening dick made a plopping noise as it fell from her. Hastily dressing we scooted back fearing we were missed but to the contrary, no one had missed

Winter Neighbor Pt. 2

She took a sip of her coffee, before setting the mug down.“Yeah but I should never have done that, I mean you’re married, and I’m me, and people don’t just…”“Look Tyler, I may be married, but I get lonely. Plus, my husband doesn’t really seem interested me in a sexual way anymore, so it was a nice release.”I was shocked by her words. “Your

Valley of Angels

tipped in vivid hues of red and green, it had no legs, writhing about as a venomous snake. The creature turned to the man, it’s many unblinking eyes fixing themselves on him. It spoke, it’s voice heavy and dripping with despair, ‘Ah, how good! You’ve saved me the trouble of hunting by being right here!’ the serpent grinned it’s horrible leering

Life Gets Better Part Two: The New Roommate

Anytime anything broke on the fifth floor they specifically called for him. He watched as someone who had no accounting skills at all take his place. That person was now in his cubicle, everything that had belonged to Brian was thrown into the trash.The people that he had once called friends and co-workers made fun of him at every opportunity

The Moms Club Revisited #2

fantastic orgasm start to sweep over her. Armen pushed deep held it there for a moment and then it felt like she had a fire hose in her pussy. Cum was spurting so hard it was unbelievable, what a great feeling. Her pussy was milking every drop out of it. Zack grabbed her head and pushed his cock deep down her throat she was helpless to do

Naughty Night Nurse

up. She had pulled up her skirt (no panties!) and was climbing up on the gurney."I've got to have that in me," she said, a lusty look in her eye. She straddled my lap, facing me, and reached down to secure her new little friend. I laid back, wondering what I had done in life to deserve the exquisite feeling of her hot hole slowly surrounding


me know the extent of the pleasure it is giving you. Moans, gasps, grunts, squeals, your hips performing a fandango on my shoulders as my lips and tongue continue to torment your clitoris, your passion rising, unstoppable, uncontrollable, until the dam bursts and overflows, taking you with it.Your pleasure, your ecstasy, your transport to heaven,

Unintentionally Voyeured On Our Honeymoon

honeymooning in the Virgin Islands, Jennifer and I decided to rent a small one sail ‘day sailer’ for the day. My only sailing experience was on north Georgia lakes and knew that this was a boat that I could handle.As I went out to rent the boat for the day, Jennifer had the hotel kitchen make us some sandwiches for a picnic basket and packed a

Emma's Endurance Ch. 10

was alone and he walked back into the cell, with a mobile phone in his hand. He handed it to Emma.'Darling,' James' voice was warm and loving. 'Adrian has recommended a course of anal training. He doesn't think that using butt plugs will help, so he's going to get some of the stewards and members to help out. They'll come down to help you several

The Island Part 2

call them Human anymore, they've become cannabalistic monsters " Karen says " I've seen 3 women killed this way and all the women in the cage watched as the bodies were eaten by all of the men ". She then says " I had been gangraped so many times by so many men but I never got pregnant so I knew that I would be the next one to be eaten and that's

A lesson in prejudice

in your fat pussy, huh?”“Yes.” Dammit, I was getting hotter and hotter. I was never this hot and all he was doing was talking!“Is your pussy ready?”“Yes, oh yes.” I was so dry in the mouth I could hardly swallow. He reached down and jabbed his fingers in my cunt. “It is wet, slut. Suck my fingers clean.”I started sucking his fingers and felt

cyber fling

bed and we just looked at each other for a moment, he smiled at me and said he had to go. The reunion was getting closer and I was excited, Matt lived abroad and I didn’t know if he was coming but I hoped he was. Then the night before the reunion he came online and told me he was very excited about the reunion, he said he was booking a hotel and

Snow Encounter

I realise his intention he rams it into my wet and waiting pussy. I cant help but cry out with the pleasure that I have been waiting for. Over and over again he thrusts into me as I wrap my arms and legs around him. slowly he inches it in, bit by bit as I beg him to put it all inside me. I want him, every little bit. Our bodies are pressed hard

Lovely Intruder part 2

body, but I didnt care. I was too lost in my current passion to care. I took sharp intakes of breath as they pounded my ass and my pussy faster and pinched and twisted my nipples harder. It wasnt another ten seconds before I came violently on their hands. Sir caught me when I fell back into his arms and whispered into my ear, Okay baby, now lets

Long Time Coming

down. His opened his mouth to let out one unbroken wail as tears streamed down his face freely. His legs scissored, displaying his genitals and anus rudely, as her hand kept a rhythm of powerful, affirming slaps to his bare rear. During his struggle, he gripped his t shirt and, with one strong yank, pulled it from his body and threw it to the

Catching More Than Sun

Passing each other you hear his cadence change and suddenly become more aware, as if he’s looking back, staring at your behind. “Maybe I should’ve wrapped the towel around me,” you say to yourself. “Ah well.” Holding the book that you’re hoping to finish in one hand and a towel draped over your forearm you left your ass exposed to prying eyes of

The Punishment

on top of the bed. "She doesn't like that belt dad, so I gave a punishment that feels better to her. Since then she has done well for the day and came straight home. She also wants to go to prom in a week. She will be ungrounded by then." Mike said. Daddy started undoing his belt."Daddy no!!! I already got punished." I yelled as I saw my

Why Girls Love Girls

the facts of life to her. Meanwhile she is making a spectacle of herself to the whole school that may haunt her for the rest of her life.Then along with periods do you need dimes or quarters for a sanitary napkin dispenser or does your school provide them for free? Do you take some to school in your backpack just to realize that in your school

Step Dad's Dating App 4 - Rick's Dream

up for real. The image of Chloe naked over me, riding me …The feeling of herShe's the same age now as her mother was when we were together. Chloe looks so much like her mother, but she thankfully keeps her hair its natural red and she's definitely more athletically fit than her mother was because of football.Damn she is hot.After a moment of

The Drive

were watching from the restrooms and vending machines. Rose couldn’t see the group of truckers but she was sure they were watching too. Tony was unable to hold back anymore, and he unzipped his pants and pulled Rose’s body back towards him. He pushed himself lustfully into Rose’s pussy, moaning loudly and began thrusting hard and fast. Rose

Longhorns Ch. 03

were part of this game,’ he replied confidently, seemingly enjoying Virginia’s confusion. ‘Damn Virginia,’ Kylie laughed, ‘I just figured it was your finger up his ass.’ ‘Not yet, but soon,’ Robert responded, crossing his fingers, and soon the entire room had erupted in laughter. ‘I’m afraid what comes next,’ Madison joked. ‘Never have I ever…had

Two AM Orgasms

it’s not like I’m not trying, I just can’t seem to stop my mind from thinking… Yes, of you. Are you fucking happy? Stop smiling you wee bastard. It’s bloody annoying, I can’t get you out of my head sometimes. I think about the way you smile at me, and the way you speak to me. Fuck, I love your voice so much. I miss it, you know? It’s been a while

My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 16

finger and thumb either side of my clit and moved it from side to side.“And it doesn’t hurt?” She asked.I shook my head sideways.“It gives you a nice little nub to get hold of. I bet that it keeps you horny all the time. Poor Ryan, I bet that you’re fucking him all the time.”If I could have blushed more I would have, but it was impossible.Karen

Susan Takes a Drive

car driving from NY to the Cabelas in Reading, PA after being persuaded to hand deliver one of her thongs to Sean. She didn’t know what made her agree to meet Sean, especially since she had to take time off from work. It was something in Sean that got her to say yes. She kept thinking ‘What the fuck did I get myself into?’ Susan drove a bit fast

The First Time My Sister Blew Me

it's in you!" Sibling rivalry shit."It sure is." She said as she plopped back on the couch with me. "Smoke me now please!" She asked, lips red and swollen, still cute as a button."A deal's a deal." I said pulling up my pants.And then we got super stoned and listened to classic rock all night and she helped me with my puzzle. And we didn't talk

My English Professor

which were covered by a pink bra, I was wearing pink flannel pj pants, and no panties. I guess I looked decent enough with my glasses instead of contacts. I put some lip-gloss on, grabbed my book bag and got in my car. I pulled onto the university campus and found a spot closest to the Atwood Building. I grabbed my book bag and headed to class.

Whore of the Horde – Sarah

wasn’t exactly a rebel but then again I wasn’t a goody two shoes. I just disliked being here, it had been a living hell for years but now I started to see the light. The school made an excellent shelter. I’ll ease up a little and tell you all that I know about my current situation. About two weeks ago, there was an outbreak of a deadly virus in

Futa Naked In School 07 - The Naked Futa Problem 2: Randi's Naked Futa Lesson

princ...” Frustration rippled through me. They had just seen me fucking, but... they hadn't seen me go really wild. Just cumming on a vibrator and my futa-lover's cock. They were all staring at me. “If we... we...”My cheeks burned with shame as I shook my head.“You just need more practice,” Ms. Rowbottom said, such understanding in her voice.

first experince

big they are. I never thought i will have them soon, i was talking to this black guy online for month and he really got me so horny i couldn’t say no when he ask me to meet him at his place. when i got their my heart was pounding so hard i can feel it on my throat. first time i meet him he was very very nice personwe sit on his couch he had game

Treehouse Adventures 2

finished drying off after my shower and slowly slipping my clothes on. Pulling my hair back into a ponytail, I began to brush my teeth. I was trying to take my time before joining Gregory back in the bedroom. Getting ready could only take so long, so I sighed and headed back for my room. Slowly pushing open the door, I could hear the sound of

A Ditched Girl

very few people around, mostly couples or love-birds. They have engaged themselves in merry-making and love play in their own way and no one even cared to look at us for once. Staring at her drenched body in the pool, with the wet swimsuit glued to her like a second skin, I knew it was impossible for any man on earth not to checkhis hot

Teasing the Boss

short, tight, black skirt and a white button-up shirt that hugged my 32DDs perfectly. I left my brown curly hair down, and slipped on my 4 inch red pumps as I slipped out the door. When I arrived at work, I went to his office as much as possible. I brought him coffee, papers to sign, lunch and anything else I could. I was being completely obvious

My Dark Anniversary

as I felt my hot walls close tight around his throbbing cock. As my climax reached it's peak, I felt him freeze up and he pulled me to him close and tight. I felt his cock throb and he pushed deeper yet, as the hot juice spurted and filled every crevice of my pussy. I held him tightly, and then I buried my head on his sweat glistened shoulder

An Unexpected Bonus: In My Mouth

raises his eyes to meet mine as he touches his tongue against my clit and I feel a surge of heat rush through me. His tongue slides all along my slit with just the right amount of pressure then flicks back to my clit, circling it and pressing against it, driving me crazy. His hands are working too: rubbing my thighs, sliding under my ass. I gasp

Memory of an older woman

my hand. I could not believe this was happening. I started to move down her body with my kisses but she stopped me, as she did when I tried to fuck her. Again she didn’t speak, she just put her hand on my chest and sort of gently pushed me back. We were both really close by now and she had a lovely touch on my cock, soft at first then tighter and

Eagle’s Nest Ch. 2

I couldn’t ever remember feeling anything as soft as the outer lips of my vagina. My finger explored the folds and crevices, dipping between the lips, finding moisture to slide against. Soon another finger joined the first as I started to move them faster against the smooth skin. Sliding the fingers on each side of the lips, the palm of my hand

Blue jumper, petite lover

say what exactly it was even though the moment is etched on my mind. Maybe it was the glint in the deep brown eyes, maybe the slightly low cut of the blouse under the designer cut of her jacket? Perhaps the swing of her hips as she placed her trolley above me. Whatever it was I just had to watch her as she slowly and carefully unpacked her things

Rough Cut Ch. 04

I had listed for sale. I gave him the standard sales pitch and he seemed pleased with the information. He mentioned using it for entertaining clients so I went over the IRS rules for deductible entertainment with him.’ ‘Just as he was about to say ‘yes’, I made the mistake of suggesting a short ride out into the bay because the IRS rules would

I Dominus - A Moment Of Doubt

brings with it a feeling of euphoria, and it should, or else we'd never survive as a species. After we've been satisfied sexually, sex organs are sometimes tender to even the slightest touch, or can ache and throb for a long time afterwards. Just as you mentioned, it's painful if it goes on too long. Yet, moments prior, the same

Facebook Friend

to Charlie’s regrettable disfigurement made even that rather unlikely. Charlie returned with a Grande Filter Coffee (Fairtrade, of course) for himself and a glass and a plastic bottle of White Cranberry juice for Jane. He sat down opposite Jane and gingerly sipped from his still-too-hot cup of coffee while regarding her with evident apprehension.

A Rainy Night in Paris Ch. 04

courage to eat at the bistro he selected for their lunch, much less order from the menu in front of her. She was still trying to puzzle out some of the entries on the menu. He had ordered them some wine, admonishing her to avoid soda and make sure that water was Evian or some other bottled variety. The stew and breads that made up their lunch was

From Obsession to Redemption Ch. 01

wondered if this was all there were to life and then reminded herself to be grateful for what she had. ‘Things could be worse,’ she told herself often. She kept her discontent to herself, her friends and family would have been surprised to learn she was unhappy. Most of her life, she had proclaimed herself to be an incurable optimist and rarely

Dance with Me : Chapter One

in Brad’s ear and I saw him roll his eyes. When she was back at her table, Brad turned to me, “She wants me to have a three-way with her and Gena over there,” he said tipping his head in their direction. I let my eyes scan the room and saw Sandy with a brunette at her table. “Told you, they are all tramps,” he said laughing. He continued,

Silly in Nevada

is getting harder and harder to hold back. Mikey stops before he sends her over the edge. He inches his way down lower and begins to move his tongue down even more. Licking the inside of her wet pussy makes her moan again. Mikey moves down even lower now, taking his tongue and moving it in circles around her ass. Silly groaned out his name. “Oh

Middle Eastern Minx Ch. 02

her. I used my hand holding her blonde head to push up and down my erection as I met her face with my thrusting hips. ‘That’s right! Take it! This is what I’ve wanted from you! This is what you never gave me! Now drink my cum!’ Suddenly my sperm rocketed through my cock and shot into Nicole’s mouth. I held her head to my cock as pulse after pulse

Bad Decision Maureen Ch. 02

pleased my ego. Contrary to what his actions that day led me to believe, he was not a womanizer, but normally quite shy around women, he was single,had no steady girlfriend.He was a non drinker normally and he had taken a taste of my sister-in-law’s punch. Those of us who know about her punch tasted it with great care and in small quantities.It

Play Time

his seed in my depths. He stroked a few stray hairs out of my face, his cool fingertips brushing my heated flesh, a soothing and welcomed temperature change. He looked down at me, his other arm still supporting most of my weight, resting beneath my ass and keeping my legs wrapped around his hips. "Close your eyes, kitten. You've done well today."

Clean but Crude Ch. 06

slid back down, mashing my balls and letting out a satisfied grunt. I reached both hands around her and grabbed her tits, helping to pull her up and force her back down on my cock. Each time her pussy met my balls I could feel them getting wetter. ‘Lick his balls, Beth. Suck one into your mouth. He’ll like that.’ Beth did as she was told, lapping

B is for Byron

cooling bathwater out onto the floor. The water drained while she borrowed and then returned a neighbor’s mop, shamefaced and bedraggled. The lovely scented bath oil had made her hair feel greasy, so she bundled herself into the shower. She mused over her abandoned Byron as she quickly lathered and rinsed in the frigid water left to her after

The Workout

young Korean guy and a good looking British guy about her age, would break the class up into small groups who would do bag work, light sparring or grappling practice. Charlotte was one of the older students, a woman in her 40s. In fact, she was probably the oldest on this particular Sunday, so she was glad when the instructors gave her as much

The Club - Chapter 4

at the reactions of the two women.Putting two glasses of wine down on the countertop, Bob said, “Here, girls. Have some wine and perhaps you’ll lose some of your inhibitions.”Lexi laughed. “You think we have inhibitions?”“We’ll see after you’ve had a couple bottles of wine.”The women sipped their wine and watched as Bob filled his glass with ice

Bringing Someone Home from the Nightclub with Kelly

got out and said that the hot tub, on top of the liquor, was making her queasy and she was going to bed for the night. She kissed Annie as she sat and said: “I’ll see you for breakfast.” Then she headed upstairs to bed.Annie washed my cum from her hands and got back in the hot tub. We laid in side by side loungers and cuddled. She was a

The student becomes the master part 2

I am not the selfish kind, so whenever she needed release, after a little teasing, I would willingly bring her to orgasm after orgasm. I pounded in and out of her tight little hole, feeling it squeeze my dick like nothing I had ever felt before, it was like sticking your cock in a spring loaded vice. But she seemed to enjoy it, as every 5 minutes

Madeleine Ch. 04

and we moved somewhat gracefully to the music. Neither one of us were accomplished dancers, but we enjoyed the feel of being together in something of a romantic setting. We had danced several numbers when that spell was broken abruptly. ‘Monsieur, may I cut in?’ said Don Juan Velasquez in his oiliest tone of voice. ‘Madeleine, you promised me a

with a dominat married top

cock in my ass. So I began to move up and down his cock with my ass for some time. It felt great this time and my hole was getting open more and more. After that he pushed me again off him and let me sl**p on my stomach just like the first position. Spanked my ass more. And then he slept on my back and put his cock inside of me and started to

The Complete CV

naked body against me. I could feel the sweat starting to cool between our skin. ‘Yet you view the situation with an almost professional detachment.’ ‘And there was me thinking I was some sort of emotional retard,’ I quipped. ‘So, why are you really here?’ I asked her. ‘I just wanted to be sure of something, that’s all.’ She answered. Her voice

Melanie Discipline Regime – Claire’s Viewpoint

her wear the clothes the others did. She certainly shouldn’t have argued, but she just failed to control herself and she became disrespectful which was a red line she crossed over.In fact, as Melanie waited obediently to be told to go across her mums lap she reminded herself that a main reason why she so wanted a spanking discipline regime was

Birthday Poker Ch. 01

IOU for one present, but if it does go the way I expect it too there is also a physical component I will tell you about tomorrow. With me so far?"I nodded again."OK then follow me." He headed away from me to another door at the end of the cellar, unlocking it with a small key.As I followed him into the room I gasped, the room was L shaped and

Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 06

wearing accentuated his muscular frame. He was a little older than I expected. He must have been in his early to mid forties. Nevertheless he was in remarkably good physical condition. His rock hard stomach showed no signs that it might turn into a middle aged paunch. The light streaks of gray that ran through his long black hair gave Dave a very

Mistress Raven Black

for work well done. That's how the big shots do it...After the video shoot was over, Raven Black dismissed the camera crew, the lighting people and others, and went out to the movies. She watched the hit movie Venom, and liked it. Walking around the City of Montreal, Raven Black admired the crown jewel of la belle province. The place was

The Creators: Chapter 1

and quill. “So, what ails you?” I asked, trying to keep my face passive, trying not to leer at the young man, “How can I help?” “I’m not sick,” the young man said, entwining his fingers nervously, “I have a… I have a spiritual problem.” “I’m not a therapist,” I replied, “I suggest you take your spiritual problem up with the town priest.” “It’s

The Cabo Connection

my online hours chatting with my favorite virtual stranger, DamonX. I leaned back in my computer chair and surveyed the mess of clothing on my bed. I still hadn't packed, and my flight was leaving in the morning.Damon: It's not a real vacation without the good kind of trouble. Besides, I thought you were breaking up with him. I frowned. I had

Anna's Adventure

the change. Anna was always careful to be home when Stan was done work [ unless he was away on business ] for he would literally pick her up, carry her to the bedroom and fuck her until she was weak with exhaustion.Their nights were spent in sexual euphoria, weekends were almost non-stop fucking and kink, Anna was turning into a true fuckslut –

Big Haitian Women are Beautiful

trying to have some fun. The Brockton Fair Grounds, located not far from my house, seemingly beckon me. I don't like that sort of activity. On the surface, it certainly looks promising. Lots of hot-looking Black, Asian, Hispanic and Cape Verdean women wearing low-cut dresses and booty shorts. Lots of hunky sweaty guys of all races. Yeah, it does

My Nieces Three Part 1 - Rachel

talk you into it just because you're horny and want to cum. You can always masturbate to orgasm. You can use toys too, vibrators and dildos. But you don’t want your mom to catch you with them. She probably wouldn’t like it all that much. There are normal looking substitutes. I’m sure you can figure those out”. I discussed several other ideas

A Simple Country Drive

wanted the bother of anyone calling me. I had wanted to remain invisible for a short while. Walking down the road for about twenty minutes, with no farmhouse in sight, I began to wonder if it would have been wiser to have tried another direction. At just that moment, however, I heard the chugging buzz of machinery approaching along the road I had

I love my best friend

She came to my house and nobody was home. I took my chance. we went up to my room and as soon as we got there I tackled her onto my bed. what are you doing? she said. I love you! I said. I then have her the most passionate kiss I could without fainting. she go up and ran out. I was confused. In school the next day she avoided me until 5th hour

Your Playtime 2

to Lush Stories. I hope you enjoy yourself, and get off in a big way. Supplies needed for this audio: Blindfold Set of restraintsA camera Please feel free to send me any feedback or comments. You can also contact me via email - If you have a story you would like me to record, or an idea for one of my next stories, feel free to send it to me.

The Fantasy Game

like he was growing inside of me. When he hovered himself above me his cock slid the whole length along my clit as he fucked me. I could feel it sliding right along, like his finger was right on me pressing my clit down. It was like we fit together perfectly. He was humping on me, up and down; faster and faster. His arms wrapped tightly around

Way To End The Day

I only had 15 minutes more time available to work / drive today. We are tired, we are dirty, we are hungry and we are “down” for the night! The next 10 hours are required “off duty” time to rest and sleep. After taking a few minutes to finish my paperwork for the day, we grab our bags, climb down out of the cab, and walk hand-in-hand to the

Welcome to the Academy

dear.” He followed, overwhelmed with curiosity. Aunt Stacy pulled open a large door leading to a ballroom adorned with paintings similar to the ones he had seen earlier. In the center of the room there was a large, red oak table. Six women were sitting around it. “Do take a seat,” the woman at the head of the table said. His Aunt sat down, and he

Skin-tight Blue Jeans

group masturbation, I’m up for it later. How about we watch a special DVD of mine and make sure that no one can see in first.”Ginger asked, “The one where the three girls play spin the bottle, kiss one another, and then masturbate while their father secretly watches them while he jerks off?”Heather, Amber, and Stacy again together said, “Oh yes,

A Weekend with Tara and Kara Ch. 02

beverage. "This is fun." I said, deviously.Tara and Kara looked to have rehearsed this. Each reached back, placing the coffee on the wood ledge, and scooted into me. Kara grabbed the cup from my hand, putting it aside, and came back. She and Tara both turned into me, four hands on my cock and balls under the warm water. No flirting anymore, just

Life Redone (Part 7A of 10)

something funny because Stephanie shoved me playfully and everyone was laughing. A few seconds later I heard a familiar sentiment with a slightly different ring.“You two should just go out and get it over with already” Allie laughed. As I had remembered, there was laughter, and I saw a small blush on Stephanie’s tan skin. Someone poked their head

October Weekend

inside me…YOU, not your fingers…so I gently encourage you to come up so you’re lying on top of me, and we’re face to face. I open my legs, wide, and welcome you into me. Gently at first, you thrust deep inside me, as I wrap my legs around your back, hugging you closer and deeper in. After a minute you roll us over, and slide back to the top of

The Shaman 2

sucked harder. “Stick your finger in my pussy. Stick two fingers in my pussy. Rub my G-spot. Oh god, that’s so nice.” Louise shouted orders like a drill sergeant. Sara did that for a while, and then asked “would you like another finger?” “Try it, I don’t know if it will go… but try it”, so Sara did. Louise started raising her hips up and humping

Culture Shock Ch. 08

be able to play until the weekend, let’s test your self-control. Elaine, you may not play until the weekend.”   Completely unconsciously, she typed the words that came to mind.   “Knowing I am not allowed will only make it harder for me.”   She blinked as she read them, completely stunned.   “That’s the point. Prove to me you can control

Hunter Naked in School 4

had a lot of practice. Now for my next trick, I want to make use of this," he continued, indicating his by now fully erect cock. "Christine, put one leg on the kitchen table, now Hunter, you take the shots while I fuck her from behind.""Great, now I have to watch straight people having sex, that's so gross," I said, rolling my eyes

me and jess

always the one with the relationships and hook-ups. i broke the kiss and she looked up at me and came alittle closer on the couch and then i knew she was okay with this, so i started getting alittle bit more agrresive. i leaned in for another kiss and hed it for alittle longer this time. i ran my fingertips up and down her back and down her side

Jenny Eats Her Prey

and down my throat. My lips remained locked on his cock until it was done spouting. Then, I licked his softening cock clean so he wouldn’t have a mess dripping on or in his pants.As I pulled away, he started to close up his pants, but instead of retreating to my seat I moved upward and kissed him. Just enough to see the shock on his face and have

Husband Punished by Room Service

me. I felt the buckles being loosened and I was told to stand up. The waitress looked at me and told me that the pill I had taken earlier worked very well! I was still very hard and I just then figured out how they kept my dick stiff for all of those orgasms!The women stood up and approached the waitress and myself. I still felt incredibly

New Lesson

displeasure, the pace of my words steady and even. "If you need the attention that badly, please move to the front of the row. There is an empty desk here," I indicated one of the three empty desks at the front of the room that the class avoided. I waited until she melodramatically collected her things, standing and straightening her school


contains graphic violence. <,.em>, * Green grass bends to the rhythm of the night. Darkness corrupts the moonlight. A body lies mutilated against the plush grass. Eyes open, the corpse is painted with blood. Barbed wire cuts into the jaw revealing thick pink crevasses, and white teeth. He watches her lying there. Skin is muted pale under a

Academy of Sighs Ch. 01

the edges of her skirt, just so, and he could not believe she had been only a figment of his imagination.-----The library at Somerset Academy was an absolute wonder for the avid reader. It had nearly as many floors underground as above. The aboveground floors were full of fiction, classic literature, basic research books, history monographs,

My Wife’s Secret

few years and have shared a couple of MFM experiences , But as far as new she has never ventured out sexually with another Man alone –Until Now–. last week I discovered she has a Friendly relationship with a Younger Man that works in the same building as her Conversation and Flirting I was told in passing buy one of her so called friends at

Weekend at My Older Brothers

again and again. The bottle was emptied inside me ass. "That should lube her up for ya Frank," Harry, my wonderful older brother said. Then I felt the pressure of Franky's thick cockhead being forced into my asshole. Granted, just the previous night, well, actually, very early this morning, Franky had fucked my ass raw, but that was after my

My wife finally indulges in my fantasy

into the shower and that my clothes are laid out for me after I finish cleaning up. My cock throbs as I shower and lather my body up with some scented soap. I know you want me squeaky clean so I insert a soapy finger into my ass, cleaning myself as deep as I can. My legs are weak as my cock throbs from lack of attention. I dry off, head into the

Morning Rendezvous

her clit as he thrust in and out of her. Melissa could feel herself getting closer to her orgasm. Luke leaned down and ran his tongue over her ear, "Come for me."That was all she needed to hear to take her over the edge. As she came around his cock, Melissa moved up and bit Luke's chest hard. He fucked her even harder, ramming her cervix with his


her own special creaminess to pool between their joined bodies. Collapsing in his arms she rests comfortably as the spasms quiet slowly. Startles from her peacefulness, blushing, she looks down at the mess she has made and worries she will be punished again. With a childish smile, she quickly thinks of a way to keep that from happening. Grinning

Check You Out...

my ejaculation seemed never ending and she encouraged more out of me by squeezing my balls. Eventually my orgasm ceased, her boobs were plastered in my gooey come, which she immediately massaged into the peachy skin of her breasts. Once she had done this she took each finger in turn and licked the residual cum from them. She kissed me deeply and

Because of the Night Ch. 03

‘wine accident’ is a true tale and not lore to amuse the novices?’ she asked playfully. Laurie smirked. ‘I even helped him.’ She admitted sheepishly it was then she noticed the pendant that Taylor had been given last night by Leif. -He has exquisite taste. I’ve got to give him that.- ‘You have a choice to make, if you wear the pendant for the

The Babysitter Diary

the interior of her rectum. She started to move back to meet my thrusts and I began to thrust in earnest, each stroke deeper than the last until I felt my pubic bone meet her ass cheeks. While fully impaled, I stopped thrusting and slowly rotated her hips around my cock. Her moans were guttural, half animal, half exhilaration. Fuck me David,

Living Heart Pt. 3

would take his large floppy lips and press them against my ear and whisper details of the most graphic ways he intended to take my maidenhead. But at the ball that evening three hundred years ago, she stood surrounded by a bevy of fine young men. She claimed widowhood, a feat not unusual, but she was subtle and demure. Men flocked to her and even

Hampered in His Plans Ch. 05

‘I want to volunteer to be part of that.’ Everyone else quickly volunteered also. ‘Not my call.’ I said. ‘It’ll be up to Lt. Croyle. I’ll be in my office.’ With that, I turned and left for the sanctuary of my office. I sat down behind my desk. I had expended my grief the night before, so now I was feeling numb. I looked up at the wall to my

Bound Friends Pt. 03

to remember there was no way of reaching underneath the metal. Her nipples were seemingly compensating by becoming much more sensitive, frequently adding sexual frustration from normal everyday rubbing even when her NESIC wasn't on and tormenting her. It was Saturday again, now two weeks since Andrea had put on this infernal belt and still, no

Yes Master-1

for a reply. I picked it off the floor and I noticed something fall from behind it. After further inspection I discovered that it was my old camping gear. A smirk rose to my face as a grabbed the large bundle of rope and threw it in my bag. I turned and checked my phone on my bed."Im free when ever you say I am sir. Shall I wear something nice

The second round

it out. I put it back in my bag and looked for my clothes. I scrabbled on the ground but they were gone. Stephanie took my clothes. I ran up the slope, ducking behind a tree when a man wandered past. I ran down the street, buck naked, d cup tits bouncing up and down and I reached my door. I walked in and went up to bed. When I woke I saw a

Midnight Caller

She replied.“Now listen carefully,” her Master began. “I want you to strip naked, then I want you to get a towel, and a scarf that you can use as a blindfold, and then I want you to go outside into your backyard and kneel on the towel beside the pine tree, and then tie the scarf over your eyes and wait there for me.” There was a long pause from

Finding Home

in the busy Airport terminal waiting to board a plane to London. He had always been a history buff, and when he had researched his ancestry, he had traced his family lineage to Scotland. It had always been his dream to go his homeland to trace the footsteps of his forefathers.He had wanted to make it a family trip, but his family never found it a

Mystery Man

if it is my owners or the unknown stranger that is touching me. Abruptly he stops. I am left panting in the chair, unfulfilled. I hear the snaps of a camera, whispers and a door opening again. There are hands on my thighs now, going down to my ankles. I am being untied and my legs are closed for me, my arms released. My hair is untied, and my

All In A Days Work

professional. His gaze made me feel like I was wearing nothing at all. My nipples would tighten every time he walked by and smiled, and my legs grew weak if I had to deliver papers or a message to his office. I knew it was just a matter of time before I made a total fool of myself by tripping, or spilling something all over his reports. And it

Submissive Incest Mind Control Chapter 2: Naughty Daughter's Vibrating Punishment

my cunt and flooded down my thighs.My entire body quaked and quivered. Rapture surged through my body and drowned my mind. I moaned and gasped into my mommy's spicy cunt. Stars danced through my vision. My pussy convulsed. My asshole writhed about my daddy's cock, milking out every drop of incestuous cum. The bliss surged through me. It inundated

Five Nights Ch. 07 - The Conclusion

cry. She followed with two more, swiftly, all on the same cheek. “Wrong answer!” she warned, and looked at us, grinning. “Will you be our slave today?”“No, please,”Three more, the other cheek, and I watched the flesh jiggle with the impact even as the other cheek turned pink. Marybeth cried out again, pleading with her to stop.“No! I won’t! Stop!

A New Lesson Learned: Betrayal

So vanilla and yet so enticing. I went to moved my arms around his neck and I discovered I couldn’t. I felt so heavy and immobile. I tried to shift again, just to fail again. “Relax Erin,” I heard in my ear. “Enjoy my doll.” I felt his breathe on my neck. This felt so real. “Yesssss” I moaned back in response. I raised my hips as much as I could,

Denise The Submissive Mom, Chapter 20 , xxx Party time

. She could see that Rocky was now hard , so it was a relief to her when Rocky told Denise to take off her ballgag & her son-in-law started skullfucking her roughly without any mercy . While she could now see that Dee & Esperanza were now in a lezzie 69 with the older & shorter Denise on top . Nina hoped Rocky would fuck her pussy or even her ass

A Titillating Reunion Day 1

balls and returning to His cock. I lost time. His cock only seemed to grow in my mouth, and with every moan I heard, I increased my intensity till He said He was about to cum. With that, He grabbed the back of my head by my hair and pulled my lips away from His cock. "Open your mouth." My lips parted, and I waited eagerly. Within seconds, He shot

Shelley Comes To Stay

Josh opened a bottle of white wine and collected two glasses. He poured wine into each glass and handed one to Shelley, which she gratefully took from him. The doorbell rang and the pizzas were collected and paid for. They watched a chick flick, while eating their pizza. After they had eaten their fill Shelley curled up on the sofa and rested

All Because of Millie

does not deter you from reading it because I would love comments. It’s my first venture into a ‘mature’ story and I think it came out well. I hope you will think so also. Thanks! All Because of Millie Millie had just turned forty-five a month ago. She had been by herself now for three years and quite frankly, she had gotten used to it. The death

Study In Sepia: A Poignant Reminder

care less. It’s as I said before, that is completely and most absolutely up to Sir.’ ‘Then who…?’ ‘Who am I?’ She nodded. ‘And what? What purpose do you serve?’ Had my heart still beat beneath my breast, it would have stopped then and there. For the first time in my existence I was dumbstruck–and I despised it. And I despised her for bringing it

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 06

her head.She started sweating, and she was breathing erratically. "Calm down Amanda. I don't want you to pass out. Relax. I'll take it slow...at first!"She was panting as I gave her another inch, and then another. Halfway in, I pulled out and slowly gave it back to her. "FUCK!" she said as I gave her a quick jab.She was gritting and grinding her

Rainey’s Song Ch. 05

trip, they’d told her that if she ‘performed well’ in classes, they’d send her and her 16-year-old sister to Paris for two weeks over summer. In Rainey’s estimation, it was a brilliant plan to keep Karen focused during the school year and relatively out of trouble during summer break because she’d have her sister to look after her in Paris and

Bad Sushi

which I highly doubt, I have faith in the doctors looking after me. Who is to say I don't go on to live for another twenty or thirty years? I'll worry about where my soul ends up when the time comes. If my soul is beyond redemption, your offer sounds too good to be true. If something sounds too good to be true, it always is. I think you're lying

The Piece Treaty 4th Gear

knew Bear would soon find the sparkle also had flavor. Bear began to feel slightly apprehensive and wonder how to match the excitement she was anticipating. He didn’t know Cyn was capable of manufacturing excitement and building it to a crescendo. As Cyn guided Bear’s paw to her smooth pussy she did a small side-step. Slightly spreading her

The Wedding Ch. 07

and kissed her hairless pudendum, then he slid his head between her legs. ‘Eyahhhhhhhh!!!!’ Nancy cried when Bob began licking and sucking her swampy opening. ‘Yesssss!!! Yessssss!!! Eat meeeeeee!!! Eat meeeee!!! I’m commmmminnnnnnngggggg!!! I’m commmmmminnnnnngggggggg!!!! I’m commmmminnnnnggggggg!!!’ Nancy’s quaking legs had Bob’s head trapped

Life’s Strange Turns Ch. 07-08

is always very nice. She has a beautiful daughter and now owns that travel agency at the end. I also know that she is not married. I don’t know what happened, but her mother retired and is taking care of the little girl while Jennifer and Diane run the travel agency. I really like her Dennis. Every time we meet her she has nothing but good things

Just a place to crash

and every other week I alternated working days or nights.   I’d usually read a book after making dinner or watch TV.   Sometimes I’d get online and read some stories or check up on the news.   Now and then the mood would strike and I’d write a little bit. Cooking became a hobby.   I bought a small grill to put out on the balcony and experimented

A Lucky Fan Ch. 03

the passenger window of my 1958 Plymouth and nods off to sleep. She only sleeps for about a half hour or so and awakes. ‘How was your nap?’ I ask her.’ ‘It was good, I was dreaming.’ Brenda tells me. ‘Oh, good dream I guess?’ I say to her. ‘It was about sex.’ She replies with a slight laugh. ‘Ah, yeah, I’d call that a good dream.’ I said. We both

Mia- Pt 1

since she was eight months old. She was in effect the daughter I never had. I had watched her grow and was almost as protective of her as her father, my very good friend and neighbour, Pete. Mia was almost sixteen and a half and although she often exasperated her parents she always seemed to have a smile and a wave for me. I guess I got the best


as his feet grew too large for them. It was not only his feet that were growing, but his entire body. The man was now six inches taller than he had been when he first Apparated into the forest. Finally, it stopped. The man now looked completely different and kind of strange in Muggle clothing that was far too small for him. He opened his

Sex Education

all the way down to my boxers when she said, "Let me see"Hearing this, I removed my boxers to free my ultra hard hard-on which I had built up. Upon seeing it she walked over and said, "So this is what a dick looks like""You have never seen a dick?""Of course not, my parents are extreme religious fanatics"With this she began fondling my penis

Forced Wife Ch. 01

week. Around 7 o’clock Brianna indicated that she was going to shower and get ready. I followed her upstairs a few minutes later and when she came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her I was waiting for her by the bed with some of my new purchases laid out on the bed. As she reached to open the wardrobe doors to select her clothes for

A Bride, chapter 5

thing I'd ever seen in my life before."Mum, let's go to the pub."She took my cock out of my mouth and looked at me quizzically."I can't believe you just said that."I couldn't help laughing in agreement with her, it was bloody ludicrous, I was sitting on the edge of my bath with my naked, horny mother fellating me and I wanted to go to the pub."I

Living in Nevada a Long Time Ago

god and dropped the phone..I could hear Cheryl asking if she was OK? but she just laid there jerking her hips off the bed and saying how good that felt eating her and fingering her pussy and ass!I picked the phone up and said Cheryl are you still there?? She said yup she had her hand in her pants fingering her own pussy. Carmen spun around and

Massage Fantasy

off my shirt, she pulled the camisole off over her head. I got my first look at her mature breasts. They were magnificent - perky with hardly any droop, hard pink nipples and beautiful pink areoles. I knew she was my daughter, but I couldn’t help looking at her as a woman. I wanted to kiss those beautiful nipples and make those areoles wrinkle

A Not-So-Simple Life: Part 1

an eye she was smiling warmly at me. That raised a couple of alarms in my head, but I ignored all of them when I realized that she was wearing a short skirt today. Like a homing missile my eyes moved to a free shot of the white panties she had on.Big Mistake.She closed her legs and let out a shrill scream that snapped me back into reality.“I-It

A lesson she wont forget

had other things on her mind however. ‘Toni, I need to ask you something… It’s a little embarrassing though, so promise to keep this between me and you please?’ she said shyly, her eyes barely leaving the desk. (Let me describe Rose to you, she is what I call a natural beauty, and very close definition to word ‘Hottie’. She has dark brownish

Celia, the perfect slut

up when the dildo slid across a sensitive spot in her pussy. She would bite her lower lip and moan softly. If anyone looked at us, they would only see us above our waist and thereby covering our secret fondling.I could feel her arousal drip onto my hand as I continued to thrust the dildo into her.I went close to her and whispered, “You sure do

Dinner Is Cold

to lay into my ass with the smooth leather belt. The sound of leather whipping my ass echoed through the room. The pain was too much to bear, tears began to roll down my face as I gave up.I swallowed what was in my mouth and spoke up, "Please mistress, It hurts too much. Please stop," I began to sob, "I'm sorry I didn't follow my orders, I'm

Em, Can I Watch?

addressed increased. I broke the surface of the water, my hair smooth against my scalp as I sucked in a deep breath. My breasts bounced in a most pleasing way and I noticed that my nipples were stiff, frothy, bubble-coated points. I wrung out the face cloth, wiped my face and then placed it over my eyes, I heard the stairs creak. I froze, in a

Exhibitionism By Proxy

us out. We went up to the bedroom and I just sat on the edge of the bed and watched the girls undress each other until they were both nude. While they kissed and fondled each other's tits, I stripped down. I watched as they kissed and began moving further down. Courtney's tits were fantastic and I couldn't wait to get my turn.But I could tell

Leaving the Navy (bdsm) Ch. 03

sounded breathing softly and slowly. Her arm was across my chest.A minute passed and she shifted position just a bit. Her legs moved over mine and her hand slid down across my belly and stopped. Another minute passed and her hand went farther down and bumped against my morning hard on.She moaned softly and moved down to take my hard on into her

Little Black Bikini

In retrospect, I got the revenge I was looking for but the pain, the loss, remained. As I'm sure many do, I tumbled into depression and self-pity. I stopped going to rehab. I did not go out. I did not encourage visitors. I watched a lot of TV, read a few books, and closed myself in. The financial settlement had left me in a comfortable position

Mixed Master - A Fantasy

may kiss my cockhead. Just kiss."They tried not to show disappointment, each wanting to suck Him deeply and drink His cum until He was empty. Each wanting him to grab her hair in his hands and fuck her mouth until she couldn't breathe and yet soared on some imagined cloud upward to...something yet unattained."Please," they pleaded in silence

My Wife’s Harem, Part 2

be remembering how hard I had fucked her the night before.Those thoughts ran through my mind as I kissed my way down her body, past her nice, plump breast, over her huge tummy, and to her wet pussy. I started to lap up her juices and concentrate on her clit as she moaned loudly. She grabbed my head and pulled my face to her crotch as I sucked and

Impressions Ch. 04

finishing up the last of the lunch dishes. She had insisted that Aren go entertain himself while she cleaned up because she liked being domestic now and then, and doing the dishes after he cooked only seemed fair. She could see him sitting out on the patio. He had a sketch pad and seemed to be intensely focused on the beach house. I wonder what

Cleopatra, the Cat and the Orgy.

elegant surroundings, some polite but risque conversations and flirting and maybe even observing the activities in the encounter room the NDA mentioned.I could hardly have been more wrong.There was no drink for a start, the beverages served were all strictly non-alcoholic. But what I really hadn't expected was that being masked would have a much


hands down to my pussy. I am shocked to find myself getting wetter. Danielle rubs the outline of my clit. I am full of pubic hair and she snorts at it. "We'll have to do something about that, wont we." She then stick a finger up my pussy. I gasp. Slowly, in and out... Danielle finger fucks me. Oh how extraordinary it was for someone else to enter

Straight to Bi. Part 1.

I lifted that out of the way as well, showing him my taint and the cleft of my ass above the tops of my thighs."Oh yes baby, I like that. Mmmm, turn around for daddy."I turned and showed him my bare ass."Do you like my ass? Is it a sexy ass?""Oh honey I want to kiss your sweet ass all over!"I moved my hands down and spread my cheeks, bending over

My First Day in Mexico

and I’ve been living in hell ever since. I finally convinced my mom to let me travel to Mexico for a much needed vacation. I arrived in my home town of Culiacan , Sinaloa. I hadn’t been there in at least five years, everything looked so different. I got off the bus, wearing some blue daisy dukes, pink spaghetti strap (without a

Little Red Riding Hood

waiting pussy. It causes me to moan, which makes me open my mouth wider and causes more of Molly pussy to be engulfed in my warm lips. She moans in conjunction and begins to hump my wet lips. I slide what I can of my tongue into her hole, her clit rubbing my lips and tongue in rhythm of the giant cock that slides in and out of my aching pussy. He

My First Lover

a heavy coating of hair spray. Ann, and her friends, must have kept the hair spray industry in business. Many of the guys joked about not smoking around their girlfriends’ hair out of fear of an explosion and fire on their heads. Many of the hairsprays of that time were basically lacquer, a highly flammable basis for paint. The girls who used

The Marine & The Beauty Queen Ch. 03

helping me any. Susan helped me into the bathroom where I took care of my business, then Susan announced that she was going to give me a sponge bath. I think I may have said something earlier about how much I hate sponge baths? Please forget I ever wrote that. With Susan doing the washing, I found out how much I love sponge baths! Before she

Enjoying Tea, Together

spread pussy lips and easily entered her cylinder. The shaft soon followed — inch by inch — until the entire shaft was inside her moist hole. In, and almost out. In, and almost out. Often! Ted moved her legs, but ‘Sir Richard’ continued pumping her cunt. First, both her legs were on his left side, then his right side. Then he spread her legs —

Jack and Carter: Old Friends.

would you say that?" "Because you're an asshole. What, are they waiting outside? Waiting for you to tell them how easy this was? Just because I'm a virgin doesn't mean I'm gonna give it to you.""Carter, stop. No one is waiting. No one is gonna know about this." Kissing her again, only for her to pull away, tears in her eyes."Carter, please. I'm

Keeping My Neighbors Satisfied, Pt 1

important.”As I led her over to the sofa, she followed behind me. As I turned around, she threw her arms around my neck and planted a hard kiss on my lips! She pressed her body to mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I was so shocked to be essentially assaulted that I froze momentarily. Carolyn’s lips felt good; her body felt good. But why

Aunt Flo #2

Yes, I think I had it figured. I was guessing Aunt Flo was about 42 years old and her nipples looked brand new like a 17 year old girl. She saw me examining her chest. She smiled at me and I felt as though she were reading my mind.   I was sure my pants were drenched. I said, “Why are you starring at me?” She said, “I’m sorry, was I starring at

A First Time for Everything

was the ‘yes’ that let him try more and more, knowing I was willing if not naïve. It was all just for this, just to fuck me. I lay in his bed thinking about all this and it aroused me. To think he had seduced me; he had planned and plotted just to get me into his bed and fuck me. It aroused me thinking of how good it felt to be his toy and to

Exposing Cindy: my sessions with Sawyer

with my friend’s son!Introduction: I love young men. I love their innocence, energy, their lust for life. I love how excited they get and how hard they stay. I love the embarrassment they experience if and when they cum to quickly and how with the slightest encouragement, they are hard and ready to go again after they cum.But most of all, I love

Chemical Concocktion Ch. 01

away from her face for a change and she watched me attentively. I noticed that her acne had started to clear up and she looked to be almost glowing. Was her face a little more full? I just attributed it to her actually exposing her face to public view. I had never really seen her face fully exposed before. She lingered after class. ‘Are you

He is my Master

him. We kiss, but I stay distant, intent on being his perfect little whore. There is a part of me that, whenever I expose it to him -- my masculinity, my eagerness -- he recoils. Now, he pursues me, kissing me more deeply and with more emotion than I can ever recall him using. I want to meet him, indulge myself in this beautiful moment, but I

Out for a midnight walk

around me. I could smell the sweet sap of the tree, feel the harsh bite of the cracked bark on my skin, I could hear the insects singing their nightly songs. The jingle of metal once again broke through, an unnatural sound amidst the choir of the night. This time, however, it was not the sound of my leash making the noise, it was the sound of

Science class

cock harder while I came. He pulled his cock out and started rubbing on my clit while he came and I started squirting, a lot. "Holy f*ck!" I screamed while I shot another stream on the floor and collapsed into his chest.  "That was amazing," I whispered, out of breath.  "It really was," he said smiling. He put his shirt and zipped up. He handed

In-Flight Movie

and lust mixed in my heart as I knew this would cost me. ‘That was stupid, Belle. You’re not a stupid girl, are you?’ ‘No sir,’ I whispered fearfully. ‘Your mistakes have consequences, Belle. It hurts me more than it hurts you, you know.’ ‘Yes sir.’ With that, he pulled me from the ground and stretched me across his lap. I could feel his arousal


as she was biting her lips and pressing hard on her breast, we could hear this particular like splashing sound coming out from her pussy every time I went in and out of her, turning us both on, it wasn't lone before we came again, as the first time we where left breathless, she was gasping for air, and again she didn't let me pull out. A mixture

Me, joe and his gf

as soon asI began sucks I'm cock got rock hard I told him that I wanna fuck him and he turned over and said yes but grab the lube (this was my first anal I talk to Rachel about that but was would always say no because it hurts) I pored it on I'm 7in cock and slowly stuck it in it was so tigh and warm I never felt anything like this before and I

Exposing My Wife I

wife had been trying to get me to fuck her in her ass for months. I lightly slid my finger across her virgin asshole. Her whole body jumped up into my fingers. I continued to tease her asshole and asked her what she wanted. She said that she wanted her asshole fucked.I rolled her onto her back and took her bottom off. Naked! I told her to

My sisters a pervert

fell asleep.When I awoke for a minute an hour or two later, Marie was already back inbed, the night-light was out, and all three girls were sleeping peacefully.I tucked my half-erect prick up between the little girl's legs, and wentback to sleep myself. Maybe some other time I could try that trick ofsleeping with my prick inside a girl.At about

The Taming of the Shrew p1

good. He started to grind his cock against her wet slit, sending fresh pulses of pleasure through her still tingling body. “Stick your tongue out.” He ordered her.She stuck her tongue out and he started to suck on it. It felt so wow when he did that, made her mind all fuzzy. Then he got up, and pressed his cock to her lips.“Taste your cunt. Taste

For the Love of Music

hands had given him back life. So he honoured her, cherished her, served her with the very core of his being. Her mood was exuberant today, seductive in its joy, pure Rachmaninoff without the taste of darker desires coloured in by Puccini. He was more than willing to oblige that joy, answer that temptation with hands slipping under the gold silk

Cousin Fun at the Lake

me where I would like to sleep. I wasnt sure how to answer and I think she could see the confusion on my face. You can sleep where the table is or you can sleep on the sofa-bed with Melissa. Obviously the latter was much more tempting and so I told her that she didnt need to bother making two beds, and that I would simply sleep on the sofa-bed

Anal Adventure

ring open and then an even louder scream, throwing her head back and forth, as I thrust even harder and her ring stretched wider as my rigid, hard prick disappeared inside it. Fuck, was she tight. I looked down and enjoyed the sight of my prick thrusting in and out of her crap hole. I grabbed hold of her hips and began to build up a steady

When the Levee Breaks

A low groan drowned the mountains in silence, like the earth was shifting to adjust under the passing weight of God’s footstep. The last we hear of the boy are labored breaths and a slight sniffle. He’s weeping now, face down, arms folded over his head like the guessing game from childhood. No one ever picked him, and now he knew no one ever

Catch up with Morning Tales - Chapter XII

to decide on whether or not to give him a blow job,”When Charlotte looked back at her friend, she could see her staring back at her with one raised eyebrow in an ‘are you sure about that’ look, and she screamed, “Oh my God Julie, he asked you for a blow job?”“He didn’t have to ask,” Julie replied with a mischievous grin.“Holy shit,” her

Welcome Home

a few hours with her friends and eats a quick dinner before going to bed. Reaching over feeling the empty space beside her she cries silently and hugs his pillow close. Hearing his words again "You will not cum until I get back." she stays her hand as it reaches between her thighs. This was going to be hell.............Sighing yet again she

A Very Kinky Threesome

the leash around the collar."Come with me."I was on my hands and knees, following the pull of the leash like an animal. He guided me into another room and sat me on a chair. I felt him pull down my panties. He tied me tightly around the chair with my hands behind my back, and my legs spread open. I had no idea what was in store.The silence was

Predator & Prey Series Ch. 02

by easing his liberally oiled hand up her ass to his wrist. Tina’s eyes rolled back in her head as Chuck lifted her up off her knees with the hand in her ass.However, it wasn’t until he searched out her clit with his free hand that Tina surrendered to her most primal desires. Her button was a switch . When chuck frigged it her body immediately

Miss Jones Our Substitute Teacher

not want to. Sometimes, if you’re drunk you can’t get it up. We were all wanting to focus on fucking our sweet and incredibly gorgeous English teacher. I was pretty worked up after fucking my teacher. My parents took a mini getaway this weekend. This coming week, I’m graduating and they’ll be having a huge family party for me next weekend. I

Amariel's Adventures: Chapter 3, Bull Rushed

anal walls rubbing against it. It’s a firm weight up where there shouldn’t be something pressing.A shape forms against the blackness. Tall, imposing. And then he stands. He? It, maybe. The form becomes massive against the shadows, and I quickly start picking details about it out. The chest, first, above my eye level. Broad, muscular. Huge wide

A Primitive Hope Ch. 02

and closer. Her gaze was latched to mine as the sounds of rippling water was the only timbre that could be noticed. I turned to meet her as our bodies came within inches of one another. Her gaze held a measureless intensity to it… a simple, yet rigorous expression of need. My eyes fell to her breasts, and to her robust forelimbs. My hands

For His Will, Her Shame

into the jacuzzi. It was getting so that it was difficult not to touch the people next to me; no room. I had no choice but to move and found myself placed where a jet of bubbles gushed forcefully between the softness of my thighs, merciless goading me to the point of no return. I couldn't move, couldn't get out now.No! I began to blush, wondering

Headmistress' Slut Ch. 06

words and more. In normal terms I should be ashamed, but I'm not. I thrive on the words she calls me, no matter how degrading they are and my inner self becomes alive as she runs through my every pore. I exhale a soft whimper and lowered my head. Her hand grabbed my hair and tugged me back so my eyes met hers. "You're wet aren't you?"My face

Loving My Neighbor

of the refrigerator. In the half-second that she was fully flexed I could make out the outlines of her full hips. She was so female in her form, and as she straightened, and I noticed again the narrowing of her waist and the flaring of her breast away from her chest as she half turned toward me. I felt those tingles below my belt again, surprised

New Beginnings - Pt 2 Ch 3

of the building and the other at the main entrance.In addition, she could feel Alicia dreamwalking again as an image of the receiving platform on the Phoenix wavered transparently in front of the pair. The platform slowly merged in with the floor beneath several pallets of soup cans, then seemed to be perfectly matched. The pallets, surprising

The Island (Chpt 1)

felt quite certain Amity had gone to produce a whip with which to prove her assertion. Would she return in a moment and send the lash curling round her shockingly available person? How awful to stand and watch yourself whipped, denied all defence! But as the minutes passed the captive found her mind possessed by other imperatives. Escape! That

What a Photo Reveals

a tingling feeling in her ass, pieces of warmth enveloping her. Desire was flooding through her body. She could feel his breath coming hotter onto hers, and promptly slid her tongue into his mouth.She'd been half expecting a taste of curry or other Asian foods, but once again he was clean and delightful. Her mouth melted into his, letting herself

Fortieth Birthday Surprise

made, I knew she was ready for me to fuck her throat. I grabbed both of her tits and started fucking her mouth and throat, slowly at first and then as she moaned on my cock as it was deep in her throat, I could stand it no longer. I started cumming as I slammed my cock as deep down her throat as I could go, watching as she swallowed every drop.

Denial Of Sexual Gratification

his body over to come close to me and he held my face. He told me that it was okay. He soothed me, comforted me, and told me that I wasn't to be punished over a misunderstanding. He then pressed his finger to my lips and I felt my lips pucker toward it in an instant. It was reflex, and I knew that I was in trouble. My eyes widened with fear as a

The Hammock

let it fall to the side and rest against the hammock near him, her legs spread widely. She let out a slight sigh as she unfolded her arms and interlocked her fingers behind her head. He would have unrestricted access to her body. She could hear her heartbeat galloping and wondered if he could as well. He held the bottle over her body and drizzled

The Sergeants Affair – Chapter 2

up and pressed against her g-spot, and she felt her toes curl into her sneakers. Sierra deftly undid the button on Matthews shorts and slid her hands inside, grabbing his thick, hard shaft in her palm and giving it a squeeze. She felt the pre-cum on her fingers and coaxed his love muscle into giving up more. With her fingers, she teased his head


have to take some back roads because I can't take much more of this”. Sorry if I didn't come right out and say, 'Your turn to drive.' Besides,” he quizzed, “it's not like you listen to me anyways. That much hasn't changed in five years.” Karen's face went blank. When she spoke, her voice trembled, but was otherwise carefully neutral. “Really

My nurse and my wife

bring me right to “the edge”.That’s when I saw my wife. She had heard my nurse cum the second time, and decided enough was enough. She had undressed in the other room, and was now quietly approaching the bed. My nurse was so wantonly attacking my dick, that she did not notice her. I could well imagine the view my wife had of this woman’s tight

Being watched by my boyfriends best friend Pt 2

as I’d said, and agreed that we would never mention it in case someone picked up on our conversation. Although he did remind me of the promise. And true to his word, whenever we were out, if there was anyone around he never even hinted. On the odd occasion there was only the two of us, he always winked and smiled. This always made me blush and

My Bitch is Black

She's in the nursing program. A Haitian chick with a foul mouth but the biggest ass I've seen in ages. Why else would I be spending time with her? Shameika was kinda dumb and got on my nerves sometimes because of the mean and dumb things she said. Oh, yeah. This black chick was prejudiced against all kinds of people. Yet she hid her issues behind

Her Safe Word was Magenta Ch. 01: The Terminal

An assistant, friend, servant, or submissive of his... she was never told which, and it didn't really matter in the end. They had discussed the travel plans, (oddly enough) the layout of her hotel room and its bathroom, what she could expect and should not expect, and various other minutia. The last thing Handler had told her was that her safe

Georgina’s Delight

aroused. The fifth stroke drew a louder gasp and the sixth stroke the loudest of them all. Miss Watson was crying freely which surprised her as so many of the girls never cried. Maybe the caning was harder than she gave? Georgina put down the cane and squeezed Miss Watson’s bottom again. Several times. Then, when she felt Miss Watkins was more

She Was Something Else

and then my Ph.D. in Computer Science. I was the most educated nerd in the world.So standing in a room with a beautiful naked woman and bumping crotches was something entirely new to me.I was in my early thirties and she was in her early forties. We talked about many subjects as we lay on top of the bed getting acquainted. I needed more than just

Frat Boy Games Ch. 7

times she was close to absolute oblivion and the darkness of it. Her body arched and bucked, wriggled and ground itself to orgasm after orgasm. Finally, the suction started to lessen, until it finally stopped. Her body continued with aftershocks, shaking her to the core of her being. The suction cups popped off, leaving her nipples longer than

Better The Second Time

correctly, sounds like you two had a great time.’ ‘Oh, Karen, it was wonderful. Ben was the perfect choice. He made me so at ease and just helped me along. It was so nice having a guy with a lot of experience,’ and I smiled at Ben who was standing taller than usual. I started to make sounds about going home and Ben volunteered to walk me the two

The Farm

he was on his own and hoped the girls did not see him. The girls went into the pig goat shed, Simon crept over to the wall looked through a hole in the boards and saw Mandy sitting on rails smoking, one of the goats got a bit of Mandy’s skirt that was hanging free. Simon saw Mandy fall backwards landing in the pen that held about 200 goats he

Sibling Nibbling: Chapter 2 - A Sister's Breakfast

now, admiring her curves from above was truly mind boggling as to how we got from loving brother and sister to lusting brother and sister. I was in a state of perpetual happiness.Almost.My cock needed relief. I rubbed it down once again, this time a trail of precum stuck to my hand before I licked it off.I strolled down then snuck up behind her

the Music Lessons

like the temperature was higher in there. The feeling in her belly, the butterflies, had moved lower. She felt her body responding, and she shifted in her seat. As she moved, she became aware that she was getting aroused. She shifted a few more times."What…kind of rewards, and what kind of…correction?" she asked.He said, "Stay and find out, or go

My affair with a loving lonely wife

for my calibre. I never jump the gun at first. I talk with them, listen to them, make them tell me their stories and make them want me. I give the emotional support they need and in the process make them fall for me. I was having a good run. I was able to get many women to have a serious online sex relationship. Erotic chats, exchanging sexy pics

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 9

Steven stopped just under her breasts. His fingers just lightly brushed her breast as he worked his way to her shoulders. “You are doing a very good job. But Steven, you have missed a bit. I want you to give my breasts a rub too. While you do, would you like me to work on your stiff muscle here?” Sandra purred as she pulled his underwear aside,

Chelsea, My Girl in Space

but you have to endure the penance. Your body curls as I deep massage you – completely at my mercy as you hang there, for my pleasure and deliverance, for what I have to deliver will be firm and true, to enjoy the very essence of you. Those wonderful deep expressive eyes of your delve into my being as I find you. You feel so warm and good in

How a Slut Should be Treated

three days away.” I rested my head on his chest and snuggled into him, “It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.” The next couple of days passed without incident, he commented on the cleanliness of the house, joking I couldn’t usually find the time. He went quiet when I told him how I had managed to find the time and even quieter when I pointed out,

Lisa’s new boyfriend

if I talk to him for a couple minutes do you?” “No baby girl. Go ahead. But don’t talk to long.” “I won’t Daddy. Thanks.”Accepting the call Lisa grinned, “Hi Wayne. What’s up.” “I’m, well I just wanted to apologize. I guess your dad really hates me now.” Lisa wrinkled her nose, “Huh? What are you talking about. He don’t hate

Flambeaux & Staug Ch. 04

at my head. I guess he wanted me alive, because he hit me with the handle rather than killing me.’ Jack stood up and stretched. ‘But the captain’s body is gone and there’s no way you guys would have been allowed down here, so do you think you can fill me in too?’ Nick cleared his throat. ‘Everyone upstairs is dead.’ Jack grew quiet. ‘There isn’t

Tokyo Symphony Ch. 06

and declined to speculate as to how it happened. Everyone knew it though. Her parents held a small ceremony. Natsumi attended and wept the whole way through. She wasn’t so much crying for Sakura, who was gone and could not be hurt any more, but for herself, who knew she had drowned the girl as much as if she had held her underwater herself. How

Ladies Book Club Chapter 3

a voice mail on Alice's cell phone. I told her to go to her 'ladies book club' as I would be about an hour or more late getting home. I just finished setting up my video equipment when we saw Alice, totally naked dance into that glass enclosed family room. There were the two naked black men not far behind. She got on the padded table and spread

My Best Friend 7 – Three Months Passed

this part of the series. Last we read Jay was happy with how everything went with Amanda but he had one little problem…he needed to find a way of telling Amanda that he loves her. Three months has passed since Amanda and him had started dating and had their wonderful weekend together while Jay’s parents were gone for work. The two of them are in

Panties for Sale? Chapter 3

pink panties. She stepped out of them and picked them up to hold them out to me on one dainty finger.“Don't bet on it.”Control. You must learn control! Why the hell did Yoda leap into my mind? I took them with a slightly trembling hand and it was the hardest moment of my life to set them down. She frowned a little, confused. But I got up. “Just a

Did he just?

"So you do like that Kim?" Tommy said to me, his smirk audible from his voice as he thrust himself into me again. There was no point in keeping quiet now, I let out a pleasure filled moan that captured exactly what I felt.Tommy awarded me with a few more plunges, each causing me to moan or groan softly until he pulled his cock all the way out and

Craiglist Memories...Round 2

held her up. She screamed louder and louder, “Fuck Yes,’ as she exploded again all over me and her bed. This time I couldn’t hold back anymore and came as well too, moaning as I slowly lowered her on the bed. “That is how you do it,” she gasped as she tried to catch her breath.We laid together, and I got up to clean myself off in her bathroom. I

Seducing Your Sister Pt 1

hours. Your cock swelling back to life at the feel of your sister's warm silky smooth body snuggled against you. As your hard cock rubs against Katie's thigh, she breaks the kiss and looks down at your revived cock.Crying out with excitement, Katie stares deep into your eyes and says in a sexy voice, "Oooooo is my big brother getting horny from

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

blinked as he picked her up. “Problem?” Cloud silently shook her head before leaning it on his shoulder. “Good.” DeadShot kissed her forehead and gently set her on the mattress of their canopy bed. The satin sheets provided her the comfort she needed beneath her, but a small noise of protest left her when his arms left her. “What?” Cloud

Lost Virginity:Part 1

She was on the reunion committee and by some chance, my wife and I were seated at her table. She appeared a little chunkier than I remembered, but still sported her trademark short pixie style hairdo, albeit gray rather than black.We caught up on what had happened to us since graduation, and went out on the dance floor. As we moved across the

Michael Stromen

and thought all those dirty thoughts, and then she winked back at me, and if it weren’t for my sanity, I would have fainted and died. Was it a joke? Was it a slutty thing? Was it sarcastic? I really didn’t give a shit, because all I couldn’t think about was fucking Olivia. My dick jumped up into ready mode nearly five seconds after the wink, and

Flowerless Valentine

agony. "Fuck me," she moaned, "please!"."Not yet," I whispered. She was so wet my fingers slipped easily inside. I stroked the velvety flesh and felt her spasm again, her muscles gripping my fingers. There was a spot in there, I knew, if I could hit it...at the same time I rolled the pad of my thumb slowly around her clitoris, not pressing too

A Visit From Home Ch. 03

for the bathroom weren’t buying their story they gave no indication of dissent. ‘No sweetheart. What I said is you’re always beautiful to me.’ Jesse reached for her hand and led her back up the aisle to their row. That much, at least, was the absolute truth. They had been together long enough that he had seen her at her worst and she was always

A Prom Night to Cherish Forever

lace undies with a skimpy, white, under wire bra, which was also strapless. My shoes were a shimmering silver color that had been intended to match my sterling sliver heart necklace. The three artificial but still lovely diamonds were placed in the heart taking up most of the space inside. Those same diamonds matched the fake pair of them I had

My first story

if she cooperates it will be much easier on her. Rell tries to gently slide his dick in her ass and I tell him that I want to watch him fuck her. He slides in a little deeper, trying to give her time to adjust to his size. I emphasize that I want to watch him fuck her. That’s what she is there for. She is there to make our fantasy a reality and

Laurie Ch. 2

dull, he had to admit that. He had had two different partners before meeting his wife, and even then the most he had done was doggie-style sex. After a moment something came to mind, something he had once suggested to his wife, but before they had been married, and she had shot the idea down in flames. ‘Anal sex. Oh, and a threesome as well, me

A Warm Balmy Night Ch. 03

it from one side to the other, moaning loudly. With her body shaking, from Clara fucking her hard, she quickly reached her release. Only now, did Clara look away from Riddick. She slowly relaxed her movements and eventually slid her hand from inside Lucy and fondled the panting woman. She kissed her sweat covered back and then pulled her into her

A Secretary Changed Ch. 18

interest in why I felt I needed to lose weight, how long I’d been married, family and church and such. The whole time taking notes. As I finished my tea she asked if I was ready to begin. Adding that her techniques had worked wonders for Nicole and that she hadn’t had a cigarette in months. Honestly I never even knew she smoked. All the years we

The Touch Ch. 30

but remember that ‘anonymous’ mail has no return address. Thank you to all readers who vote, leave public comments and send feedback, these things are important as it is the only indication of reader approval that an online author gets. GF Part 30: Of Pony-tails and Haircuts I was showered and dressed on Wednesday morning before Emma and Gwen


overwhelming. When Amy was still alive they took her down from the spit and placed her on a large wooden platform. She was trussed up tightly, her skin was nicely crisped and the cooks has declared she was a perfect rare roast.Four large men lifted the platform and carried Amy to the VIP table where the most honored guests were to be treated to

The naughty list chapter 4

A-and checking it twice." I closed my eyes and swallowed heavily.I guess my pause was too long because the force of his hand was a little heavier when he patted my butt again."Uh...He's going to find out who's naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town."Damnit! What was the next line?My mind just would not focus with competing music

Problems in the Ponderosas Ch.05

said, ‘Twice now I thought I’d seen something over to the left in my peripheral vision, but when I looked there wasn’t anything. Maybe I’m just overly nervous.’ ‘What do you feel?’ ‘That someone’s watching us.’ ‘Then that’s what it is. I want to try to trap them in an ambush.’ I moved up slowly to Hank. ‘Helicopter see anybody yet?’ ‘Yeah, two of

The Party

and although it is a good party as parties go, you cannot help but feel slightly frustrated and mildly horny.There are a lot of new faces back inside, but none of them so much as made eye contact with you. You gaze out over the courtyard as the wind picks up. A gust blows up your silken dress and you slightly open your legs enjoying its warm

Longest Date

lips. Hands grasped, exploring new terrain as his caresses grew more demanding and so did my lust.The warmth of his breath against my soft skin as he was leaving a trail of kisses on my collarbone made my knees feel weak. Inside I trembled, like a ripple on a pond, increasing with every small kiss or touch. Would he notice that my breathing

The Beginning

in my ass. Petrey came forward and slowly and carefully inserted his dick in my pussy. I took hold of Petreys shoulders and Tony held on to my ass. And then they began to move me up and down on their dicks. AAHHHHHHHHHH!! What the fuck!! I said that cause they were fucking me while standing up. It felt great getting both my cunt and my asshole

Jail Bait

an elderly woman, she was very kind, and she didnt like to spend as much time in the shop, so she let Matt do most of the work and was happy to pay him for it. it was close to closing time and Matt checked out the last customer at the register and started looking around, he saw that the hot young girl was still there. She was between isles

Brand New Flame

with hunger once more, matching her own growing need. Steve moaned into the passionate kiss, and then moved to kiss her chin. His lips crept down her body, trailing kisses on her neck, her chest, and her tummy. When he reached her naval, he looked up into her eyes, as if asking for permission. Tracy gasped, and then whispered, “Oh – please.” He

A Weekend in the Smokies – Part 3

me as we both attempted to regain some composure. Her mind was racing through the events of the last few moments of her submissive captivity. ‘I can’t… believe… how hard… I just came!’ Terri whispered between exasperated breaths. I kissed her neck and shoulder as I grudgingly lifted my own exhausted body. My now flaccid manhood slipped from her

Katnis&Glimmer-Day 2

He snapped. Seconds after he spoke, a cannon sounded then about a minute after, another one sounded which caused Cato to chuckle and look around. “Clove is doing a good job.” I looked from Cato to the girl in his arms who had stopped struggling and was watching me. I wanted to help her so bad but Marvel had a vice grip on my braid. It hurt so bad


out a huge sigh of relief and throws off her headset. “Bloody timewasters, why do they leave it until the last minute and decide to call at half five?” As there is nobody else left, the question is aimed in my direction, with no decent answer I shrug my shoulders and smile. I’ve worked with Jess for just over a year. At 24, she’s six years

Delicious Filthy Laundry

Give me a call. I'll be back in England in a week or so." And she winked, turned on her elegantly heeled legs, sashaying away from me. What a walk! She carried her full hourglass figure with a kind of electrifying sexual confidence. I hadn't had time to introduce myself.~~~I see another stain on the sheets; unmistakeable dried spunk. That must

The Club Aphrodite

Within 10 years I was on stage in Berlin doing something which certainly put into perspective the benign activities of removing a few integuments and exposing that which lay beneath.[/b]The Club Aphrodite.West Berlin is no more. She succumbed to the German unification process in 1990. She was a part of my life and I shall never forget her. I

How I Became Big Sister's Sex Slave, part 2

my teeth against the pain, I tried to relax and concentrated on the sensation of Karen’s warm, slippery hand on my hard cock. With a gasp, I felt the plug slide all the way into my hole. The pain was gone, and in its place was a very pleasant feeling of fullness. “Good boy, Brian, you took the whole thing. We’re just going to leave that in

Prince Bonir Vol. 03

with a strong willingness to please. I was fortunate indeed, but had also had resolved to take on no more, even if my finances would have permitted it. I wished both of my concubines to be equals, and vowed to share myself with them equally—but I also thought that I would be the one to initiate relations with them. Instead, there developed a

A Special Gift Ch. 01

bit her full lips, and with a laugh practiced the innocent pose she knew her husband would love. One finger to her mouth her knees turned in together a hip thrust out and her head tilted to the side. Widening her eyes she knew she had the look down, and with the self-satisfied of a woman who knows she looks great she picked up the pretty box from

Just the Tip

of hair back over the girl's soft shoulder. “Here, put on these.” Joi reaches into the hip pocket of her lab coat and pulls out a pair of white panties. Ashley takes the undergarments. Joi turns and goes back to her seat. Ashley waits for Joi to be seated. She then slides down her pink panties and steps out of them. As the girl begins to put on

A Bed Time Story Ch. 02

found lodging in her moist clef and he slid them in and out as he licked her. Faster he licked as she bounced her ass up and down in time with his finger strokes. Leaving her legs, her hands flew to her breasts and she pulled and pinched her own nipples as her orgasm came closer, and closer. His mouth closed over her clit and he sucked it,

2 girls and a horny handyman

me so as i was banging my shaft deep in to 1 her gf gt under us licking my balls and shaft as it slide out of her gf till i shot my load deep in her as i pulled out my cum came with it dropping in to her gf mouth i stood back as she eat every last drop of my c um from her gf pussy once over flowing from her mouth her gf turned rnd and kissed her

DiSH Ch. 03: Thanksgiving Dinner

the table in a rage. Ken tried to stand, but Jenna held on to him and hooked her heels under the chair. "Brenda!" Ken called out. "It's not what it looks like!"Brenda stood there for a second, then turned and stormed out of the hall in tears. "Don't worry, lover," Jenna whispered, "you'll feel a lot better very soon. I promise!""But

Young Eternal Ecstasy

the hardest. Then a third one managed to snake under the water as it subtly pulled him closer, wrapping around his waist once, then twice, finding his entire midriff in the tight, muscular if not delightful embrace of the octopus in front of him. The end of the tentacle reached out and did something Kyle never thought a creature from another race

Me and my Friend Ashley

to kiss here and says I have a surprise for you as he lays her on the bed kissing her chest as he goes he spends a minute sucking and biting on her beautiful nipples and begins his way to her awaiting Cunt. As he goes Ashley is saying Alex I thought we were saving this for marriage, Im sorry Ashley but i just cant wait for it any longer i need to

Reuniting forbidden love, part 2

had always been so close, and as you grew older you blossomed. I wanted you so bad, but I didn’t think the feelings were mutual. I decided to get drunk so I had the confidence to do it but when I got home it wore off but I thought I could still play it off, pretending to be drunk so if you rejected me then it could be blamed on that.” His cheeks

Cindy's Slut Ch. 05

her milky white quim. As she came in my mouth, I struggled to swallow all the warm tart fluid. Sensing my dilemma, Marsha used both hand to force my mouth tightly against her cunt.As Marsha's copious quantities of cum ebbed, I began to ease back from her cunt. With a growl, Marsha held tightly to my head and ground my mouth against her twat. As

The Chess Game

his boxers, freeing his penis from it’s confines. The boxers, too, landed in the premises of all our other clothes. Not to be outdone, he flipped me over, watching as I sat on his legs, toying with his erect dick. I, however, had another plan. In one swift move, I turned around so I was facing his toes instead of his head. I giggled merrily.

Fire Smolders Within

beauty is far more than skin deep. Each time I activate my cell phone, your smiling face greets me and I feel better, no matter what problems I may be facing.I close my eyes and can visualize you naked. Your body excites me like no other. You have fulfilled my wishes for happiness and I long for you to again quench the fire of my lust that rages

Going out a little messy

she has no idea of my plan…I told her to dress sexy for me, as most of our date nights in the past she would dress like I liked so when we got home we could, well….you know. What this included was a knee length skirt, satin top, nude see through bra and tan pantyhose topped off with a pair or strappy sandals. I loved this outfit….I hoped Dave

my love

lightly stroking my wet slit. It felt so good. I stroked a little more, parting the lips of my pussy. I wanted more so I began pushing a finger in, moaning softly. It reminded me of Amy’s moan. I wanted to make her moan like that. I wanted to cause her pleasure. I turned on the water making sure it was steaming hot. I jumped in with my dildo in

Growing Up Ch2

lacy satin is too much excitement and I am soon sporting a rigid boner that won’t fit into the things I’m modeling.“Oh dear, you need to be taken care of! We can’t have somebody seeing you like that you silly girl!” Twyla backs me into the booth and gets down on her knees and after a few skillful moments of motherly love she drains my stiff

As Good As It Gets II

passed the test. Go get sleep now. I have some work to do (rubbing her pussy region).I just walked but suddenly I turned back and told, Me: Sweety, I think I fell in love with U.Now, this shocked her. I don’t know why or how I said that.Rani: No Anand, Its not love. Its lust. You are strongly in love with my body- My breasts, my face, my lips, my

The Escort Gives the Widower a Last Chance

“It looks like some sort of kitchen utensil,” he said jokingly. Marie seemed overly eager to begin. She stood and reached for his hand. “Let’s get you naked and situated and the fun can begin!” she chirped. Amy and Marie pulled him to his feet and slowly undressed him. He didn’t seem uncomfortable with the fact that he was naked and they were

40th Birthday

to never go to jail. So this was new to me, but I was thinking the mountain jail was probably a whole lot better than a city jail would be. After all the paper work, they took me into a room and made me strip naked and checked my whole body for contraband. Afterwards, they gave me jail clothes and kept all mine, including underwear and socks. The

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch. 09

hard not to go professional!’ ‘That’s Evan’s decision!’ ‘Decisions? You want to talk about decisions? Your life is the worst string of decisions I’ve ever seen!’ Ryan could only stare as her father let loose. ‘First you decided to be friends with that slut, Lara. Your mother and I warned you not to hang out with trash like her and now you’re no

Il sogno diventa realtà,

ed iniziai a baciarti il seno e a leccarti e succhiarti i capezzoli, completamente rigidi, come due piccoli chiodi. Impazzivi dal piacere. Chinasti la testa allindietro con gli occhi chiusi, completamente in estasi. Con una mano scesi e ti slacciai i jeans. quindi ti infilai la mano nelle mutandine… Eri bollente, completamente bagnata,

A Moment At Both Ends

make sure it was well covered. Then I rubbed the excess onto my asshole while my finger worked in and out. My eyes closed in pleasure just with this small penetration, my mouth biting my lip in anticipation. I slid the plug along my ass, searching for its home until the tip slipped in. Pushing it in an inch, I held it there, ready for the next

LeighM adds to hubs Triple sex tale

I won't lie.  I LOved the attention. A lot!  At first I merely let them grope my ass, but...  A MAN on me set me off. It wasn't long before I reciprocated with the tongue kissing thing.          Peter, my English teacher was the first  teacher to reach into my top and push my bra aside to fondle my tits.  The way he stared at my bared breasts

Truth or dare 03

such a slut," she whispered after a while as she continued fiddling her clit as I rammed my cock inside her asshole. "I'm not turning you hon. You were born a slut, I'm just showing that to you," I teased her as I felt the familiar tinkling feeling in my balls again. "I'm going to coat your asshole with my cum," I informed her as I felt my cum

The Professors Daughter– Part II

hottest body you have ever seen. One rule in life is, if you want to avoid temptation then do not invite a temptress to stay in your guesthouse. Continued….. After our kiss at the end of the party I tried to keep my space over the next few days to let my raging hormones, if not hers, calm down. Stephanie’s smile with her gleaming white teeth, her

In the Sauna and the Pool

edge of the pool, and watched her. Once again, there weren’t too many other people around. I was in my bikini, but as she noticed me standing there, she stopped mid lap and treaded the water for a minute.‘Don’t be shy, let the people see those sexy titties,’ Amy said.‘Okay,’ I replied in a soft voice.I just stripped and threw my bikini towards a

The Pool Man

you will pick up the tab, Bill. Have I made myself clear? It is going to cost you $500.00 a week in cash."Emily was smiling from ear to ear. "Yes Thomas," she replied. "I am available whenever and wherever you wish.""Don't get too cocky slut - you aren't getting out of this clean either. You are now my slave and I will do what I want, when I

Webmeets Diary Ch. 03

behind and began fucking me hard, his thighs slapping against my buttocks. Watching the video afterwards I can see his big arse pounding away, with just my stocking covered legs visible, accompanied by the sound of my moaning and crying out as I got really into it, feeling like a real slut. This wasn't just playing a role, it felt fantastic have

Me and Mr. Bill! Part 1 & 2

of his sperm dribbled from my mouth and down my chin. In looked up into his eyes and could still see his lust for me had only been heightened as he looked down at the gobs of cum dripping from my chin! He scooped his cum onto his fingers and held them to my lips and I greedily licked them clean. I then licked the remaining cum off his cock,

My Best Friend’s Older Sister (Part 2)

up her motions, running my mouth down to her pelvic bone for more than ten minutes. Her grunting and pumping started getting even more vigorous and I knew she was getting close. “Get ready to drink my cum, Sweetie.” She said between her jagged breaths and I mumbled back my willingness to accept her liquid gift. She jammed my face hard against her

Alan Ch. 25

of having a lesbian right across the hall disgusted her. What was worse was that she had actually witnessed it. She had heard a quiet rumor that Scarlet was gay, and so she had mostly tried to avoid being near her when she could avoid it, and she made it her business never to be alone with the damned dyke. She liked Kate, admired her really. Kate


down his dick.Angela knew in her mind that her mate had a lot of backed up cum saved in his baby pods for her,in evidence when her wet lips and mouth felt the large load in his nuts as she suckled on them hungrily.The thing was that the first load needed to be just right in temperature,health and size.A first load of backed up cum was no good for


and four bottles of sake when Amanda finally addressed the elephant in the room. “So, are you still seeing that girl Renee?”“Quite a lot actually.” I smiled, continuing my theme of 100% honesty.“Oh!” she sat quietly for a moment and poured herself another glass. “Did you sleep with her?”“I did sleep with her, yes.” I paused to savor Amanda’s

A fantasy shared..

Michael who turned out to be my friend, my lover and my teacher. We would meet at every opportunity and although I had had a number of lovers in the past, he taught me everything I know. I had never had a lover like him before. Fifteen years older than me he was a skilled and patient lover, nothing like the eager boys my own age. His main aim was

Mai, the girl of my dreams

to university I began expirementing with homosexuality and liked it, but still had girls too, so I worked out I was bi-sexual. I even put an ad in the local paper and met and hooked up with a lady boy near school.When I told her all this she looked so relieved and she knelt down and pulled my shorts off “then lets get to it” she purred as she

A Man who knows what He Wants

from his lips."You are about to be amazed at how sensual pain can be. You are going to be licked, slapped, teased, pinched, spanked, and fucked until you can't take it anymore. Don't worry, though. After our session is over I promise to take good care of you. When you leave to go back home tomorrow, you'll miss me and want me, but most of all

Fallen Angel - Caning

The next few all land on my ass, making me scream loudly and causing my ass to start burning and throbbing. "Sir, please…God it hurts so much!!!" You stop. "You want me to stop hitting your ass for a minute?""Yes, just for a minute Sir" I snivel."Alright then", You reply, and You kick my legs even further apart. "Don't move", You remind me

Chasing Away the Numb

view of her pussy and asshole. It’s hard to say what makes a pussy particularly pretty. It’s not as if any pussy is ever actually ugly. Still, hers was pink and perfect, with delicate, coral-shaded lips, open and visibly wet. Her rosette was also a distraction; it was very easy to imagine my cockhead invading her ass for the first time. In the

Susan is Complete

where I could see her reinforced band of the pantyhose, clicking her heels on and off twisting her ankles around flirtatious like. As this continued and my life as a boy who couldn’t play sports or have and boy like coordination progressed, I start wishing that I was a girl and day dreaming what it would be like wearing short skirts, pantyhose

The Black Banana

jeans. Leaning back over toward me, you unzip my jeans and pull my dick out. Grabbing it in one hand you slowly lick the head clean with your tongue. Sitting up you stuff my dick back into my pants and you start to get dressed again.Parking downtown, we walk over to the Black Banana Club. This club is somewhat known for its eccentricities and

Jessica's Number - Part 1 of 4

cities, this was food a life source. Without cows, pigs and chickens, new meat sources had to be found.Goats, horses, deer, and other forms of livestock were tried, but it wasn't the same as a good suckling pig. Females were at the time, used only to satisfy male sexual needs, not for reproduction of course but men still had sexual needs to have

Twist Of The Knife! ch 7. Part Un.

thinking about it. So what if she gets her brains fucked out by a couple of guys. You know how much she loves you, and she would never leave you. So don’t be a little bitch, it’s just sex!’Ignoring him, I looked closer and saw her wedding ring, but still wasn’t sure who I was dealing with. She was obviously not Nurse Betty or Mistress Z and was

The Innocent Audience

soon.” With that I knelt on the floor behind her and started stroking the backs of her legs from her ankles to her knees. Her bottom started to slowly squirm and she pressed herself against the wall more firmly.My hands explored further pushing up the short skirt and exposing her round backside covered by her sexy Edwardian panties. I

Kevin’s Dream Girls Chapter 4

be back in one week an she is not as good as you are Kristy.” Dennis opened the door for Kristy before driving her home. When Dennis got in Kristy said, “Being at that house this morning I wanted to thank you again.” “I remember fully expecting to feel that axe passing through my neck and everything going to black when you shot that guy saving

The First Time...Part 1

wasn’t at all surprising when my husband asked me if I had ever thought of having sex with another man, I became furious. I took his question as a challenge to my fidelity, which was impeccable in our three years of marriage.“Why would you ask me a question like that?” I snapped back angrily, turning away from him as we lay in bed. “You know I

An Afternoon With Bill

This upsets me so much.” I take the paddle and spank his ass three times. Wallop, Wallop, Wallop! “I’m sorry Mistress. I won't ever do that again.” “Don’t lie to me. You're not a good boy. I just spanked you three times. Now I will spank you three more times for lying to me. Wallop, Wallop, Wallop!” I then spanked him three more times with


high but either way if felt as if every muscle responded to his cum simultaneously. She felt hot and yet she shivered, she felt lust and yet fatigue consumed each limb. As her eyes finally opened and locked open on his she knew that this was trouble. She’d allowed him to control her and now she didn’t know if she’d ever be able to take it back.

Principal Price Chapter 2

I asked her to stop covering her pussy so that I could enjoy the view before me and she did follow me with her cute face contorted in dismay. I could not care less, I knew she would follow what I said simply because I still had the recording of her masturbating in the locker room. I then slowly and clearly instructed her on what to do. She bit

midnight slave

off of me. He bent down and started lick my pussy. I started to moan. It felt so good. The man said"your still a virgin aren't you???" he rubbed my pussy will doing his. I nodded. "Well i can fix that." he smirked. He took off the gag from my mouth. "Please stop sir i don't want to loose it yet." He smacked me"i wil do as i please your my slave

Work sucked that night, until....

of our companies' janitorial staff, and a girl I have had a major fantasy over, walked out and caught a quick glance at me."Oh shit! sorry Damon, I never heard you come in."I laughed and took a long appraisal at this gorgeous 5'7" black-haired, green-eyed beauty with perky tits, and a nice round tight ass."Its okay Liz, out of the entire staff