my sexy s****r..

sl**p…come in my room and i gave u a surprise and then all home were sl**pin ..i’ll quitely go in my s****r room.and when i saw…her iam shocked…she is toatly nude…my mouth is filled up with water..and i said s****r what are you doing…she told me iam wating for me..she told me sunny i knw u love my ass and u want to fuck come iam ready…iam

The Touch Ch. 24

that’s all!’ ‘Jamie, as a man you may not fully understand this, but I am a 37 year old woman, I am on my own, I’ve spent twenty years living in University digs or army accommodation, and I’ve got nothing to show for it … nothing personal that is …no home, no husband, no family … just my career and a lot of unspent salary.’ She paused and

Daddy Discipline

of her."Look at me when I'm speaking to you!" His voice bellows and she flinches.Cautiously she raises her head briefly, catching her breath as she sees the barely controlled rage in his eyes."Your behaviour of late absolutely disgusts me." he begins, walking purposefully from behind his mahogany desk. She wrings her hands, fearful of his

Hotel Tricks

her head to toe. Grabbing her by the hips I rolled her onto me and planted my face right back in her sloppy pussy. Taking my very obvious hint she sucked my know soft cock into her mouth to clean all three of our juices off.I licked her and sucked her clit until she had another orgasm and the cum stopped leaking from her tasty pussy. By now she

The Carnival

were pressing to mine. Her thin night gown did nothing to prevent her stiffened nipples from pressing into my flesh. My cock couldn’t help it as it sprang to life.The tip of my swollen member was throbbing hard against the thin cloth covering Corrine’s furry mound. There was no way she could deny feeling it pulsing against her flesh. We broke our

Emma Ch. 35

the corners of my lips. I love the piss and semen they produce. There’s just nothing I don’t love about cocks.’ Amna was sure that that was true, as she lay back on Fluff’s bed, looking around on the wall at the huge blown-up photographs of all the erect penises, many of them thrusting inside mouths and cunts. She had never seen such a display

Making It Work Ch. 04

but I love you so fucking much.’ I don’t know if he’s aware of what he’s saying. I doubt that he’ll even remember that we had this conversation in the morning. His words are becoming more slurred and his weight is bearing down even harder. I barely make it to his bedroom and undress him before he’s out like a light. I sit with him for about two

How It All Began Ch.07

crowd and the thrusts of two hard cocks taking it in turns to fill her. The excitement at being viewed as such a dirty whore excited Fay immensely. The idea that she was on display to arouse and titillate rumbled through her imagination like a runaway train. It was the pinnacle of her fantasies, a slut with a cock in her arse and cunt on display

Party, Roman Style

He kept fucking into Tulia hard, determined to remain hard if possible. He was still very young and full of life so he was able to stay erect even though it was a close thing. He was ready to take every inch of Cynthia. This time Lillia switched with Tulia and it was Cynthia’s tongue that entered Lillia’s ass hole while Marcus sucked the new

My Cousin and I

the club started to shut down.As we enter the car her dress began to fly up and I couldn't help but stare at her big beautiful thighs she lean her seat back and was feeling drunk. She said,"I'm hungry please stop before I throw up". I stop and got her some to eat while reminding her she gonna spend the night with me at the room. She said ok and

Restrained violation

fingers to my mouth and pushed them inside, the foul, chlorine like smell of his cum entered my nostrils and then permeated my taste buds. He pushed his fingers in and around my mouth, wiping his thick semen everywhere he could, taking pleasure in my obvious disgust. Now, he said as he moved up towards the bed head, Lick that sprog off my cock

Other Colors - Ch. 22 (section 1)

me, “She also told me how anxious he was to see you.” I glared. It was cruel of him to trick me, bordering on spiteful, and I might have told him so, if I hadn’t been so suspicious of his motives. It didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t see why he would manipulate me, just to put me in the same room as Peter. I didn’t see why he would want to put me

Part 3) Within The Lab: A Business Proposal

side from the counter. "She seems very receptive to the various chemicals I've introduced her to.""Well I suppose. Is that what you'd like me to take care of tonight?" Terry settled his bag down and pulled out the chart before looking over it. He gave a sudden snort of laughter. "'Greg'? Your boyfriend giving you trouble again?""Yeah, we broke up

north Indian housewife in 7 days treatment part 5

Pande-ji also came close to me. Me: But, you cannot do this… Pande-ji: Madam, if you try to make a scene, you know very well what I can do. Again that strong voice, which was so f***eful. Me: But please understand that I am married and am not like those what you are thinking. Pande-ji: I know you are not a whore and that’s why I did not take

The Long Road to Paradise

every random crush. There was every model he'd ogled in magazines, every porn star he'd jerked off to, every starlet he'd fantasized about. He saw the wife from his daydream, the girl from Tinder, the girl in the nightclub, the sorority girls, all smiling, all in his favorite outfits, striking his favorite poses, clearly ready to fulfill his

An Evening of Firsts

went in with no issues. Let’s see how well you’ve done your job.” Grasping your side by the head, you start to guide it into you. Laying there, bound up, I can only watch. I notice that your pussy is clearly swollen and wet, and I hope it’s enough. I also realize this was part of your plan; to make me helplessly watch in anxious hope. You start

The Space

perhaps you do.” I say and “I also think that you should tell her” “Even if you say it just the once, put it out there, and then it can never be said that it was not known.” This is a story about un-reciprocated love. Not all stories are happy ones but still stories are there to be told. The Space “I love you baby” he says, except he isn’t

A Horny Housewife Goes To An Adult Theater

kind of sex ever in my life. These ideas really excited me. When I masturbated, I’d fantasize about having a gang-bang. I dreamed of lots of hard sex all kinds of different ways. When my husband would fuck me, I thought about having sex with strange men. I was especially wanting to have sex with a black man. I needed a little excitement in my

Seduced In The Shower

everything that she was now getting, and I had now become a rampant pervert chasing my orgasm through my cock and into her cunt.I had discovered that Emily was just like me.Her carnal words were disgraceful. She was pushing me onwards with the way she debased the sexual act; telling me to fuck her hard and use her like a sex toy for my own

Fear and Anticipation

get use to it. That's just the tip." I whispered into her ear. She can't believe that is just the tip. She feels my cock twitch inside her. I pull back my hips and thrust more of my cock into her. She screams into my hand, the pain is agonizing. Her pussy burns from the pain as I held her in place. I'm determined to stuff my cock into her again.

The Jungle Whore

I die….right in her gorgeous little ass.”Old man put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around. He looked me in the eyes and smiled….believe it or not, the mother-fucker smiled. I could almost read his old mind, saying, “You just fucked your last fuck. That’s my baby and I’m the one who’ll fuck her for the rest of her life. You’re going to die

In da Gheto

arm and led her into the complex of homeless accommodation. There was litter everywhere and she wrinkled her nose at the smell. ‘You people live here?’ she sniffed, looking around the degradation. ‘It’s fucking digusting’. ‘Here’ Mojo grinned nodding at a dirty old mattress. Several springs had burst out and there appeared food, piss and cum

The Cuming Of Mary Part 1

to me ‘Come on over and join in’ I want to suck your cock, then I want you to fuck my cousin Fiona!’. ‘Shit, your cousin, not your girlfriend?’, ‘Yes, we both enjoy chocolate-fucking and sucking each other’s cunt, dirty bitches are we not!’ This made my cock even harder as I approached Fiona’s hot pussy. Mary began moan as I pushed my cock into

A Letter To Xandra #3

praying hands between my thighs. Brushing them easily apart with the backs of her hands, kneeling between them in one fluid move, almost dance-like. She kneels there, hands resting on either thigh. Salma grips my cock firmly in her hand, my head swollen, throbbing, pulsating. Lindsay throws her head back, as if letting out a silent scream,

Generation Game - Part 3

Sarah out of my mind last night, when Sarah broke in and told me that for her it was almost like the last 24 years had vanished in a flash. So, I asked them where that left Suze, and told them that I was in love with both of them. They looked at each other, and said that that was easy. They would share me. And immediately it seemed, as they got


my cock, mixing my come with her own hot juices. Then we collapsed into each other, breathing hard. Being still. Being still. Letting the world redevelop around us. Feeling our breathing and hearts slow and match. I rolled onto my side and held her tight to me, her head between my head and my shoulder, my thigh between hers, knotted together

Having some fun on my BEST FRIENDS COUCH!!

a bitch for dez and his friends

me.... I typed in my address knowing it isn't very far from where they are, and said I'll be waiting. we turned off our computers and I got ready. I put on a bath towel barely covering my cleavage and ass. oh those boys are in for a treat tonight. I'll make sure they don't just fuck me. I'll make sure their first time is very memorable and the

The Cove Ch 1 (Revised)

Now, no one was standing in the cove but me; all of the girls were either seated or laying on their beach towels. While I contemplated my next move, a couple of the girls rolled over from their stomachs onto their backs, exposing their breasts to me as they situated themselves on their towels. Some of them had nearly perfect, even tans over

Cant Get Away

safe and free from all that comes with him. It’s like when he touches me I become a slave to his passion, he’s my master. I get weak as his lips touch my skin. He knows I like when he kisses my neck from the back. It’s like all the anger I may have had just flown out the door and I’m begging for more. I’m begging to fall deep within his abyss of

Mason Surprises Stephanie With An Extra(Revised)

amount of sex they had been having, and loved it more everyday. But now, on their first drought since they started their new methods of play, she longed for her lovers sweet embrace. The touch of his lips against her breast filled her mind. Thinking of the feel of his tip parting the flower petal lips of her pussy drove her wild. She knew that

The Painted Lover

eyes are dark and they understand quickly. I assume they’re brown but I couldn’t be sure. It wasn’t their colour that made them special but the glint in them, the depth and the naughtiness that you can’t hide. Above all it’s the truth that I see, the real undeniable truth, the kind that reveals itself in the dark of night when it’s all there is.

A Hard Days Night

put out. Slim chance, as my recent work schedule had put the brakes on out usually lively sexy life. We’re both in our thirties and we usually fucked at least four or five times a week. We used to be more adventurous, but as we became familiar, we has grown into a routine. Not that it was a horrible thing. We both knew what the other like, so we

You want to go to Jail or you want to go home.

but could he go through with it. He thought about Roxy, at home waiting for him, worried. His shift was over three hours ago. He'd never done anything like this before. “Can you drop me off at work after? I really can't afford to lose my job.” Swain glanced at the puffy outline of Pudding's juice box and noticed a nickel sized wet


I could not say no because I was really enjoying it she bended forward so she could take my prick in her mouth, one could tell she was not comfortable in this area, she was use to do it to please her husband but not to get any joy out if, she didn't know she could, at first as she grab it, at the same time as she was putting it in her mouth a

A Peasant Girl - Chaper 11

father kept track of her cycle, and when the week before her bleeding came, Anna was horrified to learn that her father would be staying home all week. "No time to lose," he laughed that first morning, pulling her up onto his bed and spreadeagling her. "Are you ready, little mother," he said, looking down at her naked body with a grin. Then he

Sister Sleeping

hand. "Point it up, Jase, tip it upwards. OOOH, just like that. That's really...unggh, unngggh, UNGGH, UUUNNGGHH, Ewwww, oooh." As if triggered by Julie's orgasm, I suddenly spurt a burst of cum up in the air. "Oh, Julie, oh, that was great. I'm just wiped out.""Well, maybe your dick will be happy for a while. We should sleep well tonight. This

Part 31: Love and Lies

got in the door before I collapsed crying into his arms.“I… I… I’ve only been here for a couple days and 4 of my roommates already hate me. I don’t know anyone else so this is the only place I could think of to go and I…” “Shh…” he said as he put a finger to my lips to silence me. “I’m glad you came to me. What did you guys fight

The Celebration of Woman and her Techniques in Bed

it would be mine. I paid for the meal, and she ran into my car. I jumped in, and she started to kiss me, all over the place. I reminded her it would be at my place, not in my car.She calmed, but kept me alert with her constant self-arousal. I drove aggressively, and we ended up at my place in three minutes. She grabbed my arm and ran up the

Anything for You Ch. 06

my stinging fingers into it? Unfortunately, it probably would. 

 ‘You’re having second thoughts about working for me.’ Releasing a sigh, I perched on the edge of the bed beside him and watched as he rummaged through the drawer. ‘Well… Not exactly,’ I began tentatively. ‘Marco, you have to know I’d love to work for you. And it’s wonderful of you

My ex and his brother

turned my head to face him and he kissed my lips. It was like there was electricity flowing between us. I turned my body to face his and pushed myself against him. He grabbed me by the ass and pushed me against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waste. I reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His hard cock sprang out. Fuck this

The First Weekend in August (Part 2): Scott and Susie and Carl and Cathy and One Motel Room

pulled back the blanket, and slipped out of her panties. I removed my boxers at the same time, because I knew what she was going to do... her favorite sexual position.She straddled me and then very carefully, because we could barely see one another, lowered her wet pussy onto my cock.“I love having your hard cock deep inside me,” she said. Not

Baby's Milk

and looked back down at my flower. Her lips parted in a sigh and my thoughts instantly became lewd. I imagined parting her lips farther, filling them with my- 
The phone pinged again. 
“the pill & galactagogues. Tell me if you change your mind. I’ll pay triple.”
What the fuck was galactagogues? and triple? $300 for a jar of milk? was he insane?

Maddie - Part 3

her hands over his chest, feeling the defined and toned lines of his body. Her hand began to snake its way down his stomach before coming to rest on his softened cock. “Because of,” giving it a gentle squeeze before running her finger tips up and down it, feeling his length start to grow under her fingers, “this.” “Mmmm, but before you take this


sped up my fingering and flicked her clit once more. She screamed, her pussy juice spraying everywhere. I grinned, looking up at her. “A squirter?”She looked away, obviously embarrassed. “Yeah, I should have- ““That’s really hot.” I lay beside her, also exhausted now. I looked sideways at her. “Hey, hasn’t anyone ever done that for you?“Lacey

Ralph Genessa is just too sexy.

Ive discovered when I was roamning around the park. I had no jacket, as I came to the park in the afternoon when it was sunny and warm. I was planning to make a bonfire with my friends, but they ditched me. So I just made the bonfire for myself. I got my flashlight out from my bag, flicked the switch and began searching for twings and stones to

The "Fucking" Job - Assignment 2

off my cock I leaned forward grasping his hips and just slammed the rest of my cock up his ass. He bucked wildly but then figured out it was less painful to just lie still. That maneuver left me flat up against the back of his legs. Chloe’s wonderful tits were protruding from between Chuck’s legs and her rock hard nipples were pressing into my

The punishment of a security officer PT 1

to make sure to get the same area of my ass and thighs I couldn't hold back anymore the pain was mindbllowing tears started running down my face she noticed this and stopped at stroke 40 and said don't think that's going to work you fuckIng liar!! She started back up only this time wih a feriousity equal to a caged tiger my ass was glowing red

My dream guy became my lover.

" matt i just wanted to let you know that im Bi-sexual" i was so happy i could of been jumping up and down but i just said " Oh my god thats so sweet Justin". i could tell he was really happy because when he lent over to give me a hug i could feel his hard on throbbing against my thigh. i looked down and said " you must be really happy to tell me

Taken (Chapter One): Dasha

head was hanging lower than the rest of her, and her naked vagina was level with his crotch. Then he unzipped his pants to reveal an extremely large hard cock. Without preparation, he shoved himself into her tiny pussy. Her body was on fire, it felt like she was being ripped in half. He trust in and out hard and fast. Within a minute he came into

Daddy Must Breed Her

children. Once that idea entered my brain, it was a thought I couldn't shake, but where would I find a woman willing to go along with that? It was during one of these thought sessions that Katie decided it would be fun to run around the house naked. I couldn't help but laugh at her antics. I was still laughing when she suddenly stopped and

Unforeseen Circumstances: Part Four

in the door. "Hi stranger! Where've you been?"He couldn't tell her the details but said, "It's been hectic around our house. I just couldn't get away.""Well, you didn't get caught up in that scandal with the police and mayor?" and she gave him a knowing smile."Hey, I've been reading about it. Who would have guessed it would be our chief and

My First Time With Another Man

just because i dont know how she would react. but im bisexual more for the sex while ive never been able to picture myself in a relationship with a man ive always imagined what sex would be like with a man or men. so after i could no longer control myself i started to browse craigslist not having much luck finding anything i decided to post an ad

First Time Threesome

slippery pussies. I’m eager to get things heated up further, taking a moment to find the two vibrators we were looking at earlier and within seconds I had the large in my hand, the other quickly finding it’s way to Sarah’s free hand. I lay now on the couch, focused on Rose’s gorgeous pussy that was glistening wet in front of me, just waiting to

Simpsons : Thank God for bingo night

rhythm to his two fingers fucking lisa’s cunt. He sat back up again and took in the glorious sight of lisa in front of him. Lisa writhed on the seat, her hips pumping up and down, pushing her pussy up and down against homer’s hard fingers. The head of homer’s throbbing cock was mere inches away from lisa’s pussy as he stroked his cock harder and

Revenge is best served blonde Prt. 3 Secrets

wore her hair down with collared sweatshirt...” I explained.“Back when we almost broke up, I took a long shower at my place and Sara was convinced I was whacking off wile I was in there.”“Were you?” Ali interrupted.“No, I wasn't, I swear I was just day dreaming. It happens, I space out in the shower. But anyway, I come out and she is sitting in

Shelia and Thomas Ch. 03

a wonderful orgasm. Yes, this was the outfit for tonight. After the fastest shower of her life she put on the outfit. Looking at herself in the full-length mirror she was perhaps too constructive in her opinion but still, felt as sexy as ever. Glancing at her answering machine she saw there was a message. She checked it quickly and smiled when

Our first time pleasure

a tit in each hand, playing with it, touching it, squeezing it, flicking your nipples. I hear you sighing with each touch. I want to lick you again, deep and hard, then lightly, then fast, then hard until your leg trembles and then you want me in your mouth. I’m desperate not to come yet.Then I start to finger you slowly, with two fingers, then

Dream Girl Birth of a Goddess part 5

a fantastic sight. It was neatly trimmed with just a runway of hair up the middle. As she brought her knees up and sat upright I saw the whole undercarriage come into view. She reached down with one hand and with just two fingers she parted her pussy lips and planted her pussy right on my face. I began to lick for all I was worth. My tongue

The Hypogeum Ch. 12-13

to keep a firm grip on a rope. Once he had joined Loki on the roof, he took a moment to shake the fatigue from his arms before he too gave the rope two sharp tugs. Ranulf tied the end of the rope he still held around himself and Alma, and gave it a quick tug. Then when he felt it start to go taut, he used his arms to stay in line with the girder

My mind runs wild sometimes...

inside me as my imagination ran wild. Faster and faster, I fucked my self. The harder and faster I went, the more I wanted him. I finally cried out with my orgasm, but I didn’t stop until I imagined him cumming deep inside me. It was final: I wanted to fuck my teacher. But I knew I couldn’t do it and it made me want him more.The routine continued

Doctor Jeckyle and Horny Hyde

I pulled it out and rammed it in her and she screamed. Then I took my purple dildo and attached it to my strap on belt and fucked her in her ass. As I rammed that cock in her ass, she screamed with passion. I knew then I was giving my wife what she always wants. A cock that didn’t cum in her ass right away. I fucked her good. Both of our tits

The Mountain Cabin

into that kind of treatment and began thrusting up to meet my strokes. I was now in a near constant state of cumming and was struggling to stay quiet. The bed was creaking and I thought for sure that Amy would walk in to see who was fucking her husband any second. I was bouncing and gyrating my hips on his cock as best I could. I was sweating and

Grieving Process, Chapter 1

making everything more awkward than it already was.Then it hit me, what if I had a big erection while wearing my sweatpants and came up behind her to give her a big hug from behind. This was stupid, but I was almost desperate at this time for something to focus on. I was hard already just thinking about it and my time came quicker than I had

Twenty Third Century Sex – Part 2

maybe foursomes and even orgies. Jenny had been viewing some strange entries in the E-sex listings that involved spanking. Melissa wasn’t too sure about that, not yet anyway.At the weekend, Melissa found herself in the library once more. She had hunted down the same book about lesbians and was reading it avidly. No matter how much she knew that

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 01

I gave to aid him in his search. The Island Dove hunts not only offered game but I also used the feathers to make more decoys with sharper protrudes to insure his becoming soft mouthed (Teaches him not to bite down on the bird). Living on the river also offered water to toss the decoys into which was Numchuck’s favorite, swimming. ‘Hey you awake

Down on the Farm Ch. 01

so. Went to a camp my last year in high school and we went riding every day. Had to saddle and care for the horses.’ ‘Let’s see you do it. There’s the saddle and there’s the bridle.’ I found the hand brush giving Ginger a quick once-over. The blanket was beside the saddle and I snatched it, shaking the dust out before positioning it on her back.

Of Schemes and Things: An Epilogue

this how it felt to be in love? Renee didn’t know. An unapologetic ‘party girl’, she had been after ‘nice guy’ Jerry all summer, but mainly for his family’s money and status. Rowdy had always been her favorite playmate, and she hadn’t planned to give him up even if she did hook Jerry. But then came last night.Jerry had been so worn-out from his

The slut sister

Zach went off to chat with some of his mates. I was left alone and wandered about as most people were foreign to me. I took a drink from a waitress and decided to tour the place. Some of the people were making out and some girls were topless with the boobs bouncing as they danced. I spotted one cute blonde and went up to chat with her. We chatted

Educating Penny Ch. 02

and assure your understanding of what’s required. Three strikes will terminate our training session this week and require a detailed review and reconsideration of any further training sessions.’ He paused, and she remained silent. Her potential was remarkable. ‘Do you understand these conditions, Penny?’ She replied quietly ‘Yes, Sir.’ ‘Will

Another Changed Life Ch. 02

night of my life. It wasn’t just sex, it was making love, and then I was stupid enough not to tell her that and worse still, let her give me the brush off. I need to know how to fix it.’ Mark let out a long sigh. Afterwards he was silent for what felt like forever, but was probably only a minute. ‘You have to tell her. It might take time to

Its going, going, GONE! Homerun!

tight pants, with tall athletic tan bodies. Not a single one of the players are ugly on my brothers team but one player stood out to me. Like any other normal hot day I wore tiny tight shorts and a tank top, hoping to get a little color early this year. I was sitting in my chair relaxing watching the game when I noticed one of the players was

An Adventure in Turkey

the young lady to eat left in it the old man took his spoon and dipped something out from the bottom of the bowl, put it in his mouth and tried to chew whatever it was and then swallowed it. He indicated that I should do the same. I dipped something out, what I know not, put it in my mouth and tried to chew it. It had looked like some sort of


him as she passed by, bending forward to show off her cleavage, and complimenting him on his strong build (when what she meant was his powerful legs and tight ass). She was sure that he felt the same way about her, as evidenced by his obvious erection during her latest flirtation. Unfortunately, along with her desire, the noblewoman felt guilt

Georgia on My Mind

she pistoned her fingers in and out of her pussy. She imagined Georgia’s fingers in her hair, drawing her down to Georgia’s pendulous breasts to suckle helplessly at them. ‘It’s going to feel so good,’ she imagined Georgia moaning. ‘I’m going to make you feel so good, Leigh, you won’t be able to resist it. You’re going to get so hot every time

Canoe Trip

I did not notice it at first until saw all their eyes locked on it. Then one of them said that I seemed to be enjoying this and they rocked my canoe a little more. Still more water splashed in, but I managed to keep dry. I quickly looked around and saw they all had their hard cocks poking out of their shorts. It dawned on me that it looked like I

The Cuckolds Reward – Alistairs Story – Part I

and picked up his mobile. It was from Julie: ‘Arrived okay. Abdul here to meet me. Off to the apartment now. Will email later. Luv Julie xxx.’ He breathed a sigh of relief. At least his wife had arrived safe and well. He reached over for his glass and took it across to the drinks cabinet so that he could refill it. He had worried about her

You can learn a lot in college

beds, two dressers and a desk. The larger multi-use room had another desk two chairs, a cooking and eating area with a small round table and two chairs. It was ideally located close to the campus. The girls liked each other. The roommates became friends. They went home for Thanksgiving break. On the way back to school in Gail’s minivan, Wendi

Another Date With Archie

out, slowly at first, then it began to speed up. I’d draped my manacled hands over his neck and wrapped my legs around him, my ankles crossed.“Give it to me George, hard as you can, tear it up,” I whispered in his ear.He took me at my word and began thrusting furiously; long, hard, fast strokes. It was what I wanted. Remember, in addition to

Baby Bump

share it. She let out some moans as our tongues mixed the milk and pushed it down each others throats. Then we just sat there naked next to each other on the sofa. "Are you sure you can't fuck me?" I asked hopefully. "No, it would be to wrong, I'm sorry." The same thinking face as earlier spread across her face and she said, "But maybe I don't

when i was alone

it got bigger it stretched the wall of my cunt and I was in pain again. His dick was now stuck in my pussy and I started to worry. All of a sudden I felt a warm jet of fluid sprayed in me. At this point I realized the Max was cumin. Max drove me over the edge and I had the best orgasm in my life. It seemed forever Max was shooting his cum in me.

The Game - Part 1

A public place like this is safe and it’s not like the Crowne Plaza is exactly a dump. A bit nicer than the average business class hotel, lots of rooms and floors and a fairly newly renovated place. The bar and lounge is actually pretty nice, being converted from an older 50’s style restaurant into a warm, cozier ‘after work’ wind down sort of

Dog Walking Ch. 02

***** As I left that night, I heard Steph’s voice floating through the window. ‘Mum, you look well fucked. Was he as good as you hoped?’ ‘Honey, he was better. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, and I hope you find a man as wonderful as him.’ I was both shocked and walking on air. Little did I know how often those two feelings would repeat

Vanessas Island – Chapter Eleven

lips. ‘Isn’t this bliss?’ she sighed. ‘I love bathing you,’ I said, ‘but I can’t wait to dress you too. I love the feeling of looking after all of your body’s needs.’ ‘All of my body’s needs?’ laughed Vanessa. ‘Next you’ll be wanting to wipe my arse for me after I take a shit. Hey, I felt your cock twitch. Don’t tell me that thought turns you


was around the corner. "So what did you really want to talk about?" she asked me curiously. "I know there is something." "Can't a girl just want to spend time with her sister?" I asked giving her an innocent smile, causing her to laugh. "Nope," she laughed, "So spill. What's going on?" "I don't know how to talk about this," I informed her,

Peggy & I Ch. 02

wants Peg and Al to teach her to be a sensitive lover, using Peggy as her lover under Alex’s instruction. Peggy sent Sara to bed, and is going to discuss options with Alex. ***** I poured two scotches and joined Peg at the kitchen table. ‘Peg,’ I said, ‘your cousin is a mess. She knows how devoted we are to each other, and what she asked for

While cruising for cock at the ABS, I saw my brother

with small dicks, thisguy came like a fire hose! It didn’t have that muchplumbing to squeeze through, and the first shot coatedthe back of my throat! Small cock, but a huge load, andI swallowed it all down. He pulled up his pants and left, but another guystepped into the both as soon as it was empty. Hecoughed, and I knew it was TOM! I stayed

Commercial Company

smiles, as she fluffs her bush. ‘A lot of guys liked it.’ ‘Me too, it looks nice.’ ‘Thanks!’ as she kneels between my legs, and lies down beside of me. ‘Shhhhh… listen… hear the rain?’ The rain is pouring down even harder, and making pitter-patter noises as it hits the roof of the sleeper. A relaxing, comforting, almost romantic sound. I grab a

Praise the Lord

he laid down. He was reluctant to reprimand them, but knew he had to somehow, and wanted to try and do so wisely and quietly, not wanting people to think he was looking too much at the young church girls. Then it came to him to do so, as an example, with Kelsey. Plus he would have the support of her mother (Becky) who was on the trip. He called

My Girlfriend's Payback PT 2

withdrew my dick completely out of Lauren, causing her to moan a little. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart so her puckered hole was looking at me. I bent over and spit onto it, my spit hitting it and running down to her pussy. I spit one more time, then knelt back up, I grabbed my dick and started rubbing the head of my dick into my

A Cut Above the Rest

site. Some girl was bent over picking up her stuff from the floor, I couldn't see her face, but I could sure see her butt. She was wearing those skin- tight pants (leggings?) all the girls in my school wear now. Her butt wasn't too big, but it was nice and round and looked firm from where I was sitting. Without a warning she darted back up and

Hunting the hunters Ch1

tried it before, so I got it a shot." the vampires continued, approaching her lips to his face, her gaze fixed on his. "I found some idiot with more balls than brain, just like you. I had them tied to a bed, just like you. I mounted them, just like I am doing with you" she teased, positioning her trimmed pussy just on his cock "And I rode them.

Finding Tammy

clearly wanted it. He pulled his trousers up and smoothed himself down watching Tammy just lay there on the bed his cum leaking from her.He moved Tammy to a seated position and leaned in to her and kissed her full on the lips. When he broke the kiss he told her.“Tell your dad to give you the money he owes you and that you will bring it over to

Orion’s Dog

he was lonely. He had mentioned something earlier about needing to get out of the house more, hadn’t he? He kept chuckling to himself, more out of embarrassment than actual amusement. I reminded him of the time and that the dog still needed to be walked. I saw them to the door. The dog was panting, running around in his new sweater, already


cast dancing shadows across the generous curves of her breasts. Her chest appeared airbrushed with a dusting of coral-coloured paint. Her cheeks reddened as she undid the catch at the waistband of her shorts.I sipped again as I watched her. As I was starting to harden, I adjusted myself in my jeans. A little smile curled at the corners of her

My Sex Diary Part 3: Learning New Things

like, what would it taste like.Will I enjoy having sex with a guy, as much as enjoyed doing it with a girl? Well the only guys around here were Mr. Showerhead, and Mr. Vibrator. You now what? They were both quite skilled. After I was done with them (second orgasm this day, and it wasn't even ten yet ), I smiled and whispered, "Thank you guys,

The Penis Problem - Pt. 02

went on for a few minutes, Alex trying to stick his cock inside me. He grew frustrated and began grunting. Finally, I intervened and took hold of his member. I caressed the tip of his cock and was pleased to find that his foreskin was fully retracted and snagged behind the rim of the glans, leaving the sensitive mushroom head fully exposed.I

Autumn In Arcadia

was born to be the immortal Pan. But I had my own home in a mountain glen where the nymphs would gather to talk and play with me. Oh, Pan, god of the earth.My pipes will praise your life,And all your gifts give birthTo Gaea's world so rife.I was like a lusty piece of meat to the Dryads, and Naiads, and Nereids, and all the other kinds of nymphs.

TSINF 8.4 - The Deal 4

Monika, she thrust her tongue inside Monika’s pussy. As soon as Steph’s tongue touched the inner makings of Monika’s pussy, Monika let out a long moan. Steph was surprised to find that Monika’s pussy tasted like strawberries. It was like Monika had put some type of edible oil or gel along her pussy to make it taste better. That was nice of her to

Pushing the limits

at my outfit.Tonight I’m kitty.So let me tell you what I look like today. I’m wearing a black camisole, the kind that you would wear a sweater over top. But I’m not wearing anything over it. My boobs are pushed together. The shirt is dangerously low, revealing nice cleavage. I’m wearing a really short black skirt, stockings and heels. You can see

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, Ch.09

you want to go on the campout with us?” Jen’s question was casually delivered, but she knew it carried baggage. The plan intended a weekend event next month, and Greg and Amy both had accepted an invitation to come. The baggage, though… it didn’t have any weight to it anymore. The garbage had been buried, the rest was simply shared history. “I’d

Lesbian Experience

stomach and the tingling lips and it was a long, lingering, passionate kiss with her hands holding my head. I had never been kissed like that before and we seemed to do it for 5-10minutes or so by which time I was experiencing a nice sensation between my legs!   Eventually she stepped back and told me to undress and I remember just gazing at

Amanda's first time, for everything! PART2

pulling her against my stiffening cock. I ran my hands up her sides to her face and pulled her down for a kiss, her lips tasted so good, even though she was bruised from earlier. I moved down her neck to her collarbone kissing her slowly lower and lower, i reached up and pulled her top over her head, showiing off her tiny, round tits. I gently

Masked Seduction - Part 3

me gently backward into his firm form, his lips once more connecting with my throat. I feel my nipples harden to stiff, sensitive peaks in the cool air of the room, and they ache as his hands come up to cup my breasts, his teeth scraping over my neck softly, making me hiss through gritted teeth before breathing deeply once more. "Good girl,

Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 11 - Brenda's Mom (REVISED)

time. She may want to see you, and she may not. Promise us though, that if she does not, that you will not come back here again, we do not need her in any more mental anguish after what happened to her." Gary told her"I really hope she does want to see me again, I have been wanting her back in my life for so long. I have never recovered from

Preludes Ch. 11: Rumor Has It

opened and the rushing hiss of running water in the sink followed. Less than a minute later the sweet sound of the door opening and closing gave way to the even sweeter sound of pure silence. Blake didn’t cease his friendliness with Rachel’s boobs, but he did wink at her and indicate his eagerness to proceed with a nod of his head. Rachel licked

Edna Mayfield (heavily revised)

stood guard over the private spaces of Senator Stanton Mayfield’s personal library. The Senator’s private papers — and the less tangible accoutrement of 12 years in the senate — were so guarded. The Mayfield girl’s rooms remained ready to deploy on a moments notice, waiting for their return, yet they too remained under guard. Linen covers now

Jenny and the wrecker (conclusion)

remind me to be faithful and to tell me how happy she was and how much she missed me, then one day she didn’t call so I tried to call her but got no reply just her voice mail, the next few days it were just the same, still no contact, then I saw our local paper that had the story on the front page telling of the vehicle accident that had taken

Homecoming Present

really want to be added as as a fuck buddy? “I’ll fuck you when I’m not seeing somebody. But if I’m dating some guy, well, I need to stay faithful to him…and only fuck girls,” she said dead seriously before laughing hard after she added the last part. Pete and I looked at her incredulously then at each other before looking back at her again and

WebCam Mom

push on the back of his head as he continued to lick in this new spot. He realized from the force of her hands and hips coupled with the sound she was making that he was doing it right now. He continued to lick up and down in that spot in each time he touched the one protruding portion of her vagina she seemed to twitch. She stopped him for a

The Mages Guild Intercourse Clinic

at least five jets of my cum into the air. I lay still panting for a while, then she pulled out the dildo and started to clean up. She cleaned and packed away all of the equipment that she had used. Then she conjured some soap and warm water and cleaned me. Finally she cleaned up all of my cum, removed and packed away my gag and unlocked my

Dangerous Affairs Ch. 04

the smirk on his face. ******** ‘You will come to me, Leigh.’ he was becoming hard just thinking about it. The door of her house opening pulled him back from his thoughts. But what he saw then infuriated him. The men were leaving, and one of them held back, turned back to the door where Leigh was standing and cupped her face, brushing her cheek

The adventures of Tom & Matt pt2

on the bed and Tom took the spot between her legs once again eating her pussy as Matt and Alice took turns fucking his ass even both at the same time. Sara cummed in Tom’s mouth giving him a chance to taste her cum from the source. Alice moved Tom to the floor at the end of the bed so that he was on his shoulders with his knees by his head. His

Twelve Hearts Ch. 3

by that? Cora stood there, looking up into his angry eyes. -Got something against black people? asked Hermes. Think you’re better than me? He unfolded the laptop and held the screen in front of Cora’s face. She looked at the redhead giving her black lover a blowjob. -So what’s all this? said Hermes. You like ‘slumming it’? Cora backed away from

The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles 11: Sally, The Gift

identical to the one back home, and I could name each of the local Governmental buildings. That one was the Department of Education because of the L shape the building had, and that one belonged to the Department of Justice because of the statue of Chasity before steps that led up to a large, glass entrance. We entered a residential neighborhood.

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 39 - Calendar Completed

done it anyway. Not wanting to waste such an opportunity, Karkaroff pulled out his tiny three inch hard cock and began furiously stroking it at the side of her pretty face. If she thought she could get away with sneaking onto his ship and reading through his valuable books of dark magic, she had another thing coming, and that other thing would


mind. If I am being honest this was not my first time. I had my share of lovers while away at college. I know to some people the thought of having sex with a f****y member would be out of bounds. However for me in that moments there was nothing more important to me then to put a smile on my dad’s face, and there was only one way for that to

Star Struck in Cabo

always been gorgeous. His dark, thick, jet black hair was worn pushed back from his tan, beautiful face. His eyes were a deep blue and when you looked into them, it was like staring into the dark sky at night, vast and full of wonders. He was 6’1’’ and his tall body always looked amazing in the tight V-necks he wore that hugged his every sculpted

Guardian Angel Chapter 3

up.At first, Kiyan felt unsure about it, but then thought there was nothing to lose now, after all Seth was there, and according to Fabio, Seth is a really cool guy, so Kiyan took off his jacket, his red t-shirt and stripped down his pants. Nothing left besides the shoes and underwear. Hunter continued:“Everything, Kay.”“Huh… O-okay.” Said Kiyan

A Summer Lover

know, when I’m feeling horny and stuff.” Hello! My cock woke up like a soldier at reveille. “Well, you are just plain hot,” I admitted, “you’ve been on my mind too – and not just because of your brazen flirting.” I grinned and leaned towards her, raising my eyebrows. Her body seemed to become almost liquid in its relaxation as she

A Little Stinger

to head home. “Ow! Shit!” I hollered and jumped up so quick that I bumped my head really hard on the car. “Dammit!” I hollered again and nearly cried. I was so pissed off and figured that I had sat on a bee so I frantically searched for the little bugger but to no avail. Steaming, I rushed down the road and headed for home. About five minutes

Centre Parks Threesome

of ‘in heaven’; more so because I knew where Darren’s cock was going to end up. Emma settled over me and made sure I was comfortable before sinking her mouth over my cock. The sound of Emma’s moans vibrated my cock as I saw Darren’s cock enter her; I knew that I wanted to lick his cock as well. He let out a great big sigh as he buried his cock in


to shut you up again.” I did that by kissing her again and again. We kissed for more than half an hour until we heard Lady run into the room. That always meant that Hannah was waking up. I kissed Amy again then pushed myself out of bed to walk down to what had once been my home office, but was now home to my youngest daughter. She was there

From the Ashes: CATU Book 6 Ch. 18

turns and says, ‘Hold a second sir. Director Rodriquez is asking where the authorization is coming from.’ The aide turns around abruptly with a flash of anger. ‘Intel straight from Director Nichols points to the president being compromised and I’m sure once the president is notified he would like the extra detail.’ The aide doesn’t realize he is

The Taboo Family Files: Chapter 2

respect." Her left hand tickled my balls a bit while the other stroked my pecker. My lips went into my mouth and I leaned my head back a little bit. 'Oh, this is wrong, but do I stop her?' After emotionally conflicting moment, her head leaned onto my right shoulder. "Do you like what I'm doing, Ted? Do you like my soft hands?" "Yes and yes," I

her best friend Carolyn 4

on the couch lightly rubbing each other’s arms and backs with a glazed look in their eyes. I was standing in the middle of all of them, my cock tingling from all of the action I had over the last two hours, and I was feeling the best I think I ever had in my life.“I don’t know about you girls, but I am ready for bed. Why don’t we all go up and

I turned my girlfriend into my slave

course I will!""Well, ok?"I waste no time in covering my dick in lube and positioning myself. I push forward and ease my way in, to a loud gasp from Michelle. I ignore it and push the rest of the way in. This causes a whimper from Michelle, who begins to give me a pleading look."Mike, it's too much, you'll have to stop!""Just give it a few

Quartet: Eleanor Ch. 05

and put the house up for sale. I’ll probably sell it furnished and just keep a few things with my clothes. I can always put stuff in storage until I’m settled. I don’t expect it’ll take very long.’ Once Steve had made his decision, there seemed to be little point in continuing their tour and they headed back to Walnut Creek the next morning.

Free Clothes

if you find someone purging some clothes, you have to check it out. And that’s exactly what happened. I was bored, AGAIN, and looking for a partner in crime. The wife was out of town on business and I had nothing to do. As I scrolled through the craigslist ads trying to weed out the fakes, weirdoes, and creeps, I would drop several messages that

My reawakening - The Final Frontier

so I opened it on my phone and got horny and hard watching her masturbate for me. I lay down on the bed and spread my legs, applying plenty of lube before pressing the tip of the vibe against my tight hole. I poked and prodded against the wishes of my sphincter, trying to push the toy inside, but, as much as I wanted to do this, it just wasn't

Maude/Madeleine Part 4

into her cunny and curling it as Mistress Pickles had taught me. How, at that moment, I longed to feel a similar intrusion but I concentrated on her and was rewarded with a sudden tightening of her grasp on my hair and a sudden lifting of her hips as she reached what was to be the first of a number of climaxes that evening. Pushing me gently

Short Stories (Edited)

your fingers as I lay back and moan over and over, you lean your head down and start to suck on my clit again pushing me over the edge and causing me to cum over your tongue and fingers. you stand up and lift me back to a sitting position lifting my legs under my knees, I wrap them round u as u take my arms and put them round your neck you lean

He Used To Lick Out My...

on his bed. There, she lay down on her back and spread her legs apart. He was over her in a mere fraction of a second. Their hands roamed their bodies as their lips locked again. He let his left hand find the curls of her neatly trimmed pussy hair. From there, his fingers inched their way down to her clit, where his index gently pressed that

Careful Where You Jog

I screamed out a yes as my rapid breathing continuedYou like Daddy fucking you with his big piece of meat? Don’t you?Ohhhhh yes How muchA lot, Oh god, ohhhDo you want Daddy to stop?Nooooooo, Noooooooooo Oh I’m gonna cum Ya? So is Daddy, you’re tight cunt is making Daddy want to cum inside of you. Do you want to feel daddy shoot a load of his hot

Watching Anna

as she did neither, my mouth went dry and he cupped both her breasts through the dress. If you asked me how I would react if I found myself in this situation, like most men I’d say I’m going to knock him out. But I didn’t. Instead I stood watching as I found myself becoming aroused. Anna loves having her breasts groped, by me only, so I

Surfing then Sex

boyfriend doesn’t share his speedo fetish so Marc had bought him membership to my site to help encourage it while he was away on business. I had never thought of someone buying membership as a gift to someone else but I love it.Marc had to get back to Sydney and asked if we should surf for another hour or maybe go to a quiet spot that he knows

Secrets of the Tea Room Ch. 13

don’t think so … about the only part of you that will be showing is your mouth and chin … I think it will be virtually impossible for anyone to identify you.’ ‘Jackson, I don’t have an escort for the evening, would you like to go with me?’, she was still beaming as she sipped her wine. ‘I’d love to Rose, but I’ve already got several appointments

Afternoon Delight Prt. 1: A Normal Day in Class

was now thumping in a rhythmic pattern and I was really feeling the heat so to speak. I then had a great idea, it was obvious we were all going to be paired up and go to town on each other, so who ever acts first gets their pick of partner. So I, in a change of character, stood up with my dick firmly pointed in the front of my pants over to

Forbidden lust of the indian maid

and turn slightly, I find you mopping still, but there's the freshly torn blouse, exposing large breasts. I look at you, my throat dry, I cant gulp, I squeal your name. oh, and yes you have noticed my penis is hard and my boxers are not there anymore. you're still pretending to mop, when i hover over your face, you look up to my dick, then me. I

In the Arms of the Succubus By Millie Dynamite

midday, he managed to slowly redress himself. The cross and rosary pulled at him, hurting his hip. The clothing clung to him, scratching his flesh. On weak, shaky legs, he stumbled down the alleyway back toward his church.As the days passed, his strength returned. A week later he had buried the entire event deep in his subconscious. One evening,

The Desecration of Emma - Plan B

wrists. She turned her head to regard me over her left shoulder, her eyes feverish.“You can do anything you want to me. Anything.” With a contradictory elegance she circled her desk, then flattened her body across the wooden surface. Her head hung over the edge, only inches from my aching cock. Her inviting lips broke apart in damp promise as she

The Milf Chronicles - Holly Part 2

his cock in long, firm, deliberate strokes, squeezing his cock with her talented pussy as she moved. The kiss became more intense, her tongue dancing with his, as she continued to slide up and down his shaft. She broke the kiss off at last, lifting her head and closing her eyes, her mouth slightly open, her breathing becoming harsher as she

Parisian Surprise - Part Four

more languid, but no less intense. He let go inside her lavishly once again and held her, cherishing her and his luck in finding her. Juliana had been lost in sensation and had a faraway look. She slowly came back to reality and switched gears. “Darling, that was incredible, but we have to clean ourselves up. I have lots of tissues and some


harness, she was free to show affection to whomever she liked. ‘Excuse me, Katherine, could you spare me a minute, I would like to have a quick word with you?’ ‘Yes, Madam, what can I do to help you?’ Katherine had seen the attractive lady speaking to her employer on the balcony earlier and was wondering what the lady could want.’ ‘Would I be

It's official

she likes me, she is way too obvious. She always stares at me during chemistry. It’s kinda creepy, but I didn’t want to be mean because she is really nice.” I took this as a chance to gather information. “So you like her?” I asked quietly. “I think she is cute, but I don’t really want to date her, I like someone else.” I felt kinda bad for her

Surprise Visit

the blankets off me.Let me give you some back story here. I’m Devon, its like Devin except awesomer, I’m 18. About 5’9, long bottle blonde hair that reaches right below my 36a boobs. really pastey complextion and tiny figure. I’m what they call ‘model material’About 4 months ago my parents seperated, my mom and little sister moved here to

Susies Roommates Come Home to a Pleasant Surprise

that lunch with Brit, whenever I wasn’t distracted by her amazing mane of blonde hair, we talked about Susie. I learned Susie wasn’t a virgin, but had only been with two guys up to then. Whenever she was willing to talk with Brit or her two other roommates about sex, she usually left them with the slight idea that she wanted to broaden her

Our Meal Out

harder as I try to mark my territory. It squirts high up the inside of your leg and I see you shuffle as you try to reach down and take some in your fingers. You succeed and playfully place two fingers in your mouth, I watch as you savour the taste of me. My body recoils and I lean forward to try to catch my breath, I'm sure we must have


around it. I began gently nibbling and sucking her, all the while she struggled with my fly. I stopped for a moment, removed my shirt and unbuttoned my pants, looking into her lustful eyes. She kept her fiery gaze on me while she slid her skirt off, revealing a lacy thong. Staring at her nearly nude body, my erection throbbed in my pants. She

A hard ride on a train journey

to share with you one such adventure an encounter on a train traveling though Germany one a hot summer’s night. I had the carriage to my self, and given the sweltering temperature, I had stripped down to my undies to sleep. I managed to sleep for a couple of hours when I was awoken by the some very heavy breathing. Slowly coming too I realised I

Revenge, Blackmail and Domination

could give him a lift to his apartment. He said his car was broke and that a buddy of his had stood him up. Ann felt sorry for the young man and immediately offered him a ride home that night. When they reached his apartment a huge thunderstorm appeared over the horizon with gusty winds and very heavy rain. He told Ann that the weather was much

a day to remember

fucking your ass with the plug. Your hips move up meeting mine thrusting in, suddenly you scream and grab my hips so I can't move. I feel you exploding inside me again and again. You keep cuming for minutes, pumping more and more of you're cum into me. When you are finally done I lift off you, cum running down my thighs, and lie down next to your

Come With Me

With Me Carmen’s vacations were always interesting. Sure, a lot had to do with the fact that she chose nice places to vacation, but selecting a new lover, which was always part of her vacations, usually made them all the more memorable. Whenever she arrived at her holiday destination, she had no idea who that lover would be, and she made a point

Monica – More Than A Cleaner

until she knew the answers to those questions, because there was no way that she was going to have Jeff, or indeed anyone, discipline her. On the other hand, Monica quite liked the idea of disciplining Jeff. She did like him, and if he was looking for someone to discipline him, she joked to herself that she could always add that into the work she

After the Run-Part 2

pillow under your head, and then another under your ass. You spread your legs open, and I could see the inner wet pink pussy, which contrasted nicely with your dark outer pussy lips. The aroma of your recent orgasm was intoxicating. Your eyes, half closed, were begging me to lower my head to your pussy, to give you even more satisfaction. Not yet.

Secrets of the Past

he couldn’t get away and how he missed our time together. Part of me was relieved because I feel guilty seeing him when I’m a married woman, but another part of me had been looking forward to seeing him again. Betty has enough money now and is going to have it done tomorrow. I’m sad for her baby but at the same time I wonder what sort of life it

My vacation in Morocco

them — a 6 feet tall woman with rather long hair wasn’t a sight they see every day. The locals measure at 5 feet 4 or so and women are even shorter. Let’s just say I made a few heads turn.What I also noticed is that I started to arrive later each day. And stay longer. I would take my time eating and watch them move around the restaurant. As most

A Bad Day

I had finished cumming, I made her hold the cum in her mouth for a few seconds before letting her swallow it. When she was done, she smiled up at me and said, "How was that my Master?" "Very good pet, You did well," I told her as I helped her off the bed to stand in front of me. "Thank you, Master," she said, smiling her wonderful sparkling

The Club

in particular caught my eye.  She was nondescript, a mousy sort, somewhat slender but not pristine and older which was exactly what I was looking for.  I chose a corner that was somewhat semi-private that contained a table and chair. I opened my carryon and laid out some of the instruments of choice for this evening. The first was a bulb syringe

Going Dangerous

hard bulge of his cock.I moved to the other nipple and pressed my hand against his hardness, shaping it and rubbing it through his jeans. He groaned and his hips pressed upwards. I could feel the length of him pressed hard against his zipper. I longed to have him out of his jeans, hot and hard against my hand! I slid backwards across the seat and

Looking After My Sisters - Chapter Four

just take the tip into your mouth for now,” he said. I did as he asked. It didn’t really have a taste, but it smelt good. Like I imagined sex would smell like. “Now just move your head up and down a little, and use your tongue on the tip, that’s the most sensitive part.” Again I did what he said and was treated to a low grunt of approval from my

Digimon: Rise and Fall: Chapter 2: Vanity

off her shorts and panties in one violent tear. He gazed at her perfect untouched pussy and smiled.“My you weren’t kidding about never doing this before. Oh I’ve been waiting for a girl like you.”Mimi let out a shallow breath. It was at this time in the porn that the man would lick and finger the woman’s pussy making her feel as good as she made

A Taste of What's To Come Part 4

find a part of you that's super dirty and smells like an earthy spicy ass musk." I was rock-fuckin'-hard.She swallowed and leaned into me. "That's exactly right," she whispered. Her breath was so naughty.I couldn't take it any longer and she knew it. She reached back, fingering her ass, pulling out some of that nastiness and spreading it onto her

Midnight Delight

me onto his back. I snuggle in, his arm around me our bodies locked together. Sleep calls him and he accepts his little death. The soft breeze cools us where we lay, I watch as a shooting start streaks across the black sky. I pray for our lives to be forever spent together in each others willing arms. Contented I fall to slumber, safe here with

Getting Lucky in Kentucky Ch. 04

didn’t head back to the coffee shop after my last class, the way I normally would have, but headed back to my apartment to get things ready for dinner. Our ‘date’ was set for 7:00 PM, so I had a few hours to make sure everything in the apartment was clean and ready. I’m not the neatest guy in the world, but I had cleaned the apartment yesterday,

Just a typical day

the fact that my husband had left for work hours ago. Slipping a silk robe over my naked body, I stumbled to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee into the waiting cup. I smiled as I took my first sip. My husband always leaves it ready with cream and sugar just the way I like it. This morning he had added a splash of rum, perfect for a cold


a bit and kissed me there. His eyes came up to meet mine, and then he pulled them the rest of the way off. Standing just long enough to take off his shorts, and then coming back down to press our bodies back together again. Jason spread my legs, and then push his penis through my lips inch by inch. It hurt at first but then he was all

Wife Surprise!

we were back in high school for a minute or two. After a glass of wine we left holding hands and drove to the theater. On the way to the theater she had told me that she wanted to pick the movie and place. When she told me to go to the dollar theater I thought it was a little weird. I pulled into the parking lot and we started walking in to look

A Christmas Party Tale

This was something she and her husband did, this made me somebody different from her husband and yet somehow the same. Well I was glad I could help. ** At the end of the evening we were both too d***k to drive home so we took one of the rooms the company had reserved and spent the night. My wife already had the room key in her purse and

Dragon Clans Bk. 02 Pt. 00

the past. But this new fear, brought on by actual loss, actual pain… this was fear on steroids. I let it consume me for a time. I almost let it take me. My fear of death palled in comparison to the looming shadow of my fear of living. Aoife saved me that night on my knees, next to the bed Sasha and I had shared. She pressed an unseen pause

A Lifetime of Love Ch. 02

rises above him, taking control. She finishes taking his clothes off, she wants to feel his hard cock in her mouth. She positions herself over him so her pussy is over his face, slowly she lowers her body to his. She licks the tip of his cock, tasting the juice of her love. Her tongue trails down his shaft, to his balls. She licks them and sucks

Strangers in the Night

Spanish moss draped from the boughs of ancient trees, casting shifting shadows, and she questioned once more the intelligence of being here. The silence was broken only by the whispering step of her well-worn sandals on the dirt ground. There was not the usual crowd of joggers and nature wanderers that usually frequented Kat’s favorite running

Horse Apples And A Crackpot-Pt 2

recite aftuurr me. Petuurr pipuurr done picked ayy peck av pickled peppers. Ayy peck av pickled peppers petuurr pipuurr done picked. If petuurr pipuurr done picked ayy peck av pickled peppers, where's thay ...err peck av pickled peppers petuurr pipuurr done picked?"She repeated it without an error and ending it with Amen.""Bend ovuurr ayn' grab

My Best Friends Wifes Daughter 2

seemed to be at work. I went to the door and rang the bell. Ashley answered the door in a pair of thin cotton shorts and a sports bra. She had been working out. She was breathing heavy and sweating. Her puffy nipples were hard, pressing against the fabric. I asked if her parents were home. She said, ‘Dad was at work and mom ran to the neighbor’s

My Box&hellip, (Pt.4)

it into my fuck hole. He admiring how my tight pussy closed around the strawberry only leaving the tip out. He start fucking me with strawberry. You heard oohs, and aahs of pleasure on my end. He flipped me over leaving the strawberry in. He traced a finger around my body. I grabbed it and started to suck on it. He grabbed my neck and started

Naughty Girls – Use Their Native Tongue

pussy while you fuck himEwch ar, ddweud wrtho yr hyn a ddywedais  - Go on, tell him what I saidMwy na Fuck ef, byddwn yn sugno ef babi sych  - More than fuck him, I would suck him dry babyDywedwch wrtho, rydym am iddo ddod yn ôl gyda ni - Tell him, we want him to come back with usNid wyf yn credu bod angen I I - mae'n edrych gaeth - I don't think

Smoke gets in his eyes

was beautiful, with short, dark hair done in a pixie cut. She bent down to take his penis in her hands, but he stopped her. ‘You know what I like’, he said, pointing at the pack of cigarettes on the nightstand. The woman took a cigarette from the pack and put it in her mouth. Her mouth was painted in deep red lipstick, which stained the end of

Momther and daughter

hearing mom in the other room getting fucked. Now, after the fact I do not feel to comfortable with that so I try to put it out of my mind.I shower and lay down in bed, knowing sleep will not find me any time soon. What went on that night just keeps playing in my head over and over. It starts to get me excited again, as much as I don’t want it

The Coming of Two

that you’re good at?’ she asked as she took a sip of wine. ‘Yes, sex as a matter of fact.’ I grinned wickedly. A drop of wine stuck to her lip, she licked it off. ‘Mmmmm, very nice.’ she purred, ‘I was actually hoping you would say that. I’m very attracted to you.’ ‘Oh really?’ I said. ‘I couldn’t tell.’ ‘I know you’re attracted to me too or

From Best Friends to Something More

mean to tell me that after 15 snapchats you were with her and she was topless?” “I’m telling you, man, she has it in for me and has for about 10 years. It was simple.” “Dude, you’re my hero. I wish I could be more like you,” slid out of his mouth layered in so much sarcasm you could taste it, followed by another look that screamed his feelings

What Jehovah Witnessed Part Two

nine, she meets Mrs. Martin and they drive off on their merry way to spread the word of Jehovah.Most of the day Mrs Martin does all the talking,leaving Dawn to her thoughts. By the late afternoon Dawn is convinced that this is a trial of her faith and that Jehovah will see her through it! At four they're back at the Kingdom Hall, Mrs Martin going

Jess, Ch 1: Dorm room surprise

already hard. Jess ran her tongue over them, then continued down Mel's stomach, and stopped to kiss the freckle. "This is by far the cutest part of your whole body." "Stop teasing me, Jess, please," Melanie whispered. "Lick me." "Oh, I haven't started to tease you yet!" Jess skipped her friend's pussy and went down her long smooth legs, kissing

The Biology Experiment

nice on my burning libido. The train shook and then swayed again jostling me and sliding my ass up and down the bar. I felt his fingers against my thigh and almost moved but figured I would wait to see what he does. He did not move his hand and with every shake of the train I pushed my butt cheeks harder into his hand. I looked down at him and

Diaries of Ceres and Taliya -Part two: Taliya- P1

Mistress Julia stepped out of Master’s bedroom into my path.  “Didn’t I tell you to go back to your bed?”  I turned, looking her straight in her eyes. “Yes Mistress, you did, but I don’t wanna get in trouble with the Master.”  He was not a nice man to me.  “I’ll make sure you won’t, okay?  I will take your punishment.  Now, off to bed,” she said,

Two lovers

getting more and more turned on that I moaned just by hearing you unzip your jeans. I heard the material slide down your legs. Then you were pulling my jeans and underwear down my legs. You spread my legs and began kissing my thighs, my breathing quickened and my moans vibrated the gag in my mouth. You're lips were soft and gentle as they kissed

Moving Linda

Then she begins to workup and down , faster and harder. Suddenly I feel her cunt grip me like a vice.“OOOOHHHH FUCK I”M CUMING!!” She shutters and I feel the clenching multipletimes on my cock. That Pushes me over the edge. “ME TOO !!!” I shoot my load deepinto her cunt. She falls forward onto me and says. OH my god thats was great. How

The Plane Crash

“I never thought that this would be so handy!” I exclaimed.After we had made a fire on the beach, it started getting surprisingly cold. I gave her my hoodie, and she snuggled up against me. I was in pure bliss. We started talking about our families, and who we missed. She looked very sad when she talked about her mom. I leaned over and gave her a

The Awakening

and I called out to my husband that I was home. Fred carried my groceries to the kitchen. I followed him checking out his form.As I was putting things away I thanked him for the help. I opened the refrigerator door and as I bent down to put the lettuce in the crisper he came up behind me. For the first time, I felt him on me and was pressed into

Miss Black

could get to why you came here today."She stared at my notebook, unfazed by my questioning."I know your cock is hard, Father Murphy," she said."I know your cock is really hard for me and I love it, it makes me wet.""You know what turns me on most, Father Murphy?"She didn't give me a chance to respond."Is how much you want this."She looked down

The Delaney Girl

starts eventually turned into invitations for Tanner to return when the economy picked up. The breakthrough came one evening when Marlene took him to dinner and one of her girlfriends Tanner had not met previously brought her drink over and sat with them. Delaney was the usual big bust blonde, tall with long legs and small ass and very good

Pleasant Street Ch. 07 Pt. 05

‘There is…something…a-a fantasy…something that’s always…’ she murmured. Then she paused and shook her head. ‘No…you’ll think I’m…I’m perverted.’ Bert pulled her onto his lap. ‘Nothing you could ask me to do would make me think you’re perverted,’ he told her as he gently rubbed her back. ‘Yes…yes you would,’ Carla said. She buried her face in his

Sultry Summer Ch. 12

Dennis asked. He started to caress one of her breasts. ‘We love each other, don’t we? Why can’t we get married if we want to?’ ‘Uh…’ Lois stammered. She found the young man’s caress very distracting. ‘What…what would your parents say? And…uh…well…we, uh, even if we do get married, we…we can’t have children. Don’t you want children?’ ‘I don’t care

An Office Romance

to her few, close, friends who liked her just as she was…and why would she want anything more? Her days were usually long and stressful but knowing that the weekend was coming up made it all worth while. She took a sip of water and continued reading through the last few chapters, she worked for Python Publishing.Her boss had been keen to get this

Hot Tub Hussy

just as easily as she could one. Today she was especially hungry for man-meat, and had invited these two big well-hung examples over for a little snack. Maria had a pretty face as well, with the copper-brown skin tone that was typical of the Latino people, framed by soft, dark brown hair that fell to mid-back length. She had large, soft brown

Death By Fucking Ch. 12

we have to torture you, or are you just going to spit it out?” He was reluctant, I can tell. It was as if he thought we wouldn’t like the answer. But Andrew could never keep anything from us. “Deirdre, do you think I’m insane?” So he wants to play it this way, huh? Okay, I’ll play. “No Andrew, we don’t think you are insane. Does that make you

Kitty: A Girl Named Cat Ch. 02

and raised myself up to nuzzle his nose with mine. He nuzzled me back, let go of my hand and hugged me. I squeezed him gently and could feel some of the nervousness that had built up dissipate. I buried my head into his neck as he whispered into my ear, ‘I have not slept well the last couple of nights.’ ‘Me either,’ I confessed. Utah was touchy

Tennis With The Neighbor

she had the day off. I noticed a tennis racket setting on a chair, off to one side. Pam seemed to anticipate my question. “I was hoping to talk your other half into a game of tennis," Pam remarked. I mentioned that I had been on my college tennis team, but hadn’t played in years, since Marianne, my wife, didn’t like tennis. “We should hook up,

The Kingdom of Sex - Chapter 1

young queen. Adara watches Nicole finger herself while her husband has his cock sucked by another woman.“Yes goddess…suck my husbands cock! Consider it my offering to you.” The queen groans. “I hope his cock pleases you. I want you to enjoy it! I love watching you enjoy it!”As Adara keeps her eyes on the queen she begins to tease her. She

The Brilliance Bomb Ch. 02

admirers to keep him company at night as well – and yet she’d never once heard of Lyla. She propped herself up on an elbow. ‘I see. When did this happen?’ And then, more quietly. ‘Oh no.’ A pause, as he listened. ‘Yes, but of course I will. Somehow… Yes, sir. Goodbye General.’ General? Slack-jawed, and not only from her misguided oral heroics,

Brick And Mortar

glancing out the window, hoping some old lady didn’t come walking by. Craig thought the hair around Brick’s asshole looked like a ring of fire. It was amazing how the hair he had always known as brown came to life in the sun. Brick stood up and turned so he was sideways to the window and Crain. His erection had gone down so he had a half hard-on.

Gardening with Mother In Law part3

could have her anal cherry .                 Oh man, I almost busted a nut  right then or choked on her nipple.  Here was this beautiful, classy woman offering to let me screw her in the ass, I think I said OK before I thought about it.  She said she didn't really know how to go about it except to roll over and let me have at her.

the Teacher rapes 2

ride me so hard and I cum inside her pussy really fast ,-Now ur cock virginity is mine too , she says to me as i see her shakeing.Than she got me a bunny mask and makes me wear it .-U are my bunny , do u wanna know something the end of the book u were reading this was the end, she said to me.She made me sit on the table and writte all what she

She Would Never Know

himself attracted to his sister Chelsea. She was your typical blonde, blue-eyed cheerleader. She was 18 and Daniel was 19. Chelsea’s body was slim and fit, her ass tight, and her breasts were D cup but surprisingly firm. Daniel knew this because he would often sneak his camera into her room, leaving it to record a video for when she came out of

My wife`s revenge (Part one )

only woman in the building. We were a consolidator of freight the largest in the North East used to get kidded by the hundreds of truckers who came in and out every day that how did such a scrawny guy (I was only 5` 5′ tall and weighed about 135 lbs) have such a fox for a wife. In reality it was simple ,no not my money, as much as she just

Is This What Love Feels Like? - Chapter 1

about? My real dad? Take me away? His place? Two months? All these simple questions are rolling in my head as I get a suitcase and start to pack my belongings. I can say that almost all of my belongings are either short or very tight, but it is going to be hot and humid. Staying here in Miami can get the best of you. My bags are at the door and I

Oddball 2

not in this for the sex”The two fell into laughter half-heartedly both too tired to rattle off jokes. Before Darren could respond Jazmyn was asleep. He leaned over and flipped off the light then turned off the T.V.He nuzzled against his Jazmyn and buried himself into the scent of her soft Melon scented hair. Ugh they still have to unpack in the

Meeting a Friend For The First Time(re-post)

on her neck and fingering her she says she wants to fuck again, and she looks down and grabs my hard cock and says looks like you are too.I pick her up and use the wall as support as I slowly fuck her agenst the wall she starts scratching my back again as she says she’s getting close to another orgasm as I push harder and harder with each time


for her, can she just block it out of her mind when she kills someone. Jane gets up calls a girlfriend to see if she wants to go out for a drink or 2, and some fun. They are going to meet up at a club down in the hot part of town around 9 pm, Jane has 5 hours to get ready, maybe soak in the bath, just relax and calm down get back to

it started with my mom 4

and they were proud of it, Allison was into science and Kelly preferred technology, both wore big identical nerd glasses, and I guess both were at least a 38D. My mother came and sat down next to me and handed me my morning coffee, “well let’s see, Em and I will take the master bedroom, and you two can

Hot Fuzz

it back in to the hilt, his huge cock head stimulated my prostate every time it passed by and I started to moan. His rhythm increased as well as the ferocity of his thrusts, and he reached around to jack my dick. I came almost immediately and let loose with a huge load and a low howl. He grunted several times and slammed his hard dick into my

Max and Megan Ch. 04

Jordan walked back over with something in his hands. It was a wad of wet paper towels. He handed them to Max. ‘Here, you have blood all over your face and arms.’ Max looked down. He was right. He set about wiping it off. ‘Did you find out anything?’ ‘No, they are still working on her. She’s flat-lined twice.’ Flat-lined, meaning she’d died

A Walk In The Woods

position, joining Jay and the blonde making it now three women licking, kissing and teasing my throbbing cock. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven as each one took me into their mouths in turn whilst the other two kissed and licked all around, bringing me almost to the point of orgasm and then backing off before I did. I continued to lick and

Horny Little Women Pt10

she gushed.After a moment's respite, craning upwards she gave him a light peck on the jowl before receding and melting into his arms like a child. Nursing a raging hard-on, it was Matthew's turn to crave attention, yet he was to be left disappointed. "I no want rush things, Matthew," she mouthed dreamily, eyes bulging at the sight of the

Voyeuring s****r in law

task. Another view of her labia was presented to me from the side allowing me to make out the full extent of her pink extremely personal genital flesh and the coverage of her pubic hair between her legs. She was not finished yet, she turned her back to me and bent over to get something out of her bag. Her vast ass pointed towards me, her hairy

Locked Inside

key in a special code, which would send current from an emergency battery power supply to an additional set of electromagnets, which would then unlock the doors. The local police would also be called automatically if the power was interrupted and the locks defaulted to their locked state. Emergency lights would come on which were powered by their

BB And Dréa

cum when I stick my throbbing meat into your hole! I just wish I could stay here for ever… Locked in orgasmic bliss… Kissing with our lips and tongues, breathing in unison, you inhaling every time I exhale and vice-versa! We’ll BOTH start cumming at this point! It’ll start out nearly unrecognizably, imperceptably, building up to a crescendo of

Amandas Fantasy

floor, she let the door swing shut behind her before sliding the deadbolt shut with a satisfying ‘clunk’.   The blinds were open enough to allow a sufficient amount of moonlight to shine through the lone meager window in her tiny one bedroom basement suite.   Reaching over, she flipped the light switch on, her brow furrowing in confusion as the

Their Little Stut

especially since the party was at a farm and held by a typically middle- class married couple. It was a fairy tale theme fancy dress party. I decided to go as Little Red Riding Hood, and wore a 50’s style dress with red roses on it with a big red petticoat underneath. This style of dress not only complemented my curves but showed off the right

Group Sex At Our House

dripped out and onto my waiting tongue. As soon as I lapped up the last of the cum on her ass and cunt she rolled off me onto the blanket. We all just laid there, no one talking. The Latin guy sat in the recliner, one guy on the couch, the rest of us on the floor. The room smelled of the sweet fragrance of sex, cum and sweat as we all just

Eat the Seed -- part 4

“Just had to get it all in.”Oh my god, Carl was taking a cock in his ass!  All I could do was sit there and watch him gasp with pleasure.  In a short time, he started gyrating more and more.  Eventually he stopped.“That was even better.  All those times Jill fucked me with a dildo were nothing like this.  Having a real one in my ass is so much

One Fun Sunday

for me you little dirty whore” Todd commanded.I followed his order and I put 2 fingers inside my tight little cunt. And he wasnt about to let me get away with it when he saw it.“Bitch I told you ‘a’ finger, not 2.” he yelled. He than sat at the edge of the bed with boxers once again covering his throbbing cock. And he motioned for me to bend down

Cheating Freaks: Chapter 3: Her Turn to Cum

a forth in with ease going down to the biggest part of my hand. I go slow and methodical and in circles in and out. I start kissing your cheeks as I continue to work your pussy more and more. Your so sexy on your hands and knees ass in the air. I pull my hand out of your pussy and lick you clit to cunt across your taint and across your ass hole.


called me and l turned to see a lady l knew somewhere “.lt’s been quite a while,isn’t it”,She smiled and l entered her shop. I wanted to shake her hand but she saw me gazing at her huge boobs. She drew my hand to her breast and l squeezed gently. She was on her knees,opening my trouser zip.She brought out my rod,into her mouth,and she sucked it.

Just About Lee

simple act. It just seemed right. So totally, completely right. This story ends here. The rest of the story for Lee and Ted just begins, I believe this completely, and with all my heart. I will say one prayer: May all of us, you and I, find a match like the one between Ted, and Lee. A perfect match, together now, for all time. The way it should


at the far end of the room! Before entering she took a deep breath to help buck up her courage, because what she was about to do was definitely not rated PG!!! Gingerly pushing open the door, light streamed out onto the floor as she stepped inside! What she saw was at the same time both revolting and arousing, a pretty young fem was being

The Y-Virus Ch. 04

of about ten feet when the adult women in the cafeteria told them to settle down. They were obviously excited, and yet nervous about me. I can only imagine what was going on in their minds. Dr. Weller spoke to the group of women and young girls in a clear voice, ‘Yes! Yes! Everyone calm down, please. We told you all that we’d show you a man as

On my way to work

her nipples between my fingers. My mind was reeling......Then the bus came to a sudden stop and I was pushed into her from behind because of the force. I barely caught myself from completely falling over. Feeling a bit embarrassed as I straighted back up she turned around to look at me. I said, "Sorry about that, it was the sudden stop.""That's

Jack And Dianne

better than sandwiches and I suppose you’ll get tired of fish pretty quick without it.’ Jack watched as Gregg put the food inside the new refrigerator. He moved his chairs slightly and said, ‘I don’t have a very good place to sit but please have a chair.’ His two guests sat in the two chairs that went with the card table and Jack sat in his only

Bathroom Encounter

of view. I pulled my jeans up and unlocked the door. The door opened and she had a confused look upon her face. “Why are you in here?” she said sternly. “Please, it isn't what it looks like. I walked in the wrong door,” I replied quickly. She took a look at me and realised by my face that I was telling the truth and she became sympathetic. “You

Dont Judge A Book By The Cover

in and his mom was leaving.. he had a single parent house.. his mom was a bigger jerk than her son.. i see where he gets it from... so we sat down and we watched tv......... and as we are flipping thru channels he stops and orders a pornoso i was forced to watch this pornoit was a white girl givin a bj to a black guyand Matt was turned on he was

My Sister’s Wedding

again. I was going to take my time and make love to this woman. She had on slacks, which I unbuttoned and let them fall to the floor. I dropped to my knees and began kissing her tummy. I could hear her making noises while holding onto my head. I could smell her sex while kissing her at the top of her panties. I could tell she had a nice but

Company of Men

about to walk in the cabin she smells an odor, an odor she is familiar with SEX! Inside the cabin lay 3 other strange men look just like the man with Diane. They were lying down on their back holding their cocks. Their cocks is huge and big ready to get it wet!!! Diane got pretty excited, but, she never saw dicks that big before. ‘Come, lay down

A Lazy Saturday

I’m supposed to do, safely under her control. I’m trying to learn to just accept my kinks. She looks down at me and quietly asks, ‘You ready?’ I nod, then add a verbal ‘yes’ just to be clear. ‘Okay hon, I’d like you to start at 200 and slowly count down by 3’s.’ As I begin, she talks over me, ‘You’ll need to really concentrate on the numbers, no

Digital Spy Ch. 11

not like that, it’s just playing really. Nothing that hurts too badly.’ Aless licked her lips. ‘But a little bit of pain is nice sometimes. Mum loves it, sometimes she and Daddy pretend she’s home by herself and he’s broken in, and he ties her up and tortures her a bit and then ‘rapes’ her… Mmmmm,’ she was purring, ‘Daddy hasn’t done that to me

Canadian Wild Girl

enough to show him her panties. The guy must have been gay, because he didn't notice. Jenny lifted her dress higher, fully exposing her g-string to the cameras and the guy.Jenny felt super exposed, but she loved the adrenaline rush of having all eyes in the bar watching her. With the camera crew right in front of her, Jenny lifted her dress right

Billionaire's House Staff

yell. " Stop, please," She sobs, "Please, please... Owwwww, FUCK.... PLEEEESE....." She is on her tip-toes in her high heels as if standing taller will allow her to escape the pain.She hears me grunting " UUUUH..UUUUH...UUUUH..AAAAH...AAAAH " as I force my cock deeper and deeper into her ass. I'm sliding my rock hard thick cock forcefully in and

War Torn Ch. 03

bear to let you out of my sight. I couldn’t close my eyes for fear of waking and finding you gone. I have never been more content than when I held you in my arms last night, and when you fell asleep, it was all I could do to let you go.’ My breath caught in my throat as he continued. ‘I have never been a lonely person, but I feel that I shall

Emma Ch. 15

seemed only to make things worse. Emma said very little, but was clearly unhappy. Finally, Dorothy announced: ‘If you want to see my daughter again : Fine! But don’t come around here again. Have your perverted sex somewhere else, and don’t let me know about it!’ ‘Can I stay at Emma’s then?’ wondered Maisie through her reddened, tear-stained face.

The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles Chapter 4: Joy, First Wax

own choices.” Everything crashed back into me, and I started crying. “Bao!” I hadn't seen my fiance this entire time. It had been over a week since we had talked. Bao must be going crazy with worry. “We'll make sure everything's okay,” Sandy whispered. We walked down the street to Mary's house. Yesterday's firefight with the SWAT officers left

The Mission Got Fucked Up

Mud washed over their head. It was an instinctive flight of prey. They had left the radio and laser rifles in the Jeep. They punched it hard toward the mangrove trees. They found the exit creek. It was a little river. They paddled hard. The current swept them up. Multiple little creeks must have collected together. This river was rather powerful.

Freezing to Hot - Part 4

me, but cum did leak from my cock the whole time. The cock sawing in and out of my mouth soon filled my mouth and throat with a huge load of cum. Once again the two older gentlemen had double-teamed me. I loved it, I loved it all, sucking, being sucked, and getting fucked. After I was thoroughly washed and cleaned, I returned to my room to dress

Puppy Play Part 1

a sound somewhere between a moan an “oh” noise and a growl and asks me darkly “did you like it little girl?” “Yes daddy” is the quiet response. “Good girls don’t get piss in their hair do they?” he says echoing my earlier thoughts.I love it when daddy reads my mind and I smile at him “no daddy they don’t”. I ask about daddy’s plans for me,


continued to kiss me in that spot, moving to actually kiss my eyes, tears building under my eye lids as I honestly didn’t want to lose my virginity this way. His mouth moved to kiss and bite my neck. No one had ever done this to me and it was so sensitive, I cried out a soft moan as my arms melted and were light against his chest. He smirked as

Devkumar Ch. 04

4: The Son of God Dawn dressed in Helen’s spare uniform. Her hands were shaking. She had never done anything like this before. She stood looking at herself in the mirror as she dressed doubting if she had the courage to go through with it. She couldn’t believe she gave Peter a blowjob just to learn Devkumar’s room number. Peter of all people,

super family meeting-sample

have. And that is what is called sexual intercourse.” Said Clark, not believing he’s having to tell his cousin this.“So what your saying is you want to have sex with me?” said Kara, still confused.“Yes and no, yes in the fact that you are an attractive young woman, and no in the fact that you’re a virgin, and it would be wrong of me to take that

Taming the Tease: Ch 4

cock and spun her body around. She now started sucking it, while grinding her ass and wet pussy on Leo’s face. He stuck out his tongue.“Spank my ass you dirty old man!” she yelled at RonRon cupped her round cheek before he delivered a powerful spank making Bella moan. He kept delivering blows to alternating cheeks, watching her ivory colored ass

Becoming Hers

sticky, and her musky sweet aroma permeated the air. She watched the computer screen while her fingers slid between swollen pussy lips. Addiction…she recognized it for what it was. Lauren was addicted to sex. Anyway that she could get it, she did. At that moment, her method of choice was masturbation. The familiar porno scene filled the screen

An Incest Birthday Chapter 17- Part 2

not, and we have. We made them eat breakfast naked, they had to watch us have sex, but if they watched they couldn't touch themselves, and vice versa, they had to wear a buttplug, a vibrator and nipple clamps all day, and when we went to the store I turned the vibrator on mom was wearing and made her knock down a whole shelf of food.” “Wow that

Falling in love with Uncle josh

surface of the water partially covered by some plant with bright pink flowers.He sat down on the grass and I sank down next to him. We sat for a long time without talking, just staring at the water. It was horribly awkward.Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Josh, I’m so sorry about last night. I was so completely wasted. I was way out of line

My new girlfriend wants me to get her a slave 1

as deep as I could right from the start, only getting half of it in before hitting the back of her throat. I didn’t let that stop me though, I kept pushing against that barrier, gagging her like crazy, trying to get into her throat. After a minute of this I thought she would be need to breath so I let up on the pressure I was enforcing only to

Because We Can

room and closed the door I grabbed you by the arms and pulled you to my chest. You were looking up into my eyes with a faint smiling, almost challenging me into my next move. I felt your young breasts pressing against the top of my stomach and the sensations spread through my torso. Your hands were flat on my lower back and pressing the firm

Amy Emily and Me Part 1

in the bodies but Emily is blonde and Amy is brunette.Looking at her body was making me think about Amy even that much more.I don't know who else to talk to.Amy said something that disturbs me.... but turns me on at the same time. Really....????Her eyes kept looking at the sheet.Is she interested in you??? I knew what she was talking about but

Last Wives Club — 9 — A New Recruit

was a contracted technical worker, a professional researcher, not a regular employee. We had become friends while she was assigned to a team project with me. Now she was on another project, but we always looked for each other in the cafeteria and ate together when we could. She was thirty years old, five foot eleven with a slender athletic build,

Naughty Pictures

wanted to be caught. The click of the camera only made her wetter. In the end, she let Jason take her from behind as she looked down at oblivious students walking below. That’s how the collection of photos began. Lia flashed Jason in class, on the bus, in the bookstore, she blew him in the library. She was most aroused when the photos had

Beer Buddies

his movements. Max shoved his pants and boxers down and kicked them off and pulled off his T shirt, leaving him naked. Steve pulled his briefs off to join Max, moved over closer to him and they resumed gently jacking each other’s cocks. Again several quiet minutes passed, and then Max leaned over and took Steve’s cock in his mouth, sliding down

The Halfway House

up all the juices that Tony let out in her mouth. Tony relaxes as Nikki swallows his load. She cleans her lips with her tank-top shirt and prepares to exit his room. “Where are you going?” “To my room, beside you have to get ready for work. Don’t you?” “No, I’m off this weekend.” “Okay, then meet me in my room, around noon.” Nikki exits the room.

The Submissibe Part 1 - Samatha

her and all of his other toys. He continued to play with her, loving how her eyebrows drew together when he did something painful or pleasurable, how her back arched or how she moved her hips. He withdrew his hand and started unbuttoning her shirt, tugging out of the waistband of her skirt. He pulled it open, revealing a nude colored lacy top

Junes Journey – Prelude

and watched him sleeping. His strong facial features were softened by sleep and she pretended not to notice his quiet snore. His soft brown hair had started to get a little shaggy, she would have to remind him to get a haircut. She traced a finger through his full mustache where it was starting to gray. She had argued against his coloring it as

Dante’s View

I would have worked it out.’ ‘She got hurt pretty bad, kid.’ ‘I’m leaving, I’m not listening to you…’ Just then, the bright light returned. Richard squinted. I decided it was time to change the scene. The sight of watching his children being raised without him was too much for Richard to bear right now. When the brightness stopped, they were in

The Men’s Movement in America

calmly, and when I was done, she told me that unless the rules had changed concerning harassment, I didn’t have anything to worry about. And she also told me the name of a certain male faculty member whom I could contact to talk about those issues. I thanked her, and wished her a good day. Then, I left. I felt better. If Susan is gonna launch her

I Hate Christmas

company party, making polite conversation with a gorgeous redhead called Emma and her partner, Chris. Neither of whom I knew. It wasn’t my Christmas party, it was Melissa’s. Emma did catch my eye, on one or two occasions where it drifted to her cleavage, but she politely said nothing. Although it was Melissa’s party, it was fair to say that she

Planet in crisis

will be extinct within 50 years unless ALL FIGHTING STOPS NOW and WE START WORKING TOGETHER towards one goal, TO SAVE THE PLANET2 The Problem: -Much has been said in recent years of the “Greenhouse effect” and what it will mean for future generations on this planet. However, no one seems to have taken much notice, of the fact that there WILL NOT

Jake's Saga - Ch. 08 - School Day Blues

in unison before walking their separate directions. Jake headed back the way he came, and caught Katie’s friend Chloe looking at his crotch, and licking her lips as she made eye contact. Jake gave her a quick smile as he walked off to his locker. Chloe was a cute girl, with curly brunette hair, and soft brown eyes. She wasn’t the head turner

Forced Lactation

wasn't anytrouble was she...We've done the background checks, there's no one that willbe alarmed when she doesn't show up at her apartment or at work... Cindy hasmade the necessary phone calls...They all think that she's gone to assistsome friend in Vermont that's having a personal crisis and won't be back forat least two weeks...We'll know by

Next doors not so little girl

wanted fucking. I opened the door, it was Lizzy.She slipped in quickly and shut the door. “I saw her leave, I’m desperate to know what went on, did she let you fuck her this time”?The look on my face must have told it all“Oh no, she played with you again. What is her game. What did she make you do, tell all”I started to explain“Is that her I can

The truth behind Beach Sex

discuss how many we aroused that day, over giggles and drinks and I am not alone when I say this, use these experiences for our sef-debasement, during quieter times. In Spain one Summer I lived with my aunt and uncle and my cousin Karol. We were in the same age range and got on as k**s so four weeks in the sun was a godsend, after the long

Two Beats a Cheat – Part Three

juice.’ Maria hissed at her. Jackie rode his cock hard with an intent, determined look on her face and Andy could feel her contract around him repeatedly. ‘F–FU–FUUCK!’ Jackie moaned, her face contorted then Andy felt himself tighten and released deep up inside her and Jackie rode him till his cock slowly shrank till he plopped out of her felling

One Good Turn Deserves Another!

his private space without even asking whether he thought it was right for her to do so.Time would tell, she thought.Graham went missing for the following two nights. Emily was worried and afraid that she may have gone a little too far. A part of her wanted Graham to like her and a part wanted to mother him; purely because of his situation and

The model

As I took the bra from her, Anne stood there like some young innocent. Shoulders pulled together, her arms crossed at her wrists, squeezing her breasts together. The viens on the insides of her breasts stood out. There was no sag at all, just perfect cones. In her nervousness her nipples were hard as granite. I had to pause and just admire for a

The Change Up – Part 4 – Tower Chair

but the hotter the better and she says, ‘No playing with your self!’ Darcie says, “Ok I just watch, Sammy I’m only letting you do this because Emily wants this to happen.” I lean over to Emily and say, “What’s the tower chair?” She says, “It has multiple layers of padded boards that adjust so you can get access by multiply partners at the same


Rachael chatted easily as Brian watched her walking in front of him. Her hips swayed gently, and her voice was soft and melodic. He had a sudden appreciation for this curvy woman. Mentally he slapped himself thinking this woman is old enough to be your mother! What the hell are you thinking? When they reached the small guest house, Rachael turned

Personal Cocksucker

was preparing to swivel my chair for her to come round the desk, but instead, she lowered her body and moved to crawl under the desk. “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to demonstrate the skill sets a girl can’t put on her cv,” she said. What a woman!Melanie placed a firm hand on my crotch, before unbuckling my belt and undoing the buttons


flicking her clit with my tongue, as her hips gave out short tremors. She moved off me but kept one hand on my chest, so I would not move. Then I felt she sat on my legs, grabbed my cock and stroked it gently a few times, and it got wetter, I was sure she dribbled some saliva onto it. She moved off my legs, still holding my cock. I could feel

My step-mom's underwear drawer

had tons of hair on it. It was big enough to see it through my pants when it was hard. After a while of watching sexy women, I was realy turned on. The TV was in the living room, and so was all my parent's stuff. So I walked to my step-moms drawer and found lots of thongs. I haven't seen so much in my life. There were blue, black, small, big.. I

Jessica Chapter 3

bounced over to the bed and sat next to Dana and they began to make out. Kissing and licking probing each other and their hands began to roam to each others breasts. Dana told Jessica to scoot back on the bed and as they changed position Dana slid between her thighs and began licking and kissing at Jessica's bald pussy. Dana brought Jessica close

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 13

landed on Lindsay's lips, up the side ofher nose, all the way to her forehead. Then another blasterupted and coated her lips and eyes. Undaunted, Lindsaystared up at me expectantly, through the mess in her eyes,as a third, orgasmic burst of cum caught her cheek and neck. Several smaller squirts, mostly onto her eyes and mouth,signalled the

Puppy Girl

on my legs only went to the middle of my thighs. Inspecting myself I knew I looked close to one of those pet girls. Eventually everyone was on all fours and had their puppy attire on, me and Ainsley managed to talk to Chelsie before they told us to be quiet. The three of us agreed we would stay as close as possible to each other so we could

Introduction to Pain and Pleasure

and just as I exploded my hot thick cum, her body betrayed her and instinctively responded by circling her arms around my neck and encircling my ass with her slender legs. Her sexy feet locking around each other over my humping ass. She moans in fear " Please…………please………pull it out! Please'll……you'll get me preg……pregnant!" A quart of

A Tribute to a Best Friend, Who Was More Than Just a Friend

I was balls deep in him. Dale, are you Ok, PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE I am ok,it hurts a little bit. I am going to pull out and see if there is any bleeding, and if there is we are stopping, thats final I exclaimed. I pulled my cock most of the way out, and seen a little blood, but just a few drops. Dale, I seen a few drops of blood do you want to

A Good Start Part 3

and unbuttoned her jeans. I continued kissing my way past her navel, and grasped the corner of the snap between my teeth. I pulled back gently and the zipper came undone. I grabbed the sides of her jeans and worked them down her long, shapely legs. She was sitting on my couch in just her lacy blue bra and matching panties when I finished.I picked

Daddy Shares Me With The Neighbour!

hand brushed my bum softly, and slowly. A warm pulse ran through my body, tickling my insides in a sensual manner. He looked up at me from his couch and gave me a smile. This smile was similar to the one Robert gave me earlier, I couldn’t quite comprehend it. Was it some sort of recognition that he knew what he was doing was erotic? I didn’t

Undercover Ch. 07

wolves here? Do they eat people?’ Erin looked around suspiciously. She had never liked wild animals, and she had no intention of starting now. ‘Don’t think so, but you never know,’ he said and winked at her. Actually winked – he must be enjoying this, she thought glumly. The jerk. The howl came again. She shrank back from the window. Would not

Part 40: Homework

brought a girl to bed with us” Peter said. “What about two girls?” Sandy asked. Kristen looked at Peter. “We never have, but I don’t have a problem with it.” Kristen said. “Can my girlfriend and I jump in bed with you?” Sandy asked them. “Who’s your girlfriend?” Peter asked her. Sandy panned the camera over to Stephanie, and returned to the

Ambers Sex Day – The Final Chapter

Amber wants both to please Matt, by providing him his fantasy, and also her own desires. The bottom line to the deal was ultimately to see what she would do sexually if totally unencumbered by guilt or obligation. Amber decides that she is going to fully embrace the deal and do what she desires. She takes a long moment to think about who she

New Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 6 - Capture!

figure as they squatted right in front of Harry’s face.‘Hello Potter,’ said Draco with a wide grin.‘Please, Draco, let us go,’ pleaded Harry as he fought silently against his bonds.‘It is him,’ said Draco triumphantly, ‘we should call Master,’ Draco said as he lifted his sleeve in preparation to press the Dark Mark tattooed on his arm. ‘Wait!’

So Many Pt. 2

very nice looking guys asked me. "Yes, how can I help you?" I asked and saw the dozen guys behind him. "Go take off the gown, we have a little thing to take care of. You are gonna get fucked by all of us all night long" he said as if I was afraid. "Oh? Well, we will see who survives." I said and they followed me to the bedroom as I laid on the

The Anniversary Reunion - CH 2

and sexy. I don’t want this to end.”Heather lifted her head, gave me a sexy kiss, and answered, “it doesn’t have to end, yet. We still have the rest of the week.”Smiling, she lifted herself off me and rolled onto her side. We agreed that we needed to get ourselves put back together, and return to the party. Looking over at her clock radio we

A dark night

myself again tonight so there is no one else around. The parking lot is dimly lit by only a couple of lights. Thankfully I see the bus stop close by and thought at least I can get out of this rain. I get under the overhang of the bus stop finally and stop to catch my breath. I look down at my rain-soaked clothes, my white blouse sticking to my

Jaq has a quicky

finally decided on he best look for me.The outfit was as follows, black lacy panties and bra, black hold ups, red patent high heels, short red mini dress finished off with a long blonde wig. I must confess to feeling very excited when I was dressed, Jaq noticed this and had me cum over her ample tits. Finally while dressed as a slut I slurped my

Ron Jeremy 3

just use her shirt" Moms head hung even lower as I walked over to her. Not a word of protest, nothing as I pulled her shirt out of dress and used it to wipe my sperm splatter and Aunt Shellies pussy juice off her face. It was a satiny looking cream colored top. Without even turning around Aunt Shellie chirped "don't worry dear cream always goes

Allison Gets Caught In The Doggy Door

from work one day I had quite thesurprise waiting for me. I pulled up the driveway and saw a very big dog on myback porch by the door. When I got out and made my wayup to the house I found Allison stuck inside of thelittle doggy door, completely naked, and being mountedby a big black Rottweiler! It was my next doorneighbor’s dog Max, my jaw was

Night to Remember

to see worn by a stripper and I began to wonder if that was indeed their chosen profession. The slick-looking material clung to the girl’s gorgeous curves like a second skin and hugged her beautiful round ass as she swayed to the music. It ended halfway down her thigh, but a series of slits up the sides exposed a deceiving amount of visible skin.

Cruise Ship Sex

bodies are covered in sweat. Breathing deeply, trying to catching our breath, we start laughing. Not speaking, just looks, breathing and laughing. No words really need to be spoken. Everything was right in the word. Everything was beautiful. We sat like that for a few more minutes. Slowly, just kissing. Taking in each others breath. Smiling.

Maggie’s Family – Part 3

was a bit of a lie, but at that point in time I was more than enjoying it.”“I bet you were, I remember the same scene with Gina,” Mike commented.I looked at David and told him that I could have stopped this at any time, but it seemed to me that he really wanted to fuck me with this cock. I glanced down at it, pulled it some more, then I looked

Mummy’s true passion, book two: pregnancy days – chapter six

can’t hold it back anymore. I’ve got a whole lot for you inside and don’t you dare wasting any drop my slave boy. Oh my goodness, that’s it make your mother pee into your filthy mouth sugar.” She screamed by now and I wondered for a short moment how she managed to combine having a serious orgasm with peeing.Then my thoughts got flushed down as my

Reincarnation, Life After Death Ch. 04

deck. The sailor perched atop the box addressed the Captain. Menacingly, he moved the blade inches from Captain Ryan’s neck. ‘We’re tied of taking orders, Captain. This is a new land. Thanks to you and courtesy of this magnificent ship, the crew and I want a fresh start. We’re commandeering this ship and her cargo.’ He touched the sword to his

Well-known Strangers

lean against him. Taking a few deep breaths to get control of myself I ask, "So where are we going?" He winks at me and replies, "Wait and see." The train is already at the platform when we get there so we board the train and sit down in a busy carriage. We start chatting and he has me laughing at some of his stories. He gazes into my eyes saying

The magic beach

and downright horny, especially when I saw other eyes on me. Due to its relative inaccessibility, the beach can sometimes be relatively deserted apart from the very keen. After my run found that my cock had hardened, although still not erect at least twice its normal size. Found a secluded part of the beach, lay behind some rocks and couldn't

The Two Sides

clearly - so was she. “Baby, I can’t believe how wet you are. My god you are lucky to have a guy like me willing to fuck you the way I have in mind. I bet it has been a while eh? No matter love. Your going to get the most awesome sex I know you have been craving” I teased. She was getting into it as I rubbed her slit harder and faster. She was

Midnight Train To Nowhere Ch. 01

he caught one last glimpse of her ice-blue eyes, and the strangest thought came to him. ‘You’ve never had a muse…’ an alien voice whispered to him from somewhere inside of his mind. The words struck him, left him sitting there staring blankly for a moment or two, before he closed his eyes and shook himself, as if waking from a dream. A brilliant