To the bush and back

work we hit the bumpy dirt road just after 7pm. You look over to me in anticipation as my foot lifts from the pedal and we settle into a smooth drive. Weeks we have waited for this opportunity to get away from everyone and spend a long weekend together. The drive has been relatively uneventful. Hours of small talk have passed and apart from my

He Knows Pt. 03

of granola. "I really liked it though."I was less sure I'd liked it exactly. Or if I ever wanted to do it again. I said so. I could see his disappointment, but he simply said, "I won't push it on you again when you're in a state where you may be too turned on to refuse." Then he grinned, "Or will I?" I rolled my eyes. So much for worrying about

I Am in Charge

notice that your cock has regained some hardness. I reach over and trace my fingers down your flat, slightly hairy stomach. Down I gently, lightly, barely touch you, ever-so-slightly disturbing your curly pubic hair. I carefully avoid making any contact with your now fully erect member. My fingers touch your upper thighs and I move agonizingly

Malicious Intent

it, Malena's eyes were met with a circular pool made into the stone floor with intricate wooden lining, candles shedding their light to this bathing area. Malice was inside of it, leaning against the edge and watching Malena. The woman's shapes were displayed, her tall figure giving a slightly edge to her curves, a curve followed by her smile.

Renaissance - Part 1

to me. I dropped my pants and entered her womanhood. ' Wow, she was hot and wet.' I began ramming her cunt as hard as I could.Dana held on to me with a vice-like grip of her legs around my waist and talking filth at the top of her lungs. Each of us was trying to outdo the other person. After about ten minutes of this sexual brutality, Dana yelled

Saturday With Al

with a slice of orange, if he had it.When Al returned with my drink he asked if I was interested in going for a swim. I told him that if he was going to skinny-dip I would be happy to join him. He said he needed to grab some towels and would be right back. When Al returned he dropped the towels on his lounge chair and kicked off his sandals

Barn Fire

him bite his lip & reach down to readjust himself. I got up to throw the rest away when I dropped some of my trash & bent over to pick it up I knew he could sneak a peek at my smooth pussy lips & ass. When I stood up I felt him behind me.I walked toward my car. He followed. He said to me, “Hey there! Are you really gonna just drive away?” I told

some more pussy licken ! xD

my pussy jus made me more horny. I felt his muscular tounge moving in patterns along my thigh ohh how bad I wanted that tounge deep in my pink cunt. he moved closer to it and took a minute to admire how much he had turned me on. my pussy glistened with the cum that was oozing out. gently he began licking up and down my slit, making sure not to

Dominance Remembered

into her, pining her down and tell her to look into my eyes.I see the excitement, desire, love and submission in her eyes. I almost wish I had handcuffed her to the bed so I could torture her breasts; however now that I have her full attention again there will be time for that in the nights to follow. "You forget your place SLUT. For the rest of


her pubic hair. Might she feel this? But no; she doesn’t stir and her breathing doesn’t change. Contact! Two fingertips lightly touching her lips. Rest here for a moment before proceeding further. I’ve licked those lips a thousand times, slid my cock between them a like number, but this moment is different. I know the anatomy of her pussy better

Dee is explored in the rainforest

time and she pushed on as her climax grew and she gave a cry and shuddered down on the phallus completely spent.Dee wasn’t allowed time to rest and the women took her from the satisfying phallus and led her back to the stakes. This time they tied her ankles to the stakes which spread her legs wide and had the same effect on her cunt lips which

Day in the Woods

After a few strokes up and down I feel your fingers as they curl into my hair, making me move faster. After a minute or so of this, I taste your beginning come on my tongue and I know that, if I don't stop soon, you won't be able too. As I slip your now rock hard dick out of my mouth you tell me that it is time I heard what the condition of

Our Little Plan

could have held out a little longer?" Vicky asked, belittling her ex-lover for not being able to hold his load."Well it's because you were so good, baby," he said as he defended his lackluster performance (as usual).Vicky went to say something, but I just could not wait any longer. I stepped around the corner and into the room and shouted, "What


with her round bum sticking out at Don's waist level. He drove upward into her. This was a new angle that they had not yet been able to achieve in the comfort of their home. It animated them both. Julia began bouncing up and down on Don's rod. Don polished Julia's firm, round cheek with one hand and with the other he thumbed her ring from above.

A Tree! A Tree! (2018) Pt. 02

come out of his mouth."You look nervous," I said."Honestly, I'm scared. Shitless. Are you nervous?" He sounded like he was hoping I was.With a bravado that felt as sincere as a Bernie Madoff investment pitch, I casually waved my hand in a gesture of dismissal. "Why should I be? I get to keep my clothes on."His mouth turned into an "O" a look

Nigel's Story Ch. 01

wet as she was. In truth Sarah had been doing her pelvic floor exercises ever since the video had come on and had come quietly just before the bondage scene. She remembers thinking I wonder if Helen noticed.Helen took the bit between her teeth and suggested that Sarah show her how she had been restrained. Sarah said that she would have to be a

Love, Lust and Loneliness

stroke his bald spot; to kiss those amazingly shapely lips and to get his hands on that big, juicy ass of his. How much he longed to suck the big nipples that jutted out of Ralph’s fat tits and announced themselves to the world through the thin fabric of his cotton T-shirts. His hands ached to roam over that firm beer gut and then down, into what

A Girls Encounter

going to remove them now," she said, eyeing my panties."I'll roll your denim skirt up" she said, already doing so. My skirt only fell to mid-thigh so it was easy to push upwards so it lay around my hips. She sat upwards on her knees, her fingers curled around the lining of my panties before pulling my legs upwards as she took them off and placed

Cock Worshipper – Part 4: Eighteen

in with the crowd. The place was dimly lit and large so it was easy to be incognito and have a good time. It was such a great place with a big dance floor and the music was awesome. Richard would instantly start mingling and so I would hang out and check out guys. I was a little shy there and so they would usually come up to me and start talking.

Tawny's Nipples

guessed what was coming. He stepped in front of Tawny and brushed the tip of his cock against her lips. She opened wide and took him in deep. He pulled her head forward to get deeper.“OK go ahead and pee,” Don told her. She started right away, jetting her bladder into the grass. Don pumped in and out of her throat. I spread my fingers and

Sexual Disorientation

crystal green pools of her eyes. ‘Susan, I have loved you since I first saw you. I loved you so much, that I was going to accept a life without sex to be with you. But I much prefer having sex with you. I too am a virgin, and you are the woman I want to be my first as well. I think it’s important that we have a time and place to make love the

Todd and Ashley Part 2

teased each of her nipples with the love toy. Beth could feel herself breathing hard as juices began to fill her little pussy. Ashley then slid off Beth’s legs and spread them apart. Beth began to moan. Todd was able to hear everything that was going on. His cock was hard and he began to rub it through his jeans. He noticed that Ashley had

It Does Make Sense, Really

my son to love me, for me to love my son. What could be wrong with that? If we both wanted it? "Are you sure it's what you want?" "Oh, Mom, I've wanted to have sex with you since I was sixteen." "Yes, I remember you asking about it." "Mom, you're so beautiful and sexy, how could I not want you?" Well, I have kept myself fairly well, I weigh just

I Dominus - The Hummingbird and Wolf

I am unapologetic in what I put women through to sate my sexual desires and get off. I make it clear to a potential play partner that I will push them to limits they have never approached before. I want them to experience familiar sensations with an intensity they never knew existed.But, I am not for everyone."Keep it in your panties a bit

Vacation Sex

deep throated my cock again as I blew my load down her throat. She sucked on the tip milking all the cum out of me. She stood up and we started making out again. I unbottuned her pants and rubbed her pussy over her panties feeling how wet she was. I pulled them down, turned her around, bent her over the sink and got on my knees and started

A Masquerade Of Innocence

open her mouth and turned her head away. I found it amusing. "No.... Please..." she said crying as I began to pick her up. I tossed her over my shoulder and slapped her ass into a good grip. The ass I've adored all these years is mine. I turned and began looking for a bed. Coming to the biggest bed I could find, I tossed her onto it. I


fire station decided to take a boys trip. No girlfriends or wives. We decided to go to Acapulco for a week.Boarding the plane early in the morning on a Monday there was 20 of us–we got pretty rowdy with all the drinks involved. Lucky for us the plane was half full and most of the passengers sat toward the front, while we all sat in the back.There

Black Woman's Slavery Fantasies

my hips tightly and slammed his cock deep inside my asshole. I absolutely love anal sex. Both giving and receiving. Dudley gave my ass quite a pounding. I even let him do something I don't normally let my male lovers do. I let Dudley cum in my ass. I just wanted to feel it, you know? It felt great. The rush of his hot cum deep inside of me. Yeah.

Fuck Doll - Chapter Eight

grateful the following day I have a real date, maybe I can survive that long without sex. The need for a cock buried deep inside me hurts! After a half hour I let go Ethan go, and go in search of food. I’m avoiding calling AJ, who I know will come take care of this need. I depend on him so much for everything, I can’t do this. But god, do I want

Be Careful What You Wish For

again. Tim's desires grew by the day as he really wanted to see Diane fucked by another man. Tim’s 40th birthday was coming up and Tim had an idea. He asked Diane, “For my 40th birthday there would be no better present than you sleeping with another man while I watch.” “Why Tim? Why do you want me to do this?” she asked him. “I don’t know why!

Every Other Sunday

retirement so he can move back to Kentucky and buy a farm. Bernice Hurt is very nice, too. She makes me laugh because she’s the only one that ever calls me ‘Patrick Gordon.’ I like Augie Clays, too. He’s a truck driver. One time, he let me and Susan Clays ride with him. It took all day and it was really neat to ride in that big sand and gravel

A 'Blossoming' Christmas

me with plenty of time for preparations. So, as usual, I spent the morning working Blossom through her exercises and then some lunge work to help maintain her toned body before dismissing her to the kitchen to prepare lunch while I caught up on my correspondence and internet activity. Because of the dance, I decided to skip my writing for the day

She Tries To Forget Ch. 15

plate number on Ann’s car. Then he went back and gave his friend her name and the license number. ‘Thanks, Marty,’ Sonny said. ‘I’ll see you in the morning.’ Ann had just picked up her suitcase and was about to walk out of her bedroom when the phone rang. She set the suitcase down and started for the phone, but then she stopped. ‘Whoever it is

MF couple meet a FF couple

tongue over my balls. ‘I wonder what your cock would taste like covered in another girl’s pussy juice. I watched one of your videos earlier…’ and there it was, her confession…’and I loved it. It got me so turned on watching your cock slide in and out of that girl’s mouth, then when you laid her onto her back and started to fuck her, well I came


for her. She took it and sipped it cautiously. Ray smiled and leaned back in his chair. “Jesus fucking Christ! It … is … hot! Don’t you think?” Ray exclaimed dramatically. Amy laughed nearly spitting her beer back into the bottle. Uncle Ray pushed his sunglasses up his nose and reached for his cigarettes. He offered her one of course, and Amy

The Twelve Tables Ch. 17

winked at Peri, who looked on in stunned amusement. ‘Is Grant handling the design aspects?’ She asked. ‘Yes,’ they both said in unison. ‘Good Peri and I will meet with him after dinner tonight and get him to know exactly what we think,’ Antonia decreed not allowing arguments from her husband and son. ‘I can introduce you to some of the girls who

Daddy doesnt like my skirt

one. Greg knew his way around a woman’s body and took me to new heights. I shared every secret and every desire with him. He helped me explore my sexuality all while keeping me safe. I felt secure and protected when I was with him. It was a year into our relationship when Greg asked me to live out his fantasy of playing Daddy and daughter. I

Summer's Love (Pt. 2)

that feels nice," I said. I took of his shirt and let my hands explore his chest. "You are wonderful," I whispered, kissing him softly. "you are too, Ari," he replied, taking off his boxer shorts. I saw a perfect cock. Not too long, not too short. Just the right length. I sat up on the bed and stroked it. "Ahh, that's right, love, that's right."

My Exibitionist Girlfriend!

understood and waited for them to cum. I wasn’t sure how Neeta would control her normal outburst when she came and was ready to leave quickly if necessary.Shekhar humped faster as he rose toward the edge of sexual satisfaction. Neeta bit her lip and as Shekhar muttered that he was cumming she pulled his hips to her and shuddered hard as she fell

A Tiny Slip Ch. 02

device were all visible. The passenger in the passenger seat was not visible. ‘If Commander Troy simply presses the button on that iPhone-like pad, the bombs in the Church will be deactivated, you’ll be allowed to walk right out of here. If he doesn’t, or if he tries to land the helicopter… then every single one of you will die.’ People began to

Chaste Trap

shortly and said, "I will be performing the initial exam. Raise your hands and place them behind your head. And please, stand up straight." She felt my stomach for knots, then began examining eyes and tongue. She moved behind me and I felt a stethoscope on my back and her telling me to 'breathe'. How could she not see this thing on my dick? She

The Arranged Encounter - Part 2 - Setting Sail

I turned the autopilot back on and sat, pulling her to sit, her back to me, her ass on the edge of the seat between my legs.I kissed the back of her neck, sucking and nibbling my way around. She leaned back into me and my hands were massaging her tits. Her nipples had been hard for some time now, but I was able to feel just how hard they were.

Anal Experimentation

home.” I feel your erection on my skin. Normally I’d be more than willing to jump your bones, but I’m so tired… “Babe, I want too, but I’m so-“Our lovemaking is quite active, we like a lot of different positions everywhere in our house. I’ve pulled muscles from fucking, and so have you. You kiss my words away gently. “Shhh, you just lay here.

The Final Gift

dad slept, Jeff bent to the chore, for he had little time. Apparently dad felt that his final duty had been performed, for when Jeff returned to his bedside, he had passed on. It felt good, right, to Jeff that he had been entrusted with his father’s final chore, however small. The awesome chores of the next week: the funeral and internment, the

Alex, Vicki, and Tara: My Naughty Wife - Part Two

its way deep into my manhole. His tongue was so hot, so fucking hot that I almost blew my load. Finally, again I heard, “Ride me.” I was more than ready to take every fucking inch of his big fucker up my ass. I again spit on his cock, and then I turned around. Facing his buddy, I lowered my ass over one massive cock, and fuck was his cock hard.

Heavy Traffic Ch. 02

solid or rich after the limited diet we have had for the past several weeks. Is that how you make your living, selling animals to the ships?’ ‘I think I have a couple of eggs left in the door of the refrigerator,’ he said. Ignoring her other question he asked, ‘Would scrambled eggs be okay?’ She noticed that he had avoided her question about how


ocean roll over me for a while. It felt wonderful. When I finally headed back in I saw that something had washed up on the shore. It was a wine bottle, a Cline Zinfandel 2002, with a cork still stuck in the top. I love the Cline Zinfandel, but there wasn’t any left in the bottle. There was a rolled-up note, cliché as it sounds, and on it the

The Lotus Room

and climbs up to his room on the second storey of their wooden house. It’s his usual time to check on his harem.It’s cool at this time of the evening, really the best time to be up here. The sun is setting behind the shiny leaves of the mango trees. A squirrel is munching a hole in the half-ripped dark-green fruits dangling on long thin stalks,

Pleasure in the Pillory Ch. 04

apart, place them on ours, darling."I obeyed, allowing my pussy to be once more totally at the disposal of my two dominas. Patricia took advantage of my wanton display by placing her fingers on my sex and gently stroking me there, not to arousal, just a slow, tender stroking.Then she looked across at her partner in pain and smiled: "Ready,

A New Hygienist - What Fun!

politely. I pulled the rolling stool from nearby and sat down in front of her. I slowly peeled her scrub pants down off her hips and legs and left them bunched around her ankles. A pale yellow thong appeared, the front of which was wedged between her dark shaven labia. I hooked a finger under the fabric and pulled it free and held it aside.

Searching for Love Ch. 04

and now it might be too late,’ Caitlin cried. Jessica held her new friend and looked up helplessly when Claire walked back in. ‘Caitlin, I need for you to calm down,’ Claire warned. Caitlin tried to compose herself, but was unable to stop crying. ‘What’s wrong?’ Jake asked, hurrying back in as Claire gave Caitlin a shot that calmed her down


cross fable has us all doubling over with laughter. When vampires get together, someone always brings along a cross as a party trick.There are a few more things that also set us apart from humans. Vampires are incredibly powerful, and given the speed with which we move, not even the most skilled martial artist comes close. Hypnosis is also

Rachel’s Fire: 02

street-walker. Shes got a different man on her arm every time I see her. Always middle aged and profusely sweating. Never like to look you in the eye those guys.) My main bone of contention with WhatsErFace though is the scabby little ratdog effort she has thats always trying to shag a hole in your leg. I absolutely adore animals but that mutt

A Girl's Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 26

bills were always paid and they had someone to turn to they could without any doubt depend on. Chris and David got even closer and Chris would let him come to the shop as often as he liked. Trish still had her days of fighting depression or not feeling right but he would talk her through things. Nearly every single night Chris was there to hold

Her submission Ch. 1

and your groans of pleasure have turned into one long moan. I move quickly and retie your legs to the headboard, leaving your body bent almost double with your legs wide spread and your pussy open and exposed. I press the head of my hard cock into your wet hole and slam forward. Your body rocks from the force of my invasion and you start cumming

EXIT 33 — Trust

is so friendly here. Their big neon sign is truly a welcome sight for me.This stop has the nicest / biggest shower facilities and the fluffiest of towels. When I am here, I really feel at home. It is my favorite truck stop. It is time for a shower and a meal. Fortunately we are neither shy nor modest when it comes to disrobing in front of each

My cuckold fantasy

In my fantasy this changes unexpectedly as she begins to get more sexually adventurous and more demanding of me. She starts staying out later at work and returning very horny, sometimes coming home and asking me to go down on her before she is even out of her clothes. I notice that she tastes different, that her pussy juices are thicker but when


Mel watched us, all intense. Now it was her turn to watch her mom have sex with a guy. I noticed she was rubbing her pussy slightly. Jan barely whispered to me: (&hellip,oh…let me suck you first&hellip,its been so long..) I turned as now we lay 69, side by side. Her knees came up around my head with the first lick of her clit. Ohhhhhhh she

Meeting Minako (Part 3)

she approaches the edge of bliss Sakura presses down on her nipple firmly with her teeth and flicks her tongue. The older girl uses her finger to make soft fast rubbing motions right on the top of Minako’s enflamed clitoris. In a sudden lurch Minako’s slender frame jerks in joy and arcs off the bed in ecstasy: from deep in the young intern’s

The Dog Who Brought Dinner - Chapter 3

my café and morning cigarette; he`d have to wait.When my wife appeared downstairs ready for work, looking tired and, well, fucked-out to be descriptive, I said “he wants to go” and she nodded, “I know, he has been fidgety all night, and didn`t want anything” she said rather sadly.“Dogs are fickle, you might as well learn now” I told her, as she

Moth Ch. 019

should come by. Keme seated, but pulled his sword and kept a watchful eye. Not long after he had stormed out of Evelin’s home and had flown off toward his family, Zoa had caught up to him. The flat-breasted westerner was fast. She had convinced him to return to the courier center to get help. Having a clear memory of how unbelievably fast and

Sandy and Frank Ch. 08

immediate, expectant question was, ‘Well how was your day? It must have been productive, you look quite pleased with yourself.’ ‘I guess that you could say that,’ she replied with a giggle. I was manning the registration desk with Judy from 10:00 to 12:00. Afterwards we went back to the office where almost everyone, including Frank, was sitting

When Sex is just never Enough

daily grind idly wandering between the shelves of an old backstreet city bookshop that bore the quaint name of ‘Books ‘R’ Us ‘. Wandering just about summed it up. That’s the problem with days off work, you invariably find yourself at a loss, bored rigid and wishing you were really back at work so you wouldn’t be bored on your day off.Anyway, I

James' Story- Part One

details on my grocery shopping. Just know I restocked on the Red wine. At the one-hour-remaining mark, I realise I still don’t have her number. But of course, I do, because she gave me back my resume. She would be just sarcastic enough to put it on a piece of paper she didn’t want in the first place. Luckily I kept it in my pocket out of

Home for the Summer

trying to look away but finding his eyes were glued to the screen. His mouth had gone dry and his cock seemed to be harder than he had ever known it to be. He tossed the covers off of him so that his cock wouldn’t rub against the sheets as he felt that too much contact to the tip would cause him to cum. However, he allowed his finger to gently

Late Arrival

She could smell the clean scent of soap and freshly laundered blue jeans. She was nervous and he smiled "I knew you would be here." He took her hands in his and placed them on his shoulders. Sliding his own hands down over her thinly veiled breasts pausing briefly to outline her nipples that stood rigid beneath the silk. "Say it Sweetness, say

Corbin 'Duece' James

choke. She swallowed then sucked me clean. Once done she went and brushed her teeth then got dressed. I sat there wondering, how better could this day get.If you have noticed I turned off voting for people without accounts, I want to see what other authors have to think about it although you can still comment. I read them and try to take them

Mat Billy dogs 10 and Mike?

he still owed 125g too. He knew his inheritance was going to be large but had no clue as how much. He just hoped it covered that plus what he spent on the credit card. He wasn't too worried about the Ford being found nor the head. It was thick snow and spring was on the way. The river will be high and no one comes out this way anyway. He only had

The Motorcycle Adventure

was a beautiful morning. They laid there only a few moments, but it was beautiful watching the sunrise with this beautiful woman laying on his chest. He kissed her and she blushed. They got up and dressed and embraced watching the mist rise from the lake. He finally said ,’You are so beautiful. Are you ready to head back?’ She nodded her head

Not My Type: Adele Ch. 03

my voice not to betray my fear and excitement. Both were palpable. We stood so close to each other I could feel his chest brush mine as it rose and fell with the rapid rhythm of his lungs. Nate was just tall enough that I had to tilt my chin slightly to meet his eyes, and it made me dizzy to look up at him for so long without speaking, without

Fantasy on Ice

stop himself this time. He wished that he could say something that would make her say, but resigned himself to the fact that he could only hold her close for these last few precious moments before she was gone. And so the two lovers never told each other, but when they parted, they took a piece of the other with them. Alas, they could be nothing

First Date

her online date for the first time. She sat sipping her wine white spritzer, whilst taking in the atmosphere of the inn. It was around three months ago she had placed her ad on site stating “lively, attractive Irish lady, new to the area seeing a good looking friendly male for friendship and possibly more”. Quite a number of guys had responded,

Little Viking Gives Up Control

swallowed deeply as she let on a bigger grin.She knew how to get the upper hand both verbally and physically. I looked down and away and then back into her eyes. Her eyes were bright and awake yet mysterious. I glanced at her big and luscious lips. For a moment I imagined what it would be like to kiss her. Her features had the lure and

Vacation with Teens -1.1- The Meeting

restrained her from doing so. Lily sat there for a few minutes, waking up. She was wearing the frayed shirt her older brother David’s gave her when he was 17. He never wore it anymore. She didn’t wear it either, but she slept in it, it was her pyjama nowadays. It just felt so much more comfortable to sleep in then her tight top, her breasts had

Turning my Roommate into a Sissy Slut

shot load after load of my cum into my little slut's asshole. I wanted to stay like this forever.When I got over my high, I pulled my cock out of his ass and wiped the remaining cum on his ass cheeks. I realized that he was playing with his own cock. Because of the cage, he couldn't really do much besides shaking it as fast as he could, but I


that's the best I can do for you, Marv," said Parker. "Jesus man, you were drunk as a skunk." We talked for a little while and I let him know why I was in a blue funk. "She can't fire you for merely personal reasons, Marv. If you want to keep your job, I think I can be of help," he said. "I don't know, Parker, working under her, I mean even

Bad Choice of a Picnic Place - Part Two

the sensitive bulb of his penis. As the sensation grew more intense he began to grunt and thrust his prick deeper into the girl’s throat. He could hear her choke but held her head firmly so she had to keep sucking. When his thrusts got stronger he started to breath heavily while Sophie started a high-pitched wailing of panicked pain.Feeling his

Stranger Fuck

back to groping my butt as my hand left her groin. Her hand slowly snaked under my dress as she grabbed onto my panty covered ass. I said and did nothing as my molestation continued. A couple of minutes later, she downed her drink in one swig and looked in my direction. Her hypnotic blue eyes met mine as she let go of me and headed towards the

Arena Alley

my shoulders back. The cold wind rushed inside and made my nipples harden instantly. Andrew pulled the tray of cupcakes out and turned toward me while I was still facing him. His eyes immediately looked at my chest, paused, and then he looked up into my eyes. Mission accomplished “Ready to take these inside?” he asked. He knew I caught him

Confessions of a Sex Crazy Cross Dresser Part 5

I learned they were leaving tomorrow morning back to Dallas where they lived. Bob was the more handsome of the two, but neither was fabulous. Stan was an average looking guy around 5’ 10 about 200 pounds, Bob was probably a little taller and thinner. Both wore sports coats and slacks and had dispatched with their ties long ago. Both had black

Little Arab Buttercup (part three)

way. She always spoke English, and had become fluent. She was so fluent that she had started writing in English. She was posting some of her poems and stories online. And she read all of the time while I was working. That’s how she came to read about Dominance and Submission. Some of her stories were erotic, and the sites she posted them on had

(Shhhh..ive been fucking the ex-wife)

down even harder on my cock. I let go with shot that even I didnt believe could feel so good. She went a little crazy moaning as she stiffened up and moaned a big one as she shook. Oh god Danny&hellip,oh god&hellip,oh god, as she squirmed with an indescribable sexual high that even she couldnt explain&hellip,. &hellip,It was about a week before

All Bark & Little Bite Ch. 08

if Martha was trying to engage her in a flirtatious act. She recalled that Martin had once referred to Martha as their equal rights, obligatory lesbian at the office. She looked around the restaurant but there was still no sign of Anthony. At this point she didn’t care if Martha found it strange that she was meeting a man other than her husband,

Camping Trip - Chapter 1

our order.As we walked, Beth held my hand. This felt much different from in the past. We sat at a table and within minutes, our server was there to take our order. We had both decided on Key Lime Pie with a graham cracker crust filled with light key lime custard, covered with whipped cream. Our server suggested a glass of Robert Mondovi moscato

The Trail West Ch. 04

their patrol. As they walked their horses away from the wagons, they talked about their plan. Getting about two miles from the wagons, Josh would ride east about a mile and turn south, Red would ride west for the same distance and also turn south. Then they would ride sweeps back and forth across the path that the raiders would most likely take.

The Incubus Bride: A Story

assuming. Dont overlook to switch off the microwave before crashing your way off to sleep please. Your food must be already growing cold by now, I imagine. Sharp then, sis. My bedroom isnt all this bulky and airy and lavish. I like it all the time being this trouble-free and undemanding. I just wish that it was much more bigger and larger than

Stalker Story Ch. 01

sometimes, Jaina.’ I bolted upright at the sound of my rescuer’s voice. I had expected it to be my boyfriend, Will, but instead it was a stranger. ‘Who are you?’ I asked, grabbing at my head as an explosion rocketed through my skull. ‘And how do you know my name?’ ‘I’ve been watching you for some time now Jaina, and I -‘ He stopped mid-sentence

Jacob and MJ’s Story Pt. 04

around and tell me what you think?’ After opening a few of the windows, Grigori started to get a better view of the stables. He was letting his imagination start to fly when he heard Jacob talking again. ‘I was wondering if you would like to take this on as a project. I would like to see this get back into shape and maybe bring the girls down

The Price of Opening Up Victoria

for a girl 7 years older, her breasts are fully developed and an impressive EE cup size, made all the more obvious when contrasted with her narrow waste. “Simon it is Victoria’s 16 th birthday in a few weeks. I was thinking of giving her a very special birthday present.” Slightly alarmed that she was going to suggest spending too much money

First Time i Had Sex

Thats pretty much how it went for a while. I would go out on a date with a guy, we would make out, and to prevent anything I would suck him off. When I actually started dating someone for a while, it progressed, and the defensive blowjob didnt really do it. Eventually I gave in, but I didnt have sex. Yes, I know its stupid, but instead of having

The Grimoire - Part 4 - Josephine

the glans of my cock, and she started to suck it in and out of her hot mouth. She glanced at Agnes as if to ask permission but Agnes was taking care of her boyfriend.The purplish engorged head of my cock glistened with a mixture of my precum and Josie’s saliva. Her hands palmed my balls and massaged them as she lowered her head and enveloped my

Costume Party Ch. 04

but when I finally came to my senses I felt like an idiot."You look absolutely fantastic!" I managed at last."Why thank you. You sound surprised" she was grinning, obviously amused at me being quite so tongue-tied.I regrouped and gathered my wits."No, not at all, it's just that your dress is quite a bit more flattering than your nurse's scrubs" I

A Few Days Away

any I’ve ever felt before. I scream the place down, completely transfixed by the breathtaking intensity of it all. I lie there, silent. I don’t want the intimacy of the moment to end, but I know it has to, as I feel the bottle gently being pulled out of me, and a pair of smooth lips kissing mine softly. “Wow, that was some show you put on there,


swelling as he came, his ejaculate filling her. She knew that she would be sore from sex this time, but she only lay there smiling, relishing the sweet release her body had felt. He left as she went to shower, walking the mile and a half back to his trailer. He wasn't thinking how this had paid the rent, he was remembering that satisfied look on

Little Black Dress - Chapter 1

ordering drinks, drinking and taking turns dancing with both ladies. We would all dance together on the fast songs and had been having fun for about an hour and half. I was two-stepping with Linda when I noticed Dee and some other cowboy dancing and talking. It wasn't uncommon as Dee was a great dancer and loved to dance. This dancing however had

Working with Sanya Chapter 3

with little knowing smiles. I put my hands on her ass and gently pressed her pelvis against my hardening cock while she put her hands behind my shoulder. ‘So what do you want to do tonight?’ I asked her.‘More of what we did last night,’ she responded. She stuck her hand down my pants and grabbed my almost fully erect boner. ‘You always come

Dont Think! Feel.

Then I abruptly stop tapping her with the cane. She continues for a few counts and then realizes that she has made a mistake."OK. Let me see you pinch that clit."I peer down at her hand grasping for her clit. She gives it a quick, gentle pinch."No. That is not going to do. You can do it, or I can do it." I give the sole of her foot a hard

Tease in the shower

cleaned up a bit and tucked away his still sensetive cock. Pulling up his pants he felt light headed from what had just happended. He left the bathroom and joined Sam and Becky who were sitting besides eachother on the couch, Sam with his arm around Becky."Everything go ok with the phone call?" asked Sam."Yeah, fine, just fine," said Joe as he

Four Together

She stayed close to Sophie while she did it, was watching Sophie look at her photos. Sara’s dress was short and even without her heels, her legs were very long and very bare. Sophie knew she was suddenly noticing, when she didn’t normally, and she was pretty sure Sara knew she was noticing too. Sophie liked girls, a bit. She’d tried enough to

Extracurricular on both sides

punishment from her coach for a situation that could have gone crazy. Alana knew what was happening and told Lauren to let her seduce Pahan at her apartment, where she sat in the restroom waiting for Pahan to arrive."This is how you please a man Lauren!" shouted Alana, sucking Pahan cock while aggressively shaking her head. Unlike Lauren, Alana

I Love You Daddy - Part 1

open your mouth again!” I opened wide and he got some in my mouth, some shot across my face, in my hair, on my neck, running down my titties. I wondered how this would look on the website. I ran to the bathroom to wash up again. When I came out, Master was almost finished with breakfast and I put a pot of coffee on. “Do you want me to bring you

Like Mother Like Daughter Part 1

then I started rubbing her silky little panties over my manhood. I knew that this petite, 50 year old had had a boob job years and years ago, but the way she dressed, you still had to use your imagination?..until now. I picked up her bra and holy smoly, she was sporting a 34D! I had no fricking clue. Maybe a B?maybe a C cup on some days, but a

Graduation and… Ch. 03

moaned. ‘Oh, yesss!!’ Derek led her up the steps to the spare bedroom. Inside, he pulled her into his arms and his lips covered hers. Lois’s lips parted and her tongue flicked out, caressing his, striking sparks of delight between them. Derek’s hands slid to her ass, cupping it, pulling her against him. Lois felt as if her insides had turned to

Auntie Sarah Spanks – Part Three

that I had yesterday celebrated my 21 st birthday. 21. How many of my friends my age would wake up this morning with a hangover and be spanked for it. None of the others I guessed. None of them knew Holly and I were spanked though. Jack kept quiet about it for the same reason. He is now 18 years old and there is no sign that his spankings will

Take it Easy - Chapter 7: Gatsby-esque

giving me a perfect view of her pantiless shaved pussy. I tore my eyes away, hoping that she hadn't seen me, but briefly made eye contact with her. Then, she did something I never would've expected; she winked at me. My heart started beating so hard I thought it was going to pop out of my chest like the baby alien in "Alien". Alice stood up and

A Bunnie To Play With - Chapter 12

“Bunnie?” She studied my face, apparently wanting to see if I was trying to have her on. “That’s not your real name, is it?” “No,” I admitted, “it’s Brittany. But my - girlfriend - calls me Bunnie.” She chuckled again. “I think it fits you, Bunnie. I am Helen, but please call me Aunt Helen or Auntie.” This startled me for a moment. Calling her

Just Me for the third time

to it apart from a slight salty tang and, knowing what it was and how sticky, glad it went down easily. Eventually I looked beseechingly at uncle and for the first time that I could remember his face was as black as thunder, not with anger at me, I supposed, but more that he had not been the first to shoot into my mouth. Both men played with my

The Gas Station

do this all the time either,’ he said. ‘I know you don’t,’ I responded. I got out of the back seat and stood looking up at him. I gave him a kiss. I meant it to be just a peck, but it turned into something more. I could actually feel the heat building up inside me again. I had to force myself to step back. ‘I have to pick up my son from

Sports Medicine Ch. 03

The Ice Princess was definitely melting. Her eyes were fixed in a blank, glassy stare, and her mouth was open with a little drool running down her cheek. She was in a different world, the one called ecstasy. I caught John's eye and tried to signal him. I made a circle out of my thumb and forefinger, and with the other hand I pushed my middle

What can happen when you leave a hot wife alone

all the bar was only 2 miles down the road from our subdivision.A few hours at the bar and both Mark and Dan decided they where done. Linda and I agreed that we would be out the door right after. Dan winked at me as he left. Linda and I finished our drinks and headed out. By this time, Linda was beyond tipsy, she was drunk. I held her as we

Twisted Turns

of the trip, but periodically looking back at me to pull me in and steal another of those mouth watering kisses keeping me drenched and wanting within only a small amount of control left I see my building up ahead and pull my hand from yours to dig through my bad to search for my keys wanting them in my hands so that I can unlock the door as soon

Cassies first time 2

started rubbing it up and down against my wide open little slit, then he started pushing it in further into the little groove down there. Then suddenly it seemed, his cock seemed to lodge a little bit inside of me, only now instead of pulling it out and rubbing more, he started pushing it in. Real quick he hit my hymen, I grabbed the bed, he

Whole Lotta Love

me in the pit.Up on stage, the lights are all going funny -- green and red and lots of smoke. Kip is looking at Janice, and says into the microphone "And what is your name, my pretty?", then pointing the mike at her. When Janice says her name, Kip says "I shall call you Jardis, the White Witch." Seems he didn't think that 'Janice' was mysterious

An Unforgettable Night

yet baby. Wait.” Crystal said placing three fingers into Stephanie’s hole. “Oh, fuck. Harder” Stephanie wailed as Crystal buried her fingers inside of her. Crystal inched forward off of my cock and placed her pussy against Stephanie’s. The two of them held each other while they rubbed their pussies together. I watched in awe at the site of

50 Pounds Bet

hard prick. In seconds he had pulled her thong to one side and plunged himself deep inside her. I quickly put my own cock away and began to rise out of my chair to push him off of her, when something happened to make me change my mind. I hadnt expected Suzy to take all her clothes off and let another man suck her tits, and I really hadnt expected

Love or Torture?

say a word. He simply carried a tray to her, on it was a glass of water, some bread and a slice of ham. He fed her and gave her a drink, which she would have rejected if she had been in any position to move or struggle. Plus she was famished. After he had done his duty, he left, Chloes shouted questions falling on apparently deaf ears. She cried

Sailing Lessons Pt. 3

the boat to bounce and lurch just added to the thrill. Judith must have been having fun sailing the boat, because I could tell it was going faster and heeling over a little more all the time. Audrey and I were going faster and faster too. One particular bounce jammed my cock so deep in Audrey's pussy that she grunted in pain.There must have been

A MILF Takes A Younger Man For The Night

in and out.   His hands mauled my tits through my sweater before he pulled down the zipper and reached in and cupped me through my demi-cup push up bra. He pulled the sweater from my shoulders and quickly jerked my skirt to the floor.   I stepped out of it as I watched his eyes for a reaction of me in heels, panty hose and bra.   I lay

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 33 - Seeing Double

away from completion, time seemed to be moving slower and slower. Harry had been given quite a present from an anonymous benefactor, when his very own Spellbook of Desires was mysteriously returned to him along with a couple of very valuable gifts. Harry hadn’t quite decided how to use the coins; of course he could just command Hermione and

Britney, Teen Hypnotic Sex Slave

body go completely limp. I am going to wake you. When you wake you will not care that you are naked. You will feel total love for me. You will want to do everything I tell you. You will do what I tell you without thinking about it. Whenever I tell you to sleep you will go into a deep trance with your body completely limp.’ I was certain I had her

Fidelity's Growth Experience

quite servile in his thanks, and somehow he removed the chap's Rolex.""And this is what you want in our home?" Fidelity had asked icily, and of course had been caned for impertinence.But now Fidi regarded the odd little man with the misshapen head and regretted nothing.For, of course Fidelity had always been a pushover of sorts, the kind of girl

Pleasure and Pain

dissipating. What am I gonna do with this man? He can be so irresponsible sometimes. It's his mother's fault, she didn't teach him anything about money growing up and now I have to teach a grown man how to budget and save. It's not fair to any of us, me, him or the kids. I sigh and I feel Jonathan reaching at my chin pulling it up to meet his

Izzy and Mr James p3

he had to join in. Izzy was finding it hard not to make any noise, she was breathing hard and when Ben started running his palms up and down her calves she couldn’t help letting out a little moan at his touch. Ben paused at the sound of her, he caught his breath; you could get caught. But there was no way he could stop her mid flow, so he stood

Family introduction pt 3

into john when it suddenly felt like I was sucked in as my swollen head made it past his sphincter. “Mmm now fuck me like a cheap whore” John gasped Instead of a slow build up I went into top gear and rammed my cock in and out of the tight hole I was buried in as hard as I could with every inward thrust. Kathy was slapping Johns ass cheeks

The Dark Lady Ch. 07

effort, I put the genie back in the bottle and said, ‘Selma and I have to get going. Why don’t the rest of you work out the game plan for the next couple of weeks before Kim and Clemmie go back to town.’ I drove this time, my arm across the console to hold her hand. She worked on my fingers and made low noises in her throat. I brought the hand to


face terrified her. He was plunging into her with abandon. The euphoria she felt was but a memory; there was only pain and fear now. Was this how she was going to die? What would her children - ? A chilly blackness gripped her before she could finish the thought."Oh, Jesus!" She could hear Otis' voice in the distance. And then it became much

Laura, Chapter 4

"exercise" she wiggled her ass around, doing a hula.It didn't take us one second to get the hint. We went over to the trash basket in the corner and cleaned the food off the dishes into the trash basket, and then hit the sink to get the debris off the dishes. And then we practically raced into the bedroom in delicious expectation of events to

Young Fun by the lake

miss this place," she announced unexpectedly."You're always welcome.""Ya, but Kim will be gone, so will Shayla," she said. "We had a lot of firsts here.""Okay..." I said wondering where this was going. "I caught my first fish here," she said. I visibly relaxed, so she continued. "I ate my first pussy here.""What?" I ws shocked, yet intrigued. "Oh

Harsh Encounter Pt. 01

my plug-clutching fist into your lower back, I pull back firmly on your collar.Speaking down into your ear, I whisper, "Kneel down on my jacket and spread your bitch legs till it hurts."I move with you as you do my bidding, keeping the bond taut so that you're required to fight the resistance."Lean forward," I command. "Put your forehead on the

Making You Mine

as she does so.I call across to her that there's more where that came from if she wants to follow us. The smile on her face would seem to be all the answer we need as she pulls across to fall in line with my car as the lights change. It's not far to where we're going and when we get there I pull my car off the road and look in the mirror and

With love from Sylvia (1)

a final suck. Later that evening, I entered the bedroom, undressed and standing in just my boxer shorts, looked over to Jenny. She was naked, her back to the wardrobe mirror, inspecting the butt plug as it nestled between her butt cheeks, her heavy breasts swaying as she bent forward to allow her the best view of her ass. She looked so hot, and

Part 2-Introducing Amy to the life style with a bbc

hard holding in deep blowing his load so quickly.Jim pulls out and gets straight down eating Amy’s gapping red pussy, He goes into the bathroom to get rid of the full condom hanging off his cock and walks back standing right next to her holding his cock out.Amy leans up with mouth open and tongue out and rubs her clit as she enjoys the taste of

Loving Adrian Ch. 2

to battle the thoughts crossing her mind. In her mind they were still laid where they were, but they were entwined as lovers, kissing, touching and generally misbehaving in public. Feeling Adrian shift, she turned to look up at him, and their eyes locked. ‘He’s going to kiss me…’ Helen thought, and less than a breath later, his lips touched hers.


till I grabbed his hand and stood him up, we kissed some more as my hands worked his back, ass and his cock. I walked him to my room and stood him next to my bed. I knelt down and slowly pulled his shorts off and his cosk sprang free right in my face. I had never sucked a cock before but I was curious so I started to lick it around the head. He

Predator & Prey Ch. 01

he had disappeared. He was funny, hot, and damn sexy, Alize thought to herself, I wonder if he'll come back with a drink or not. She went to look for Denise and Randy to see how they were getting on. She finally located them in the noisy, crowded basement in an un-secluded nook. They didn't seem to notice or care, as they were tightly entwined

Two Can Play Ch. 11

and brought out half a dozen pictures, including a couple from her magazine shoot. Johnson’s eyes opened wide as he saw them. ‘Wow! These are quite something.’ ‘They were taken for a magazine.’ ‘Very nice. Unfortunately, they’re too explicit for our operation. Also, they’ll be subject to copyright.’ ‘Yes, of course. I hadn’t thought of that.’

Mom Control

squatted on his chest and let my sopping pussy smear him with my juices and then I slapped him lightly across his face. “You must learn to show your mother respect young man. I am in charge here and you are my child and you will do what I tell you and nothing more. Do you understand me?” he didn’t answer right away so I slapped him again and

Pets First Scolding

in as far as he could and then give her a kiss. He stuck his tongue in as far as her pussy would allow, he swirled his tongue around and then up to her face we went. They kissed hard and passionately, swirling his cum around with their tongues. She held him by the back of the neck, while she helped try to clean his chin and upper lip off.As he

The Meeting

in her mouth filling it completely. She moaned softly. With her hair wrapped tight in his fist, he gripped the back of her head and shoved her head down, completely driving his cock down her throat, holding her still, forcing her to take it all, wedged tight, and making her gasp for air. Drool seeped out the corners of Cassie’s mouth and her

The Christmas Party (episode three)

of my first fall semester at UGA, I arrived home for Christmas break to find my mom making a big batch of fried apple pies that smelled great! As I took one, mom told me that the family was going to a big Christmas party in Atlanta at her, very rich, friend’s house. I thought, ‘oh gee how can I get out of this?’ She said she wanted me to meet up

Abby’s Friend

together about a year and a half now.’ ‘Aww good, I’m so pleased for you guys.’ Jemma continued toying with her crystal as Mike began to stare at it. ‘Yea, we’re very happy together’ His reply was slow as the crystal Jemma was toying with was distracting his attention. ‘I see. But you seem a little stressed Mike. You need to relax more.’ Jemma

Ben & Nancy Ch. 22

had to tell her,’ she said. ‘I…I hope you don’t mind.’ ‘We had to do it sooner or later,’ Ben said. ‘Actually, I was starting to tell her back at the hospital.’ ‘I think she’s still a little confused, but I’m sure she’ll adjust,’ Nancy said. ‘What…what do you think will happen if she finds out about what we did five years ago?’ Ben asked softly.

Unexpected Pleasure

Alex had his hands on me I felt him begin to remove my clothes. I was as horny as he was and started in by unbuttoning his shirt. We were soon naked on my bed where the usual kissing and touching ensued. Knowing what was about to happen, I went to reach for the box of condoms I kept in my underwear drawer. (It’s a little over an arm’s length from

In Her Shoes Part 2

back Now!” I demanded. He quickly lay down on the wooden floor legs towards me. I clamed the instep of both my feet tight each side of his cock and using his pre-cum as lube I began to wank him slowly. He started to breathe much harder as my feet began to pick up so speed suddenly he let out a yell, his cum shooting in the air before dropping

The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 12: Shadow's Tricks

down my face. More splattered my tits as I squeezed out the last drops with them.“Ooh, yum!” I moaned, wiggling my hips.And then I came myself.My wings fluttered hard. My pussy spasmed. Juices flooded into Zanyia's hungry mouth. The lamia purred her delight, lapping up my cream. Her tongue flew across my sensitive labia, adding more delight

Michelle at the Office

men in the office next door would enjoy the show if she had to use the copier or the fax she knew.The door hardly made a sound as it closed behind her.Returning to her desk she found she had new email.The first was from the sales director asking her about the forecast sheet. It wasn't ready. He knew that and the reason why she had been summoned

Imagining You, Having Me.

milking you. My hips buck upwards harder, more and more. Oh god .. oh yes, here it comes, the heat rising in my pussy, throughout my trembling body. I cannot hold this back any longer, I'm cumming, all over your cock, so wet, pulsing hard, convulsing. Ohh. Mmmm.I lick my lips and throw my head back hard, my fingers slowing, still circling my

Double Play

No wine. No. Instead, they direct me to the basement where they have their equipment. I know what I’m to do. I kneel in my spot and wait for them. It’s not long before I hear the clack of Her heels on the stairs followed by the dull thud of His boots. They approach me and I keep my eyes down.’Stand up,’ he says. I do, keeping my eyes down.

I Didn’t Even Touch Her

child, I need something to suck.’ I took her ear back into my mouth and sucked it gently, then put my tongue into her ear and explored. And all the time my hand explored the curve of her ass, pressing her pelvis close to me and probing with one finger between her cheeks. The music stopped, and we went back to our table. ‘I think we’d best be

Hot love

lay on the bed, naked, eagerly waiting for my boyfriend Nick to come and make love to me. He was in the shower, and was taking his sweet time. He loved to keep me waiting. As I waited there, I started playing with my nipples, pulling and pinching them. Slowly I reached down to my throbbing pussy and started rubbing my clit, then ever so gently I

Fax and Fantasy: Chapter 2

face lifted upward somewhat but still not being able to see her eyes under the rim of her sun glasses. Did she even know how much of her goods she was putting on display?The way she was laying there, he might as well have been lying down and looking up between her legs, but it wasn't just that.He slid his stare slowly over her body. He looked at

A Lush Lesbian Afternoon

there was just one girl or woman. I only saw her briefly, but she looked nice. A bit older than me but really hot. I nosied a while, waiting to see if there was a bloke in tow. But no, it looked like it was just her. Then I saw her again. Nice. Very nice in fact. She had shoulder-length brown hair and a tight body. It was summer and she looked

A Journey to Love and Solace

cry, or beg, he doesn't stop. He pulls my head up by my hair and shows me how red my body is. He growls, "You look better now." I am covered in welts. Then, he runs his hands over my face so I can feel the small welts on my face. Next, he slows removes the pear of anguish. He shows me in front of my face that it is covered in a little blood. He

Lisa's Morning After Pill

fake ID. Are you even out of high school yet?" "Please let me go!" "I don't think so sweetie." He pushed his cock head against Lisa's slit and pushed himself inside bare, moaning as he buried his morning wood inside her. Lisa opened her mouth to scream but Rick clamped his hand over her mouth, cutting it off. "Shh. You don't to wake up Bill, do

my fantasy

D breasts with very large dark areolas that contrast my pinkish white skin, and a nice perky ass. I have been married for the last two years to Tony. Our sex life is pretty wild- including toys, porn and so on. This weekend I was feeling particularly horny and decided to have some fun. We were going over to Toni’s friend Mike to drink beer and

Panty Fetish Diaries - Part 1

bed I would stay up late, stroking my cock for hours, building up to huge explosive orgasms that would cover me in hot young spunk. Those are stories for another day. My incorporation with panties in these sessions I put down to Babestation. During some of these sessions I would sneak downstairs to take a look at the naughty sluts on TV. It seems

The Help

until two days later when I received a visitor I will never forget.              I was in my bedroom vacuuming while listening to my ipod. Due to the noise from both I never heard the front door open. As I made my way into the hallway I had the scare of my life when I found the repairman in my bathroom. My scream must have startled him as well

My New Mistress

was turning me on, and I could tell that I was turning her on. So I worked up the courage and I asked her, You getting off to?. There was a slight pause then she responded with, Yeah. My cock instantly got hard, and I reached in my pants and pulled it out. I worked my hand up and down the shaft, cumming almost immediatly. I looked at the screen

On the Job Training Part Three

shrugging off my top. My nipples hardened further, both from the chill in the room and the rush of the humiliation. I felt like a whore, and I loved it. I wanted these two powerful men to use and degrade me. My pussy clenched at the thought of what might lie in store for me. I was jolted out of my thought by Richard’s fingers pinching my nipples

Blackmailing Beauty

what I should do, when a sudden dirty thought flashed into my head. As soon as it was in my head, it would not go away. What if?….My lust was formulating my plan almost too fast to comprehend now. I taught one more class, rather distractedly I must say. Then I went to the drama lab where I taught my last class of the day. The class dragged by as

Mistress Katie Supervises Ch. 01

ask Mistress Katie, since I'm letting her control your orgasms once I'm away, you should start asking her whenever she visits us.""Please Mistress Katie, may your slut cum today?"Katie chuckled, "Perhaps little slut, perhaps, but first I want to see what toys Domina likes to use on you and after we see what effects they have, maybe we'll see if


so nice to me...” “The crime of the century, I’m sure,” he added. “...even though I must seem to be insane to you...” “It crossed my mind at first, I must admit.” “... but I don’t know you, or even know your name. You’re just so gorgeous, and I just can’t figure out why you’re being so nice to me,” Oh my god, did I just say that out loud?!

The Girl Who Must Not Sing Ch. 14

was formed. Which is where you came in, Eldrian. Of course, we had to wait until your father took a turn for the poorer. When he did, we arranged to have you brought to us so that you could help your sister out of her trance.’ ‘But… I didn’t do anything…’ Eldrian mumbled. ‘Maybe you didn’t realize.’ Again Sire Mastro turned to Anahid. ‘Child, you


lifting. Your tongue circles mine in an endless dance, digging into my hair and holding so tight that each follicle is electrified with a nameless sensation somewhere between pleasure and pain. The sensation drives me deeper and faster into you, each thrust becoming more vigorous, more animalistic. I see you immediately respond to the change in

Giving into Darkness (Part 7)

She closed her eyes and cried out as she felt the start of it crash over her, the feeling so intense she began to see bright lights dance behind her eyes. It wasn't long before she felt him throb and his seed fill her body, the sensation prolonging her orgasm as his warmth filled her. He let out a loud groan and collapsed on her body breathing


into himself and rolls his shoulders. ‘*still not used to that*’ he thinks as he gets up and runs to the other edge just over the butchers stall where the meat and his next meal are hanging. As he peeks over the edge, he surveys the scene below. The butcher is standing in front of the stall helping customers with their purchases, various people

The Spinner Series: The Changing Room

right side of the curtain.Pulling the curtain open about half way and standing there in her form-fitting white bikini, she asked, “What do you think, honey?”All I could do was stand there and slobber with a growing hard-on as she slowly turned to show me all sides. Apparently, that was enough of an answer for her as she grinned and pulled the

Finally getting fucked

me itwill be alright. He slid the tip ofhis dick into my pussy and I feltthe pain as I expanded toaccommodate him. I tried to bestrong and I told him to godeeper. He moved his shaftdeeper, inch by inch, until hewas completely inside.The pain was unbearable but Iwas willing to deal with it forthe satisfaction. My face wasexpressing pain but I

Jodie n Kazz

off as she kissed him on the lips.“Thank you so much and I look forward to earning my keep” She said putting her top back on “now I would love to get some sleep if you don’t mind. It’s been a huge day.“Oh of course, should I get someone to bring your bags up? Do you have bags?” he said still trying to get his head around what just happened.“Uh

Hot Action In Japanese Spa

it fiercely, even frantically. He responded vigorously, pulling my head inwards, so that his cock filled my mouth, and I was close to gagging. He bucked, and shoved. I tried to suck the life out of this grateful cock. Even though it was hard under its surface, this beautiful cock had enough flesh to give an entirely different, inviting texture

Plum Puzzled

ever to be married. They were divorced after the 1997 release of the band’s first album Fertile Minds/Fertile Bodies. They share custody of one son. 2. The keyboard player was classically trained for a formal music career, but she gave it up in the spring of 1998 after she’d conceived a daughter by “The Hawk.” 3. During the Conception: In Utero

The Mall

urinal next to my stall as Jim unloads his hot cum into my mouth. I swallow as fast as I can. The man washes his hands for a long time. The mirrors allow you to look into the gap between the doors and the walls of the stalls. I had done it before myself. My heart beat faster as I heard the stranger walk over to the stalls. I pulled my head back

Football Field Fuck Fantasy

too tired to drive that night.“Why are you taking this turn?” I asked. “There’s no traffic, you don’t need a back road.” He looked at me with a sly grin on his face, “I figured we could take a little detour.” Placing his hand on my thigh and squeezing. “You said you liked pleasing me, right? Well, I want to make a little fantasy come true, and


as hefought his captors and now tried to chew the leaf into only to find it made him evermore drunken and stranger even feeling as he himself began to feel the affects ofhis own sexual stirring begin to take hold of him. As suddenly the dancing men in the pig costumes stopped their chanting dance ritualand now danced randomly about in different

All Strong Black Women Need Anal

dorm wearing nothing but a black bra and matching panties under my long black leather duster. He greeted me with a wry grin. The sexy stud was wearing a blue shirt and red boxer shorts. He looked good enough to eat. He cordially invited me in. Once inside, I took it all off. Time to show him what I got.Jason was really happy to see me. I could

Shower For Two (Stuart and Joanne pt2)

I could concentrate on the work.I hoped that would be the start of something between us but it was not. She continued to treat me almost like her little boy and had such a motherly way about her it was hard to insist that I really wanted something romantic.One night I was at her place and we had watched a very long film. It went on for four hours

Amber’s Family Part 1

mirror and was pleased with her bubble ass and slender legs. Facing forward again she looked at what she thought was her best features, her ample tanned breasts. Her glorious mounds stood on her chest, not sagging at all, full D cups, completely symmetrical. Her frame was small so they looked even bigger on her! Her areola were round, not small,

Office Lust

to have her.She had finally given in and had reached her hand back and was stroking me through my pants. I moved my left hand down and opened my belt and fly. My slacks slid down my legs to the floor. She grabbed hold of me through my underpants but wasn't satisfied. She started to push them down my leg and I helped her. My cock was free and

Master's Little Slut

she could. She knew it wasn't her Master's hands touching her. The fingers slowly starting going in and out of her pussy faster and harder, she could feel the juiced flowing and wanted to cum so bad. she could still feel the hands on each side on her pussy holding it wide open. She felt the fingers come out and wanted to cry out please, more more

My Teaching Days, Part 3

Reaching between Chad’s legs so his balls touched my wrist, I pushed a finger into her cunt. She was incredibly wet. I added a second finger. I felt Chad’s balls sliding along my skin. Presumably on purpose, Ashley’s legs flattened on the bed, almost trapping my hand under her. I moved out of the way as Chad lay atop her, his cock buried in her

Until… (Sequel to The Arrangement)

either of them gave a damn. *** Simone watched a single button as it rolled across the concrete floor, disappearing beneath his work bench. Yes, there was definitely something different about her husband this evening. Her fingers trembled with anticipation as she worked the button on her jeans. It seemed stuck or perhaps her fingers just were

The lonely Walker

at my breasts he lingers kissing down my stomach to the wetness between my legs thats hot and waiting for his lips. He kisses me lightly and licks it feels so good but nothing I know will compare to feeling this dark mysterious guys hard cock inside me. I tell him baby please just fuck me. I want you so baddd! mmmm he pulls his hard throbbing

Becoming The Office Bitch

She was circling me as I spoke and it was most off putting, just as she got in front of me her hand snaked out and grabbed my balls through my trousers and squeezed hard."It better fucking not worm."As I teetered on my feet and fought the urge to shout out I looked at her and saw a mad look in her eyes. There was insanity and power there and

The Geography Fieldtrip – Part Two

the sandy cliff, eroded by the many years of sea spray and harsh winds. A flock of seagulls flew confidently in the breeze. Ian stepped out of the bus, stooping his head so that he didn’t bump it. His hair immediately shot backwards as a gust of wind blew through the sky. The other students stepped off the bus one by one. Ian smiled when Lauren

Terror in the Snowstorm – Aftermath

it took a lot of gentle thrusting to work my length fully inside her wet velvet vice. When I had bottomed out, she wrapped her arms and legs around me, and we began the timeless dance of lovers. At first, we moved slowly, savoring each second of our joining. The soft moans of pleasure she was making soon caused me to up the tempo of our


instructions for our next meeting. I haven’t decided yet how long I’m going to wait, and even if I had I wouldn’t tell you. It could be a few weeks, months or even years. These meetings are your only chances to get temporarily out of that belt – though you will always be restrained just as you are now, of course. Sometimes I will allow you an

Capes and Crepes

of the nearby minds in the area. As she picked out the safest route, she cleaned up the woman’s face a little with a fresh hand wipe, ‘Now go left at the alley and you’ll reach the subway. Get out of her and go take it.’ The girl stumbled out of the alley, leaving Anna alone. She let out a well-earned sigh. This kind of crimefighting wasn’t at

Anal Afternoon

my red, swollen pussy lips, not gently but not brutally either. The pain is there, but my body responds to the stimulus. He continues stroking, rolling my clit around with his other hand. I climb toward orgasm quickly, my over-stimulated body desperate for release.And then he stops.Bastard.I control my frustration and resume the ordered position

Meals on Wheels 6- Teaching Ruth's Granddaughter

like a pro. After about ten minutes I had her stop so I could get a little breather. Carrie backed away and I got up, taking Ruth’s hand. I had her lay back on the blanket in the middle of the floor. I turned to Carrie and reached behind her unhooking her skimpy little bra. She slipped her arms out of it and I got a look at her good sized, firm

Save the Diner

days he’d been with the bank because sudden resignations to be linked to embezzlement was not an unknown reason for resigning abruptly with some cock and bull story about have to go to save the diner. CHAPTER 1 ‘Mom there’s a guy seven feet tall and wearing a white Stetson coming up the driveway,’ Felicity called. The lingerie sales assistant was

The Summer Ill Never Forget 4.1 – A Trip In Town

Amanda but she couldn’t tell with her whispering. “Oh baby I wanted to do this to you for a long time.” Came from the man in the same low hushed whisper. Now Steph was intrigued by what was going on next door instead of trying to find out what fits and what doesn’t, she had done most of the work anyways. If the shirts fit great if they’re too

Born to Be a Babe

a girl to turn men on with her ass, then I could do the same. I had such a hot ass, anyway. And it looked absolutley fantastic in Barbie's little yellow tight-fitting panties, my first pair. I was sure any man looking at my ass in these panties would be just as turned on as he would be looking at Barbies' ass in them.Suddenly, I was a horny bitch

Teens experience first time while parents are away

that died out shortly after it started because of some petty lie or something of that sort. They had been dating seventeen months and very seldom partook in anything sensual. Yes, John had received a couple of blow jobs from Lauren and he had eaten her out in return, but that was nothing compared to what they were about to do. John’s father was

Punishment: The Whore's P.O.V. Ch. 01

surprised when you hauled me into a dark alley behind the bar."Filthy bitch!" You tore open my blouse, buttons flying everywhere."Please baby," I cried, "I'm sorry, I don-" "Shut up!" You spun me around and slammed me against the wall. My delicate tits scraped against the bricks as you hauled my skirt over my ass. "Is this what you wanted? Huh?

Making the Grade

my bra and took it off my breasts. He glanced around to see if anyone could see, and then he helped himself to a feel. He felt both breasts. It made me wet. It wasn’t his touch—he was rough, but the whole situation that turned me on. It was risky, but after I got out of the speeding ticket I went home and masturbated thinking about him violating


I attempted to corner him when class let out. This didn’t work, though, as he bolted right out the door. I had to gather my things up first, and by the time I had gotten out he was long gone.Fortunately, I TAed his class three times a week, so it was only a matter of time before I ran into him again. I didn’t even have to wait that long, though,

Mr. Porcello Mechanics

the younger woman's cock halfway in until the man became impatient, using his strong legs to bring the younger woman forward and fully sheath her cock inside of his tight channel. His eyes rolled back into his head at the overbearing sensation of being so full."Rude" Donna accused above him and in retaliation pulled him up, bending him just a bit

Master Knows Best

and spun me into his arms. He wiped my eyes and kissed me hard. I felt his erection pressing against me and I fumbled to unbutton his jeans. I pushed them down, not waiting for permission. He kissed me as he crab-walked me into the bedroom. As he sat me on the bed, I flinched and he pushed me back. He began fingering my cunt, which was now

The Arts Festival

first she thought this was an elaborately decorated Yin-Yang symbol but looking at it closer she saw that it was almost like two circles split neatly in half and damned if she could see how they were being held together. She wondered how he would fuck her with this one. She started rubbing herself in anticipation, plunging her fingers deep in her

Wet Dream with my Spanish Teacher

I slowly crawled onto the bed on all fours. Mr. Smith's eyes were still closed. I put my hand against his thigh and rubbed him up and down. 'Mr. Smith,' I whispered. His eyes opened and he lifted his head to find me right below him. He smiled devilishly and said 'Hola, (my name).' I pushed myself closer to him and put my tongue down his throat.

A Bad Day - part 2

had to."Stand up, Ruiz.""Yes, Sir," she whispered. She leaned back on her heels, planted her palms on the floor and tried to push herself up but it was no use. She fell sideways and rolled on her back. She turned over and tried again, got to a crouching position but fell back to her knees. Her belly and thigh muscles were shaking from the effort,

Unforgettable Rape

I did as I was told. I buried my face into the couch pillows and fought back the tears as wave after wave of fear ran through me. I felt my heart racing in my throat, and I began gasping for air—the inevitable panic attack sitting on the brink of rearing its ugly head.With brute force, he grabbed my left arm and pulled it behind me, pressing it

Jack's ex, Jack's slave - Chapter 1

someone who normally took such a meek position. She always had confidence and purpose in her step. Maybe she was serious.Jack thought about the possibilities. He would be able to have more than just her back, he could completely own her. He made the decision. He would go along with this for now, and as she started to get over all the sudden

Cum into My Anus - the First Time

sitting on him on a Sunday afternoon, curled around each other, trying to not cry out too loudly when his not-small dick met my g-spot, the wave of new pleasure, something different from the clitoris exploding into life; my brother-in-law was on the other side of that door. I'd known what I was waiting for striving to capture, because my body is

Island Discipline Ch. 21

watched on the monitors as Kristy sat on her bed, sipping her shake. The final corset really did accentuate her curves beautifully and the deep golden tone of her skin & sun bleached hair contrasted beautifully with the black leather. The clarity of the monitors was such that her rouged aureoles & pussy lips were clearly visible."Hmm, nice job

Dont Judge A Book By The Cover

lunch... paper balls get thrown... and ketchup packets.. a fake note asking for a blowjob...... back to fourth period... fifth period.... sixth period and seventh peroid.. the insults usual die down because seventh period is gym.. and we all know every atlethic boy loves gym class.... Well the same cycle starts in daysdays turn into weeksweeks

My Pretty Little Slaves -- Chapter 5 – The Training Continues with Janet's Surprise

if she gets rubbers.Ben agrees and she gets dressed and goes to the convenience store and gets condoms and comes back.Ben is talking with Antonio while Alex is still bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA. Antonio tells Ben he has his blessing. Ben tells him that his lawyer will bring by the custody documents for him to sign at the restaurant in a

The New Acolyte

message here on earth, they were almost holy by association. I didn’t notice I had been holding my breath until one of the priests said: “Breath girl” to me. They hadn’t said anything to anyone else. I didn’t know whether to feel special or to feel ashamed of myself. One of the priests turned me around. They looked at my backside, there hands

Easter Saturday

door. Today, I will feed my inner beast and demonsMy Empress and our close friend, Kitten, are heading to the shopping mall this morning. I'll have plenty of time to get every surprise ready for when they return, but first a shower with My Empress. She likes it when I do such little things like wash her hair and growl on her neck. This morning,

How to Tame a Model

frustration. "Penny loafers." She said."You okay?" said the lunk pulling out of her at the sound of her safeword. "Yeah, just not going to get back there now. Sorry." She said pushing her clothing back into place. "You okay to finish alone?""What 'alone'? I got scads of chicks over there that are looking for a pounding. Come back and see me some

Pulling a Small Switch Ch. 03

He is a good man. A good Dom, despite the way we clash at times, and I care greatly for him but fear that I have spoiled another promising relationship with my own nature... I sigh as I stifle the need to squirm. I can't help the way I am, and I have tried so hard. But here I am, yet again, in trouble for pushing him too far.Footsteps come up the

Punishment Required

I’m not going to get my own work done. The ticking of the clock, like every evening, is loud and knowing. I feel that evening panic that fills me with fear, but also a rush to finish. It’s become a game to me. A serious game, but a game nonetheless. Lost in my work, I don’t even hear the clock anymore, I’m too focused. I want to win this game, as

Flirting 101

courses in college, they are so pointless. But the girl I met that day was far from pointless.I sat down at my desk, towards the back of the lecture hall. This amazing looking girl, walked in a few minutes late, and sat right next to me because that was the only empty seat left. In my head I kind of thanked myself for sitting there. I just wished

Into the Dark Pt. 02

of this damned inn before I was burned alive. When the fight finally ended and the last of the attackers fled into the underbrush, I sank down to my knees in the grass outside the inn, gasping for air and dripping with sweat. Those around me turned instantly to trying to put out the fires: shouting and bringing pails of water from the well and

A series of co-incidences Part 3

to be attending alone and well……”. The sentence drifts off into more laughter and I know the truth.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The rest of the drive is uneventful. As we approach the outskirts of Brisbane Jen directs me to pull into a huge shopping mall.“Seeing as I tricked you into thinking you were only going

How I Trained My Sister

to my groin. I was coming close to the brink, but I wanted more, and time was against us. I pulled away, and it surprised her. She became frantic. I think she thought I changed my mind as she tried with all her might to force her mouth back on my manhood. I wouldn't allow it. "No," I said and her eyes began to well up. She wanted me to be

One Too Many Times

to her breasts as she bent down to pick up his keys she'd dropped while cleaning. Walking close, she pressed the keys into his hand, pulling his head close, and whispered seductively into his ear, "So you fancy my boobs, eh? How about you keep them in your mind all day. Maybe your imagination can think of some rewards if you concentrate in school

Payment for the Bill

her hips side to side. She was quiet but each little smack she let out a little whimper. Mike sat back and loosened his grip on her arms that he had pinned. He left his hand on her ass, rubbing the pain dull. Tracy turned her head and her eyes shot daggers, but Mike also noted a hint of lust there too. "You mad at me?" He asked.Tracy barely

The Devil's Pact Side Story: Rachel's Honeymoon Part 3-Saturday Evening

asked me. It was. I may be a blonde slut for the weekend, fulfilling my deepest fantasies, but that would end when I returned to my husband. But, I wanted Leah, too. In my mind, the three of us were together, all loving each other, living happily ever after. I know, it was some perverted, naive, schoolgirl's fantasy, but I wanted both of my

Wife Trained Abused and Bought Back – ch 02

a luggage cart to room 816. When she hung up, she came and stood in front of me, looking me up and down. Its the closest thing they have here to an X or a pillar. Ive always wanted to try tying someone to one. She slid her fingers over the shiny fabric, feeling the pads along my abs, thighs, arms and titties. These are well placed. Youve done

Louis Choses Another Ch. 2

her up, off the floor. I carried her over to my desk, where I moved all my toys over to one side. I dumped her face down on top of the desk.She was crying openly now, begging me to not do what I intended. Her toes barely touched the floor. Her hands looked lovely with the handcuffs on. I spread one leg wide and tied it to the leg of the desk.

Slutty Mother of the Year

my daughter. You guys have anything good in the 6-8 year old section?” I heard my mom ask as I approached her.“Oh absolutely, let’s go over to the clearance rack,” said the sales rep, a young girl of around 16, maybe 17. I recognized her as a girl from school, but didn’t pay her any mind. Most of the kids knew the reputation my family had.As the

Saving the Starlight Ch. 06

centre. It was a very productive meeting. Malcolm Stewart agreed to hire the stadium with the roof closed to the trust at cost for three hours on a Sunday afternoon. The estimated cost for staff including parking attendants, lighting, cleaning up, a revolving stage would be between $6000 and $8000 depending on attendance. Food and drink would be

Consuming You

slick with my juices. I could take you inside me in half a second, fill myself with your hard shaft to the hilt and ride you until you scream. I have other plans, though. I grip your hair and pull your head back. My mouth kisses down your chin to the strong column of your neck, where my teeth score the skin and my tongue soothes the sting. I work

My cuckolding by Sara part eleven

guest. She turned to Doug and gave him a kiss on his lips. Doug slapped her ass as she stood up and went to the bathroom. Greg saw the kiss and looked a little confused, but said nothing. The wine flowed, and we all became more relaxed as the evening went on. It was around midnight when we decided that it was time for bed, I was nervous and

The Country Drive

He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply and she responded passionately. He caressed her breasts thru her silky blouse. He could feel her nipples taut against the fabric of her brassiere and thru the blouse. Still they kissed deeply. He kissed her jaw line and down her neck. He let his hands roam over her body and with one hand moving down

Crimson Lips

“Maybe a little,” she giggled. “Down on your knees,” I ordered, putting what authority I could into my voice. I needed to not let us get off track just because I was ready to jump her bones right this second. I wanted to taste her, fuck her, love her … but I controlled myself. All in good time would these things come. She slowly dropped down to

Stranger Sex At The Concert with Kelly

over and stood between me and the wall. She leaned forward on the rail. I turned and smiled at her. The beer and booze had been working their magic on me.Kelly said nothing but gave me a look of ‘sorry, but I need this.’ I turned to see the guy close in tight to her backside. Her sundress was pulled up onto her butt. From the moves he made, a

Wrestling mentor

against her ear as he whispered. But, to be frank, even his whispering came out to be as imposing as his body, about the same volume as if Marjorie were regularly speaking, enhanced all the more powerfully by his sheer closeness to her lobe and ear canal. “I have the memory of an elephant. I just like the face you make when you hear me call you

A Dragon’s Slave Ch. 01

as I sit on her bed, as was my habit after we had moved here, about half a year ago. I look at her empty pillow, and smile. With a deep breath I stand, and move over to her jewelry box. Sorting through the contents, I find her wedding ring, and I shove it into my pocket with a scowl. I’ll have to remember to get rid of it. Next, I look for her

Palomino Ch. 04

squeeze. He didn’t want to think he was pushing her away. He wasn’t. He just wasn’t at peace with himself about anything that was going on yet. ‘Don’t get lost, now.’ As she slipped away he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he moved to take a seat where he’d been and picked up his beer to take a swig. He wrinkled his nose. The beer was

RavagedMe Part Five

you in the ass while you were bent over a table?” Setting her on her feet,holding onto her arms “Well that’s just how you’re going to be taking it from us for the next round.”Bill and Aaron leave the room ,returning with a solid table of oak between them. It stood two and a half feet tall covered with a fine brown marble top. Setting it down,

My Boss Made The Mistake Of Sending Me And My Cute Co- Worker On An Out-Of- Town Business Trip

biting. “What are you gonna do to me?”she sighed in my ear. I buried my faceinto her chest and started sucking hertits as I walked across the room withher still wrapped around me.“Mmmm, I like where this is going,” she moaned, her head tilted back inecstasy.I got to the windows and opened theblinds, then pressed her naked bodyagainst the glass.

First Time Sex Stories #5: Sneaky Little Squirt

let him ease it in a little further before I pulled him back out. It felt wonderful, so I let him ease it in as far as he wanted. This time, he went very deep and it burned a little. My legs began to shake so badly that I could hardly stand up so I gripped his balls and pulled him back out. Still worried about pregnancy, I rubbed his slimy little

Secret Affairs: with my friends son – Part 14

in a tray. He put down the tray on the table in front of me, checked out my cleavage and then left. “So you were saying that you masturbated this morning thinking about my boobs?” I said getting back on the phone with Adam. “Yes, is that turning you on?” Adam said. Adam and I were getting so fucking comfortable in talking dirty over the phone. In

Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 19

we walked home, unmolested. We finished our talk about everything that had happened and I slept with Diane that night. She did ask me the next day not to talk so much about Luke when I was asleep, as she felt like a spare part.Over the next weeks, we went to both home and away matches; this always entailed the eight of us getting together at the

Crappy day at work

hit the back of his throat as well as splashing on his shoulders and chest. She watched it trickle down his muscles all the way down to his cock. Finally she asked “Please, take the lace off, I want to finish you in my mouth…” Richard gingerly untied his lace from her wrist, standing in full view of the window as people walked their dogs, most

Club Class Benefits

gave him my business card and walked away, I could hear Brett shouting me but I couldn’t turn my legs were jelly.I jumped straight into the nearest taxi and mumbled my address. I watched the world fly by; everything seemed so dull and grey. In what seemed like no time at all I was at my flat, paying him with with loose change dug from the bottom

Sex&SexY.x2 Part:2

there was no need to hide it anymore. Kevin cleared his throat after watching them kiss for about five minutes. They broke apart with a gasp because neither of them heard the shower shut off. He walked past them into the kitchen and they both followed. Kevin took out bread, ham, and mustard and began making a sandwich. Shannon knew both of them

Part 2 of Cabin story my 1st time

more truned on i shot my load the 2nd time he fuck me i was moaning .when i came the 2nd time he suck me off. when he was done he told me never to tell anyone couse they wouldnt beleave me anyway. he made me belaeve that he was the only one who cared about me and he would take care of me. Randy was 18 and he knew my Dad would beat alot. He randy


that showed off her perfect tits, pert and firm, with nipples that always seemed to be hard. She never wore a bra. I often fantasized about fucking those gorgeous tits when I saw her. She never failed to make my cock hard, and she knew it. That day she wore a soft, tight, red sweater, her nipples ever so slightly poking through the thin material,

A Wiggle of the Finger

the weekend to arrive. After such a busy week it would be nice to do a little nothing. My wife called and said she was running a little late. “I need you to pick up something for dinner on your way home.”  I acknowledged her request and said I would grab some Chinese. I arrived home, toting dinner along, and placed it on the kitchen table. My

Dominant Warfare Pt. 04

camera equipment and headed out the door. He stopped at the front desk to see if they might possibly have some coffee. The night auditor was there and they even had a thermos they could offer him. He gratefully added that stuff to his pile of equipment and went out to his car where he loaded everything into the Cobra. He was now ready to search

Glory hole encounters

this discovery happened with a guy only a few years older than me wanking his cock in a very seductive manner.Again, my knees started to tremble with excitement and I again hid my dick while starring intently through the 1cm hole. Within maybe 2 minutes the guy suddenly kneels down and puts his cock right under the wall where I can clearly see it

Forever Autumn

hunt began. Anything that could or would burn was added to the pile — a fallen limb or tree was gold, but old fences, broken furniture, one year even an old tumbledown shed. And the higher the pile grew the more excited she became, counting down the days to Burn Night. There was always a second pile too, but this was different. It wasn’t the

The Perfect Threesome

with Laura for nearly two years now and we have a very close bond. We are as much buddies as anything but we are close and don’t have any secrets. We are both openly bisexual, but prefer girls for lots of reasons. Despite swinging both ways, guys have been few and far between of late. I just haven’t gone out of my way to seek male company. That

Jackie gets drugged (Chapter three)

from the cool air in the house. As I made my way up her chest to her head I could tell that she was still fast asleep. Her mouth now hung open and her eyes were darting back and forth beneath her beautiful eye lids, the indication that she was in REM sleep the deepest sleep of all. Seeing that her mouth was hanging open gave me a great idea. I

A Submissive's Torment

as Master returns to the bed and takes Tristan's wrists and snaps a cuff on them securing them above Tristan's head and moves around to grab Tristan's legs and roughly pulls his legs apart as he places a strap on each ankle and then to the posts on the bed. Leaving Tristan totally exposed and vulnerable. "Now Tristan we will see what a good slut

Revenge of the Nerd Ch. 63

another scene and leave it up in the air.’ ‘Fortunately, this is not a sitcom’ I smiled enigmatically. ‘Right?’ he asked. I hesitated before answering. ‘I wouldn’t make you suffer needlessly.’ I paused. ‘Any more.’ He chuckled. ‘You can be a wicked woman.’ ‘Perhaps. But the old Ashley would have needed no reason to make you suffer. Not you, but

Settling In

" I ignore her again as I pull my cock back slightly then without warning slam into her, ripping through her small channel " OMG please!" She screams as tears roll down her cheeks, I again ignore her as I gently start moving my hips in and out until inch after inch is buried inside her to the hilt. Amber is experiencing excruciating pain, it is

The Tally

it was anything else. She was a sex performer, and she was paid to have sex on stage several times a night whenever it was her shift. And sex, whether on stage, for film or in private, was still sex. It meant disrobing, it meant groping and above all it meant penetration. That was what the punters expected and what they were paying for. The art

A Night I Cannot Forget

own cock erupt violently, spraying cum everywhere beneath me. He pulled from my abused and badly broken hole, letting all of his seed pour out around him. He moved from behind me, letting the third man take his spot, and the fucking resumed. This time however, it felt different. I was overcome with lust, and the need to feel this man cum inside

Hakan and Jen Ch. 01

I told you to wear: A simple red top (My favorite color!) and a tight pair of jeans. Very comfortable. What's on underneath is a lot more exciting, I bet. I told you to surprise Me. I know you won't disappoint."Hey," comes out of both of us. We giggle. I open My door wider and motion you in. From the threshold you can only make out a sliver of My

Succumbing To Nature

a tree branch for support. She seemed completely unaware of her bare feet as she walked on the twig-covered ground. “Coming?” She glanced behind her, suppressing the urge to smile at the expression on his face. He’d definitely noticed her ass. Nick primarily photographed elements of nature, so he’d done a lot of climbing and hiking; he had no


close friends get, how you get to be physically as well as emotionally close, and you are so comfortable around them you feel like you could do anything. That’s how it was with Sara and I.Sara is petite and pretty, and always makes me laugh. I, curvier – particularly the D breasts – had always felt like there was something more between us, even

Naughty Neighbour Part Two

to answer. I opened the door, and there stood Jean, we both almost could not look at each other. She said, “Hi, Bob… they’re letting Ron out of hospital today. And I was wondering… if you could help to bring him back in your car? He may find it difficult on the bus.” “Sure Jean, I don’t mind at all. What time do you want to go?” I answer. “I

Distractions and Consequences

flat on the desk and head resting sideways as I slowly fuck you. I wrap my hands into the curve made by your hipbones and stomach, and pull myself into you, and you towards me.I want a little more depth. With both hands I place your legs a bit further apart, tilting your ass down. This puts you completely flat on the desk. Your breathing is

Dwelling in Desire Ch. 17

guy. I couldn't fathom how the man I had come to love, and agreed to marry, could possibly associate with a psychopath like Antonio. Or whatever his name was. Was this the bucket of ice water I'd dreaded? Our relationship's prophetic Achilles heel? God, this was it. I'd known. I'd known all along that this was too good to be true. And evidently,

Mind Games

attention and his hands still clenched in mid-air. 'Well, since you don't want me, I'll leave you to get some sleep then.'Smirking, she had taken no more than a couple of steps when she heard him growl, 'You goddamn teasing bitch!' just before he reached up and forcefully yanked her back onto his bed. Flipping her onto her stomach, he roughly

A guy and his...? 44 Dark Magic

take but this was far beyond that!"There is King Al-Mazhab, though I am hesitant to do it. We must remove ALL the dark magic from him. That I am afraid will cause him pain unlike any that he has ever experienced. I fear that we would lose the only chance we have to finally set this dimension back the way it should be." The Doctor and Trully both

Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers

asked, “Hey bitch, when did you start bringing your Johns home?”She shouted back, “He’s not my John but I’m going to let him fuck me.”The roommate shouted, “Bitch” then she went into her bedroom and slammed the door.The young mother took me over to a couch and removed her T-shirt and miniskirt. After kicking off her shoes she sat on the edge of

Haunted by the Past Ch. 09

month! I love you and want you so badly!’ Dawn whispered desperately. ‘I know, mi gatita. I’m finding it harder and harder to resist you…no pun intended!’ Rick chuckled. She was stroking his hard cock through the front of his shorts. ‘I’ll talk to the padre tomorrow and see what he can do. He’s been bugging me for years to find a wife, so maybe

My Wife Maryanne – Ch. 3

first gangbang. Maryanne and I, and sometimes with our friend John, continued on week after week with our game of Maryanne wears her sexy outfit and we visit a local bar. Actually, we stayed away from bars that were too close to home, and ones where we might run into any of my co-workers. I dont know how I could face people I worked with

Today Is The Day

on edge.She'd never been with him before, never known the weight of his presence. Her body was fighting internally, trying to be ecstatic and leap for joy, but the stronger side made her hold her tongue until she knew it was safe.When they were almost home, he broke the deafening silence."Do not worry about your things; we'll get them later. When

Succubus Wasteland Ch. 04

it is you want from me, but I’d rather die than give it to you,’ said Nimbus. ‘It’s not what we want, it’s what we need. You come from the Sky Kingdom. Every member of your people is born with Anima, a special power that us demons can never possess.’ Nimbus said nothing. It was true, Nimbus was part of the Sky Kingdom, a floating island that

Doo, Short for Gertrude

people like this. Give it a shot." Mistress Cleo spoke in no uncertain terms. She used caring, comforting words, but they were delivered as if there were no way out, there was no saying, 'no' to herSo Doo allowed herself to be collared and fettered. Her dress was so short, and so hard to get into and out of, and the Mistress did have a bit of a

Thou Shalt Obey!

that magic tongue explore my inner lips. She brought me to another orgasm that caused me to fall to my knees. I rested my body on Debbie’s naked form. As I recovered my strength I realized what kind of obedience was going to be expected of me by Daniel. I whispered in Debbie’s ear an apology. I had put her in a situation which she was not

Attainment of Liberty

was rummaging through different outfits for tonight when the doorbell rang. I was confused because I wasn't expecting anyone. I checked my phone for any missed calls or messages and there weren't any. Going to the door I looked through the peephole and nearly collapsed. It was him. Why is he here? He didn't leave anything, maybe he wanted to

Possession (Pt2)

and replies ‘you have a room here?’ without a word she nods slipping the room card towards him. Unable to control what’s happening she watches as he slips it into her pocket. As Anna stands she leans into him, lips to his ear she whispers ‘not just you’ glancing at his friends she makes sure he understands her meaning, turning she walks out.

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 90: Strip Poker

she still had all her clothes on. So did I.We kept playing for a few more minutes before our fourth and final friend was out. It was now down to Candy and me. I was determined to win. Not because I truly cared about victory, but because I couldn’t wait to see the rest of Candy’s body. All I had to do was win one hand—only a dress stood between me

Endless Days & White Knights Ch. 03

massaged Caroline’s breasts as she began to orgasm. With each ‘Yes!’ and moan, she drove her wet groin harder against Caroline. Caroline knew the man was still holding her legs — watching the woman from behind — but he really didn’t need to. Caroline had stopped resisting. The ache inside her was building — even though she didn’t want it to.

Trans Porter

during my shower, I imagined her beautiful face and instantly got hard. I jerked off slowly, savouring the feeling of the hot water as I jerked. I came quickly, shooting my load on the wall of the shower. After my shower, I didn't bother getting dressed properly, instead choosing to wear boxers and a button down shirt, which I left open. I sat

Rock Climber

he hadn’t admitted it. Could anything make him look even more dorky? Her response surprised and reassured him. ‘Cool, my brother was an Eagle also. That’s great.’ They settled into a routine, going through the ropes as Kelly did a lot of talking and he offered a lot of monosyllabic replies. Slowly, he started to smile and then laugh at her jokes.

Bonding Time

I packed up my bags and headed home for a summer of fun and mischief. My parents were on a cruise to Cozumel and would not be back for another week, so my step-sister Sophie and I would have the house to ourselves. Sophie would be leaving for college next fall and I was hoping to have a little sisterly bonding time. I had missed Sophie’s 18th

A Daisy A Day

useless. I was standing next to dad in the photo, dressed in a smaller uniform just like dad’s, that mom and Emma had somehow cobbled together. Mama had her arm around dad’s waist with a proud, brave, but worried smile on her face. Rising from the sofa I moved to the shadowbox next to the fireplace. Harley had built it out of teak wood. In the

Lieutenant Towel-ewska

sensed the water getting a little warmer. Her toes reached down and found pebbly sand. She staggered onto the beach, water dripping from every part of her, and wiped her eyes and tried to get used to the dark. She heard rather than saw the stand of trees, the wind passing through them. She got a little into them and dropped into a curl and

Fitness Model Moms

ever. While excelling at their day jobs, Stacey was able to book a few modeling gigs for each of them. Trish was hesitant but after the first photo shoot she wasn’t as shy in front of the camera anymore – Stacey loved it. Each time the camera would flash, she’d think about their ugly duckling years and how far they’ve come.By the time Stacey

After school detention lesson

the remaining drops and to my bewilderment, she began licking the liquid. She licked her face, my leg and then she lowered her mouth onto my dick and began sucking and licking the cum. I was so aroused and my penis went hard again. She bobbed her head up and down, her tongue massaging the sensitive area on my young penis. In no time I was moaning

Feels Like the First Time... Sapphic Edition

trade my brother for your sisters and get a few hours peace and serenity.” We turned our attention back to our respective magazines and I had nearly completed reading an article about which exercises were best to help alleviate menstrual cramps when Alyssa broke the silence.“She’s beautiful, isn’t she.”I peered over at the Cosmo Alyssa was

Milestone-The Next Day

of not allowing me to restrain from any personal or societal mores. So be it, check one item off, I am better at oral sex than I ever thought…and I am more desirable to the opposite sex than I ever intended as the picture of the two guys on the beach yesterday crystallized in my brain. The picture of Mark’s eyes turning to lust as he manipulated

The Wife Will Never Know

Then as the night before it was off to bed. About eleven the next morning the phone rang..Her Aunt answered , Good Morning . She then said, Bob its for you. As I thought it was Dave. He was at a ice cream shop just a couple miles from the aunts. Bea gave me directions and I was off to meet him. The aunt telling me to return after I pick him up. I

The Party

downward thrusts. A look of longing crossed his face and he gritted his teeth, he was about to come. I lowered myself over him and whispered ‘I’m on the pill, I want you to come inside me. Please come inside me.’ He thrust upwards once, twice and came, filling me with his semen. I came on his quivering cock, my hands on his chest, my face a

The Man Eating Lions of Tsavo

with lions until Colonel Patterson had arrived. He tried to solve the problem by sitting up nights waiting where he thought the lions would strike next, but the lions seemed to know were he was and would hit somewhere else down the railroad line. Frustrated, he sent word down the line that he needed some help and asked for a squad of soldiers.

Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 03

feel refreshed. You will be relaxed and totally honest and not be afraid of the truth. I will ask you some questions and you will not hesitate to answer, okay?” Sue nodded in the affirmative. Brad counted down to one and snapped his fingers. Sue’s eyes popped open. “How do you feel, Sue?” “Great, just great,” she answered. Brad asked a few

First Book, Third Testament

like his daddy said he would! He’s very nice.’ Amanda said. As the postman gazed lovingly at his wife and baby, he knew without saying anything that Jenna knew also. ‘I know princess, I know. He told me—just like he told you—pretty neat huh?’ Her father replied. As the small family walked up the road to where his vehicle was parked. He wondered

The Joys Of Middle-Management

As I turned the corner and walked into the accounting offices, I saw Susan still at her desk.I was surprised that she was still there, and she was staring intently at the computer screen. As I approached her desk, I could not help but see what had her undivided attention. She was watching a porn scene on the internet.She didn't realize that I was

Bike Accident

erect nipples, I pinch them. Softly at first, but then firmly. Twisting them enough to show her the kind of pain I plan on give her. She thrusts her hips forward into my face, mumbling as best she can, "more please, don't stop. I want more!". Not wanting to disappoint, I twist harder, and continue to give her clit a firm tongue lashing. Again she

Fancy Dress

him all in; he must have been at least nine inches. He groaned deeply, not expecting the move to happen to suddenly. I held him there for a period, wrapping my tongue around his thick shaft. I moved between his legs for a better mouthful. He still held the cover up to watch as I masterfully slopped away over him. My cunt was burning with desire

Common Interests, Part five

our bed. “Nothing Brenda, just enjoying the view,” I replied with a faint chuckle. “Jerry,” she said with a teasing glint to her eyes and twist to her perfectly bowed lips, “I can’t believe how easy this is. Well, except that I’m a little sore; you know where,” and giggled. “We shouldn’t be able to feel the way we do, share the things we share.


nodded, dying of embarrassment at being naked in front of the men. Her anguish increased as she felt the men touch her. Hands caressed her breasts, thighs and womanly parts. As she struggled and cried out, she was slapped. She gasped behind the gag. Soft Voice watched as his partner stroked, pinched, slapped and touched Gwen. He could smell her

Rear Window

he had heard no sound recently from above. The scene was all for him! And he could enjoy it in solitude. They could surely not see him but he could see them. The freedom to masturbate undisturbed while drinking his wine with a real live show and not a video! George was very excited now, and the perverse nature of his excitement just increased

An Impossible Dream

that some of the money that he got will find its way into the pocket of a certain Chairman. Council are due to discuss the planning proposal at the regular meeting tomorrow, if this hits the fan in tomorrow’s paper we might be able to influence the decision and prevent the overturning of the residential zoning.’ ‘You do realise that we will have

French Lessons

by people who had been authority figures for me only a short time ago, and even if Mrs. Woodcock (she was French, but had married an English guy) was far more attractive than the others with her long blonde hair, large breasts, sparkling eyes behind her black rimmed glasses, and most of all her sexy French accent, I was still not too keen to meet

Swedish Delights

previous story, although Sven and Inga were an item, they had planned to separate on their return to Sweden, so neither were jealous of the fact I was tagging along. Sven chose to drive and I sat next to him. Sven and I both wore denim shorts but as Sven was more muscular, his jeans were tight especially around the thighs and I could clearly see

The Adventures of Karen: Our First Time

to the fabric covering her treasure. Her hand on the back of my head, she replied, “Did you say taste? Well, go ahead! Taste me!” She slid down in the seat, pressing her panty clad pussy tightly against my nose. For the first time, her scent entered my head as the bridge of my nose pressed into the crease of her amply moist sex. My cock twitched

Chance Motel Ch. 02

of because she knew that there was no way she could get out of the hand restraints. She just had to hope that someone would rescue her. She felt the bed sink down as her attacker sat down next to her. She tried to squirm away from him, afraid that he was planning his ‘seduction’ and she couldn’t stomach the thought of it. Maybe if she’s got him

Always Pull Your Curtains - Chapter 3

way to the dusty fields with the odd tiny white Spanish village or pink stone apartment complex breaking up the journey. Passing the last village of the very upmarket Benahavis until passing a reservoir the road became a track. "I hope Julie has a 4 x 4," laughed Craig jerking Hailey from her day dream. When they finally arrived, Hailey stepped

Cindy's Slut Ch. 10

gun belt clattered to the floor, he verbal protest ceased.. Cindy fairly ripped off his shirt. Marsha unzipped his pants, and Friane had them down to his ankles in a flash. Next came his underwear. Like a trained pit crew, the three girls had him stripped like a new born babe in less than 3 minutes.Cory looked back at me. I could do nothing but

A Girl and Her Unicorn Chapter 3: The Unicorn's Mothers

sharp teeth, I set about splaying the unicorn spread eagle. My clawed hands groped her heaving mounds. I didn't draw blood. I wanted Cherise to witness every minute of her pain. Then I slashed a wrist. Brackish blood flood, and I painted the binding spell upon her body.Her green eyes opened. She struggled to move, but the spell rendered her body

House Slut 19 - Poker Night

of their normal dining table but had space you hold the chips as well as places for drinks so they didn’t sit on the playing surface. Sam, on her far right, she knew. Across from him on her near left was a red-headed man she could only describe as chubby. He seemed young and his skin, similarly pale to hers, didn’t look like it had seen much sun